5 Ways to Amp Up Your Accessory Game with Small Wrists

Small wrists can be quite frustrating for some people who feel like they can’t find the right accessories or clothes to wear that will complement their physique. While everyone has different preferences for style and fashion, having small wrists can make it difficult to choose the right kind of watch or piece of jewelry that works well. However, this is not a unique problem because many people around the world struggle with this too.

The issue with small wrists is that they are often overlooked by designers and manufacturers when creating products such as watches or bracelets. This means that finding products that fit properly can either be difficult or expensive, which isn’t always a feasible option.

It’s also important to note that small-wristed individuals may experience physical discomfort when wearing improperly sized jewelry due to the constant movement of such items on their wrist. But do not fret!

The good news is there are simple ways to deal with small wrists without breaking your bank account or experiencing any discomfort. Here are some easy tips for dealing with small wrists and making sure you look fabulous at all times.

Wear the Right Size Watch

How to Measure Wrist Size for a Perfect Fit

Measuring your wrist size is critical when it comes to finding the perfect watch. To measure your wrist size accurately, use a measuring tape or a string and wrap it around the thinnest part of your wrist, just below the bone.

Make sure that the tape or string is snug but not too tight. Take note of the measurement in inches.

Once you have your measurement, add 0.5-0.75 inches to that number to allow some room for movement and comfort. This final number will be your watch size.

Tips for Choosing a Watch That Complements Small Wrists

When it comes to choosing a watch that complements small wrists, there are certain features to look out for: 1. Case Diameter – The case diameter should be no larger than 38mm; anything larger can overwhelm small wrists. 2. Strap Width – Opt for a strap width that matches your wrist’s width, which typically ranges from 14mm-18mm.

3. Thin Case – Choose watches with thin cases as they appear more delicate on smaller wrists. 4. Minimalist Design – Watches with minimalistic designs work best on smaller wrists as they do not add unnecessary bulk.

Wearing the right size watch is crucial for those with small wrists. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that you find a watch that fits just right and complements your unique physical features perfectly!

Opt for Delicate Jewelry

Small wrists can make it tricky to find jewelry that looks right. Chunky bracelets and statement cuffs can often dwarf the wrist, making it look even smaller than it actually is. Delicate jewelry, on the other hand, can be incredibly flattering, highlighting the dainty proportions of small wrists while adding a touch of elegance to any outfit.

Benefits of wearing delicate jewelry on small wrists

One of the biggest benefits of wearing delicate jewelry on small wrists is that it helps to balance out the size of the wrist. Large pieces will draw attention solely to the wrist and may even throw off your entire look.

Delicate and minimalist pieces add just enough shimmer without taking over. Another advantage is its versatility.

Small earrings and pendants can work well with bold outfits or neutral ensembles without overwhelming them visually. Delicate pieces are perfect for layering – silver or gold chains wrapped around one another not only look fashionable but also create a unique detail that catches attention.

Examples of jewelry pieces that work well on smaller wrists

When choosing delicate jewelry for small wrists, there are plenty of options available: thin bangles in a set; link bracelets in silver or gold; watches with fine straps; simple diamond studs or huggie hoops; layered necklaces with shorter chains and dainty pendants; and elegant rings with stones designed in lovely settings. If you’re looking for inspiration from fashion icons who rock their small-wristed looks beautifully, check out Audrey Hepburn’s signature style – she was known for her delicate yet classy pearls!

Additionally, Sarah Jessica Parker has always been spotted with thin bangles stacked high up her arm – a perfect mix of elegance and trendiness! Remember that when it comes to accessorizing small wrists, less is usually more.

Choose one piece as your focus point – whether it’s a bracelet, a watch, or even a ring – and build your jewelry around it. This way, you can ensure that your delicate pieces complement rather than overwhelm your wrist, resulting in a polished yet effortless look.

Strengthen Your Wrist Muscles

Small wrists can sometimes feel weak and fragile, which is why it’s essential to strengthen the wrist muscles. Not only does this help prevent injury, but it also helps increase overall wrist strength and flexibility. Fortunately, there are simple exercises that you can do at home to strengthen your wrist muscles.

Simple Exercises to Strengthen Your Wrist Muscles

The first exercise is the wrist curl. This exercise targets the forearm flexor muscles and helps build strength in your wrists. To perform this exercise, sit on a chair with your forearm resting on a flat surface, such as a table or bench.

Hold a lightweight (such as a 1-2 pound dumbbell) with an underhand grip and slowly curl the weight up towards your body while keeping your forearm stationary. Lower the weight back down slowly, repeat for 10-12 reps for each arm.

The second exercise is the reverse wrist curl. This exercise targets the forearm extensor muscles which are important for grip and overall strength of hands and wrists.

To perform this exercise, sit in a chair with your forearms resting on a flat surface such as a table or bench while holding a lightweight (such as 1-2 pound dumbbell) in each hand with an overhand grip. Slowly lift weights upward until they are level with shoulders before lowering them back down slowly; repeat for 10-12 reps for each arm.

Equipment Needed for Wrist Strengthening Exercises

You don’t need any fancy gym equipment to strengthen your wrists – just some lightweights! You can use basic household items such as water bottles or soup cans if you don’t have access to weights at home. However, if you’re serious about building strong wrists and increasing flexibility, investing in a wrist roller can be beneficial.

A wrist roller is a small device that consists of a rod with a weight attached to one end and a cord attached to the other. To use, hold the rod in both hands, and roll the weight down and up the cord.

This exercise targets forearm muscles and helps increase grip strength as well. Overall, building wrist strength doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming.

Simple exercises like wrist curls and reverse wrist curls can help build overall strength in your wrists while improving flexibility. With just a few sets of these exercises per week, you’ll see significant improvements in your wrists’ strength and stability over time.

Experiment with Different Styles

Tips for finding clothing styles that flatter small wrists

When it comes to dressing up, small wrists can be a challenge. The wrong outfit can make them look even smaller, and that’s not what we want. Therefore, it’s essential to experiment with different styles to find those that complement your wrist size.

A good rule of thumb is to choose clothes that draw the attention away from your wrists and towards other parts of your body. For instance, tops and jackets with flared sleeves are perfect for creating an illusion of larger hands and wrists.

Avoid fitted tops or those with cuffs as they tend to emphasize small wrists. Instead, opt for flowy tops or blouses with loose-fitting sleeves.

Examples of fashion trends that work well with smaller wrists

Jewelry is not the only item you should be experimenting with; clothes play a big role too in making your wrist look great! One popular trend among fashion lovers is layering their outfits.

Layering creates depth in the outfit, making it visually more appealing. When layering clothes, focus on voluminous items like oversized cardigans or chunky sweaters.

Another trend that works well with smaller wrists is accessorizing using scarfs or belts. Such accessories draw attention away from the hands and towards the waistline or neckline instead.

Experiment with different styles until you find those that complement your wrist size best. Opt for flared sleeves instead of fitted ones and layer voluminous items like oversized cardigans for an edgy look!


Dealing with small wrists can be a challenge, but it’s nothing that can’t be overcome with a little bit of creativity and a few simple tricks. To recap, wearing the right size watch, opting for delicate jewelry, strengthening your wrist muscles, experimenting with different styles, and embracing your unique physical features are all great ways to deal with small wrists. It’s important to remember that having small wrists is not something to be ashamed of or to feel self-conscious about.

In fact, it can be an asset in many situations! For example, delicate wrists can make certain types of jewelry stand out even more and add a feminine touch to any outfit.

So rather than feeling frustrated or embarrassed by small wrists, embrace them as a unique part of who you are. After all, our differences are what make us interesting and beautiful!

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