Timex Watches Review (Updated, 2020)

Timex Watches Review

Timex is truly a great brand that has something to offer to all kinds of customers. Delivering high quality, stylish, and durable watches at such a great price range is the reason it is still such a highly regarded brand.

If you ask us, our favorite pick out of all these amazing options would be the Timex Weekender. It is the ideal watch to add to the collection due to its versatility, qualities, and features.

Why Timex?

If you go up to an American and say ‘It takes a licking,’ they will be able to continue the phrase with their eyes closed, and that’s how big of an imprint Timex has on an average American.

Timex is a brand that has been producing watches and clocks for more than a century, and they have never failed to impress its audience. What’s really commendable is that throughout all these years, Timex didn’t fail to stay true to their philosophy – making affordable watches and clocks for everyone to enjoy.

With time, they moved from producing pocket watches to creating watches with straps to keep up with the trend. Since then, they have been creating affordable yet stylish watches for both men and women.

When buying a watch from Timex, it is guaranteed to last a lifetime and that too in great conditions. The best part about their watches is that there is something available for everyone and every occasion. Therefore, Timex watches are, without a doubt, a great investment.

Things to Look for in a Timex Watch

Purchasing a watch at the current time can turn out to be a bewildering experience. Not only are there a lot of different types, but there’s also plenty of different designs and categories to choose from.

So, let’s take a look at some of the things you should look for in a Timex watch.


Currently, there is a wide range of materials that are used to make watches. The material used to make a watch has the biggest hand in determining how durable the watch will be under different conditions.

What material you choose from will depend on your own preference and the style and model of the watch that you have liked.

As a result, it is really important to thoroughly understand the situations that you will be exposing the watch to on a regular basis to understand the kind of material you should pick from.

Timex is pretty famous, and they have made their reputation by providing customers with the best quality materials. Be it stainless steel, leather, fabric, silicone, or resin, know that you will be getting the highest quality product.


Recently, a lot of watches feature interchangeable straps. This means you have the option of getting one great watch that has the dial that you desire. Plus, you get several different types of straps to change the look of the watch every day!

Other than giving you a variety of options, this feature also helps you to save a ton of money as you get to enjoy the feeling of owning multiple different watches by just purchasing one.

Timex has a lot of leather and fabric watches that have this incredible feature that allows you to choose from different colors/designs and materials.

Watch Glass and Diameter

Owning a watch that has a good quality watch glass is extremely important. The glass of your watch helps to keep the product looking nice and fresh. Timex uses a range of different materials to make their watches.

The type of glass used depends on the design and price of the watch. From mineral glass to sapphire glass, they ensure that whichever material they use, it is the best version of it.

This keeps the watches away from scratch marks, at the same time also making them sturdy and durable.

Now, the diameter of the watch plays an essential role in determining whether the watch will look good on you or not. Getting a dial that is too big for your hand may make you look clumsy, at the same time, getting a dial that is too small is also likely to make the watch look bad.

Thankfully, Timex produces a range of dials that starts from under 29mm and goes up more than 44mm.

Water Resistance

Needless to say, it is really important to look for watches that provide at least some degree of water resistance if you want your watch to have a long lifeline. It doesn’t matter whether you dive into a pool wearing your watch or always stay indoors.

If your watch isn’t waterproof, it can be ruined if there is even the slightest exposure to water – even your sweat can ruin your watch.

Amazingly, almost all the watches by Timex offers some degree of water resistance, so you can go about to make your purchase without any tension.

Timex Watches Review

Classic Digital Collection

Timex Mens Classic Digital Watch
Best Among All

Vintage looking watches are always going to be a thing and what better watch to add to your collection than a Classic Digital by Timex. Created with durable aluminum with an Indiglo backlight and easy to read face, it has aesthetic written all over it.

Recognized as a reliable watch throughout all these years, this watch is definitely one to consider. You can never go wrong with an evergreen design, can you?

Ironman Collection

Timex Full Size Ironman Classic 100 Watch
Best Among All

The Timex Iron Collection was the first-ever digital wristwatch created by Timex. These are available for both men and women separately and were made for sportsmen. And these watches have features such as alarms, stopwatch, and a timer.

These models come in various shapes and colors and have different highlighting features. Such as the lightweight 100m water resistant Ironman Classic; Ironman Essential with a large digital screen and finally, the Ironman Transit, which is the everyday watch that has an athletic profile.

Easy Reader Collection

Timex Mens Easy Reader Leather Strap 38mm Watch
Best Among All

It is definitely one of the sleekest designs to be crafted by Timex, which has a simple yet classy design that looks and possesses all the features of an expensive watch.

This watch has been designed with large serif numbers that help to make it easier to use even during nighttime.

These versatile watches have different versions. Among them, bracelet-styled silver Easy Ready Day-Date is a favourit of mine. The Easy Reader Large Dial with its black dial and leather wrist is a great option as well. Another great option is the super stylish matte black Easy Reader Black Leather Strap.

The best part of this collection is that they can be paired with any outfit, and the watch will complement it perfectly. Starting from wearing these to your office to wearing them to a hangout, they will not let you down.

Moreover, these are known to be super sturdy and durable. In fact, it will be able to take on most of your adventures without giving up on you, such as cliff diving.

Expedition Collection

Timex Mens Expedition Field Chronograph Watch
Best Among All

If you are someone who is into outdoor adventures, then you should definitely check out Timex’s Expedition collection. These strong-featured watches will definitely help to complete the perfect look for your adventures.

There are a number of choices offered by this collection, such as the U.S Rockies inspired 44mm Expenditure Gallatin Solar; then, there’s The Expedition Pioneer Combo, the 44mm watch that features both digital and analog functions; finally, their best-selling design the Expedition Scout Chronograph.

Intelligent Quartz Collection

Timex Intelligent Quartz Fly Back Chronograph Watch
Best Among All

Another attention-grabbing collection by the Timex is their Intelligent Quartz collection. The collection has a total of six different models so far, and each of the designs offers various different color options.

The highlight of the watch is definitely all of the advanced features it is fashioned with. Moreover, the different functions include an altimeter, fly-back chronograph compass, a tide temperature compass, word time, and a perpetual calendar.

All these features helped to create a very distinct and exclusive dial aesthetic.

These watches come in a dial range of 42mm to 44mm and are being offered in various different materials such as black-IP stainless steel, stainless steel bracelet, natural oiled leather strap, and a silicone strap to cater to different individual’s taste.

Moreover, all of these watches have a water resistance range of 50 to 100 meters, which is great as it makes the watches even more durable. All of the watches also include the Indiglo night-light to help the dial be visible even in low lighting.

Main Street Collection

Timex Mens South Street Sport Watch
Best Among All

If you are looking for a simple classic looking collection of watches, then the Main Street by Timex is very likely to meet your requirements.

Firstly, we were glad to find out that these watches are all water-resistant up to 30 meters. This ensures that you can wear these watches every season without any worries.

Next, we absolutely love the simple yet eye-catchy design of the series. These are the perfect informal design that you can wear to school, work, or even parties. Each and every one of the designs were created to be versatile enough to suit different attires.

These stylish watches come in leather straps and stainless steel straps. The dual-tone of the watches really helps to set it apart and stand out. Furthermore, there are different versions created for men and women.

Metropolitan Collection

Timex Mens Metropolitan 40mm Watch
Best Among All

Are you looking for an expensive-looking watch, but your budget is holding you back? Then look no further, because Timex has a solution for you. The Metropolitan collection comes in two varieties – leather and mesh straps.

It comes in a few classic colors to complement the classy tone that the watch brings in. The watches are unisex and have a case diameter that has a range of 34-35mm and 40-41mm, the ideal sizes for most people.

It has an ultra-slim design so its super lightweight and as a result, it will provide you with very comfortable wear. Additionally, the use of mineral glass gives it a very chic outlook. And finally, these watches are all water-resistant up to 30 meters, making it the perfect deal.

Timex X Peanuts Collection

Timex Weekender Peanuts Collection
Best Among All

The Timex X Peanuts was created in collaboration with famous designer Todd Snyder. These watches are available in two different materials – fabric and leather, but it includes an abundance of colors and prints.

This collection features illustrations of Linus, Charlie Brown, Lucy, and Snoopy. All of them are available in bright and fun colors and have been designed with a dial range of below 29mm to 41mm.

These are honestly the perfect funky watches that will liven up any outfit with its design and pop of colors. Definitely, these old school collection will bring out the child in you or can be used as the perfect gift for kids.

Weekender Collection

Timex Mens Weekender 40mm Watch

The Weekender collection is probably one of the most underrated sets of watches out there. These watches are fun, stylish, and perfect for almost any type of outfits. On top of that, these high-quality watches are being offered at pretty great price points.

These watches will give you the option to change the straps as these are easily removable. As a result, you will be able to get a lot more use out of the main dial.

You have the option to choose from fabric straps or leather straps; or both. There are a lot of different colors, prints, and features scattered amongst each of them. Thankfully, these are water-resistant up to 30 meters as well.

We love that it has a wide range of dial sizes as it opens up the option to create a different look. Moreover, it has a wide range of variations, such as plain black and white dial, the chronograph, and Times X Peanut versions. These are definitely one of the best purchases you can make.

Their Warranty and Customer Service

Timex is a brand known for its top-notch, affordable watches and its impeccable service. All the watches have a year of warranty against any manufacturing defects.

To avail of these services, all you have to do is bring a copy of the receipt to their authorized repair center. But, a small handling fee will be charged.

Additionally, in case you lose the hard copy of the manual, and you need to troubleshoot the watch, you can go to their website and look up their user guides and instruction manuals.

They have a really responsive customer service team. If you go to their website, you will always find help in the form of chat, phone calls, FAQs, or through comment replies.

Timex Expedition Scout Review (Updated, 2020)

Timex Expedition Scout Review

My Timex Expedition Scout review will help you understand well about the perfect watch for you.

Read till end.

If you are looking for an affordable product that also promises great quality, you should look no further than Timex. It is well renowned for providing quality watch for very little money for 166 years. Be it for sports, everyday work, dress, diving, etc. Timex has a watch to cover your needs.

Timex Allied Coastline Stainless Steel Gray Black Watch 43MM

With the added benefit of excellent customer service and warranty, plentiful collection, customize option, etc. you can be assured that you will be more than happy with your purchase of a Timex Expedition Scout watch.

Here you can find more brand watches reviews.

Why Timex Expedition Scout?

A watch is not only meant to tell time, but it can help you express your personality, and this is completely understood by Timex. As a result, besides focusing on providing good quality watches at affordable prices, they also provide variety.

Simply because it provides good quality watches at a very affordable price since its origin. Ever since it opened in Waterbury, Connecticut, in 1854, Timex has been consistently blending European clock making techniques with American creativity.

For 166 years, Timex has been producing watches for the masses. One unique aspect of Timex which differentiates it from its counterparts is that it provides versatile watches. Regardless of gender, budget, or preferences, you can be sure that Timex has a watch for you.

Timex has a bountiful collection for men, women, and kids. Some of the collections are Milano 23, Celestial Opulence, Military-Inspired, Urban Utility, Standard Utility, and Classic. These collections then branch into types of watches such as sports, chronograph, automatic, dress, digital, etc.

If you are still dissatisfied with their huge collection, Timex also offers you the option to customize your very own watch. So you can create a watch that is perfect for you without breaking the bank. Furthermore, for a truly personalized touch, you can have it engraved as well.

Things to Look for in a Timex Expedition Scout

Different watches offer different functions. Hence, in order to avoid confusion, here are some pointers for you to keep in mind while buying a Timex Expedition Scout, so you do not regret your purchase later.

Window Display

A watch should have a window display that matches its elegance and still be strong and scratch-resistant. Many watches now come with mineral crystal glass used for its strength and durability.


If you are an active person always on the move or doing things that induce sweating, you should get a waterproof watch. With a waterproof watch, you can swim or take a shower and not worry about your watch’s functionality if it gets splashed with water.

Movement of Watch

Now there are plenty of mechanisms available, but there is no alternative to Quartz movement for getting accurate time. So if you want a reliable timepiece, you can go for a quartz watch.


While it is not possible to buy multiple watches to suit different occasions, it is possible to change the strap. Before buying a watch, think of your activity and buy straps accordingly.

For example, the Timex Expedition Scout comes with leather, nylon fabric, and nylon fabric with leather trims straps, so you can choose the one best suited to your requirements.

Timex Expedition Scout Review

Here we have the key features of the Timex Expedition Scout:


This is a very comfortable watch to wear. If you are looking for a truly casual watch that you do not have to wrestle with to set the time or spend a lot of time learning how to make it work, Expedition Scout is perfect for you.

It does not come with any complicated features, and all you have to do is set the time and date in this watch, and it is good to go. Also, it has a very tasteful design and a very comfortable size that makes it a truly good watch to have in your collection.

Furthermore, the price is very affordable for a watch of this quality, and it is lightweight, so it does not cause any discomfort to the user.

The Quartz Movement

Quartz Movement is well renowned for providing accurate time. So in terms of keeping track of time, it is very reliable. Also, as it is powered by battery, you do not need to be concerned with finding a power source. You will need to replace the battery once it has lived its course, but usually, it lasts for about one-two years.

The Bezel

The bezel is typically made of resin and holds everything together without being heavy. It is either metallic or dark matte black in color. And it measures from 40mm-43mm in diameter and 11-13mm in thickness, all of this makes this watch a very lightweight and comfortable thing to wrap around the wrist.

The Dial

Timex Expedition Scout comes with different colored dials. The good thing about this dial is that it is not too busy. In fact, even the date window dial is subtle in design. The Arabic numerals for hours 1-12 are marked in a bigger font, and military time is also provided in a smaller font.

And the hour and minute dials take the very interesting shape of swords while the second dial takes on the shape of an arrow. Also, the second’s dial is a different color from both the background and hour and minute dials.

The light-colored dials against the background make it very easy for the user to read time where there is plenty of light. And thanks to its Indiglo technology, you will have no difficulty understanding the time at dark or night either.

Moreover, the dial is covered with a mineral crystal glass, which means although it is scratch-resistant, this watch is not meant to be taken on an adventure or used in rough terrains.

The Case & Bracelet

Expedition Scout comes in two sizes, 40mm and 43mm. The case is made of brass and comes in a polished or matte finish. It comes with some information and brand logo engraved at the back, but you can customize the engraving at the back as well.

The case has a mineral crystal glass covering the dial, which is pretty scratch-resistant. And the bracelet or straps of the watch can be chosen from leather, nylon fabric or nylon fabric with leather trims. Be it leather or nylon, the strap does not feel irritating and does not look extremely cheap either.

If you want the watch to look elegant, opt for the genuine, plush leather strap, whereas nylon can stand a lot of wear and tear and is good in the water. So, you can choose the one that is best for the everyday wear and tear you will put it through.

In case you want to add a splash of color in the strap, there are a range of colors and variety of design that you can choose from so your watch does not look plain or dull.

Water Resistance & Dive Watch Specs

This watch is not dive-ready or recommended to wear while diving either. Although it is waterproof up to 50m or 165ft, it cannot be expected to handle more than rainfall, sweat, shower, or occasional swimming.

If you are planning on wetting this watch extensively, we recommend going for nylon fabric straps as it is better in water as it will last longer than leather.

Warranty and Customer Service

No matter how much you love your watch and care for it, things can happen. In such cases, you can completely rely on Timex’s warranty and their customer service.

From the moment of your purchase, Timex gives you a warranty for one year, and since this is an international warranty, it will be honored by all Timex affiliates worldwide.

So, even if you are abroad, you can easily get your watch fixed, all you need is the receipt in order to show proof of purchase.

With receipt, your watch will be fixed free of charge due to the warranty; only a small handling fee will be charged. After a thorough examination, Timex will repair or replace parts of your watch, and if parts are unavailable, they may replace it with a watch of a similar or different model.

But if you don’t have the receipt or purchased your watch from unauthorized affiliates, then it will be considered out of warranty, and you will need to pay all costs of repair. It is better to send your watch to be fixed by its original maker rather than to unknown repair shops.

The process has been made easy by the company; you can fill up a repair form on their website and benefit from their free shipping services as well as get e-mail updates on the repair status of your watch.

For other queries and support, you can call them whenever you want during weekdays and for weekends between 8am to 5:30pm.

Image credits: timex.com

Stauer Watches Review (Updated, 2020)

Stauer Watches Review

Stauer Men’s Watches might be new, but they have made a good name for themselves and are worth every penny you spend on them. Now, all you have to do is pick the right design for yourself.

Best Stauer Watches at a glance –

  • Classic Analogue Watch – Junkers Men’s Watches 6960-5
  • Best Italian Leather Belt Watch – Stauer Men’s Bimini Watch with Stainless-Steel Case
  • Best Stainless Steel Watch – Stauer Men’s Bimini Watch with Stainless-Steel Case
  • Most Unique Looking Watch – Stauer Men’s Alta Swiss Movement Gold Ingot Watch with Leather Band
  • Best Fashionable Automatic Watch – Stauer Men’s X-Ray Automatic Watch with Black Crocodile Embossed Leather
  • Watch That Uses Different Mechanism to Work – Stauer Men’s Automatic Movement 1930 Dashtronic Watch
  • The Best Timeless Watch – Stauer Men’s Automatic Movement 1930 Dashtronic Watch

Why Stauer Watches?

Here are the reasons why you should go for a Stauer watch:


Stauer is new in the timepiece business. However, even though it’s new, it is slowly rising up the market. If you are looking for high-end watches but are held by the hefty price tags on them, then Stauer is the perfect choice for you. The company is known for making exceptional products at the most affordable prices.


Though these are less expensive, you get to choose from a wide variety of options. The options include vintage, chronographs, etc. And, we assure you that each one of them will keep you hooked to them.

Plus, the watches are made in such a manner that they are capable of complementing both casual and sophisticated looks. In addition to all that, with the company, you get numerous options such as resins, leathers, nylon/silicon, metal, etc. Thus, allowing you to choose the watch that suits your style.


In addition to all these, the makers of Stauer watch focus mainly on history. They make watches using the old styles and methods. And, when you see their watches, it has a touch of vintage in them.

Things to Look for in a Stauer Watch

Stauer is a relatively new watch company that offers decent watches at a fair price, but before making the purchase, there are a few things you have to take a look at.


The material it is made with is going to make a huge difference to the final price and your look. If it is made of something a bit cheaper, then the price will automatically be lower. However, if the material is more costly, then its price will be higher. A steel or leather belt is also something you should look into.


The type of dial your watch has a very big impact on the overall look. If the dial is plainer, then you will have a more simple look, and the more details added will only add to your look.


Take a look at the type of battery you are getting with the watch. You really do not want to keep changing it.

Top 7 Stauer Watches Reviews

If you are confused between which watch to pick, then worry no more as we have come up with 7 of the best Stauer watch reviews. Let’s get started.

Junkers Men’s Watches 6960-5

Junkers Mens Watches 6960 5

If you are on the lookout for a classic analog watch, then you should definitely take a look at the Junkers Men’s Watches. The 6960-5, in particular, is something that is going to go really well with just about anything you wear, which is why this is a very good option to look into.

The watch has a brown leather belt, which has become a fashion statement in today’s world, you can easily pair it up with brown shoes and take a look out of it. Along with the brown belt, you will enjoy the look of the stainless-steel case with a black dial. It is the perfect combination.

All of that added with the 42mm case diameter, you have yourself just the right watch for all the events. The look isn’t the only thing to go for in this watch, it is also water-resistant, so if you do get caught in the rain, there is nothing to worry about.

Stauer Men’s Bimini Watch with Stainless-Steel Case

Stauer Mens Bimini Watch with Stainless Steel Case and Italian Leather Band

The Stauer Men’s Bimini Watch is especially known for the Italian leather belt. This some, not something you will commonly get in watches, but it is a look of its own, and you will easily be able to tell that it is different from other watches.

Another selling point of the watch is the stainless-steel casing. This makes it a very good watch to have in case you want to make sure this lasts for a very long time. And truth be told, who wouldn’t want their expensive purchases to last years?

Let us not forget about the rose gold finish of the watch, which really sets it apart from the others.

This, too, is water-resistant, so you are safe from the water!

Stauer Men’s Stainless-Steel Evergreen Diver Watch

Stauer Men’s Stainless Steel Evergreen Diver Watch

More and more people nowadays prefer a stainless steel watch than the one with a leather belt. And for that, the Evergreen Stainless Steel Watch from Stauer Men’s is a great option. The added green color, is all the accent your look needs, thanks to the watch.

Both the casing and the dial are green with gold detailing. This could very easily be thought of as a vintage piece. Something that looks absolutely timeless yet seems to fit well with just about anything you decide to wear. The width of the band is 19mm, which would look very good and would stand out.

Along with all that, the watch has a window at 3 o’clock, which shows the date. It might not be a very significant feature, but it does add an extra bit to the whole thing.

Stauer Men’s Alta Swiss Movement Gold Ingot Watch with Leather Band

Stauer Mens Alta Swiss Movement Gold Ingot Watch with Leather Band

More or less, we see men wearing round watches, but there are other designs to choose from. Which is what the Alta Swiss Movement watch provides us with. The shape of it is of a rectangle, very different from the normal ones seen on men.

Not only is the shape different from others, but there is a story that dates back and tells why 100% pure gold was added to the dial. Well, they say the rarest thing has invaluable gold in it. And that is exactly what this watch is. Rare, the finest, and dear to the one who owns it.

The belt of this watch is about 9.5 inches long, so it should fit almost everyone.

Stauer Men’s X-Ray Automatic Watch with Black Crocodile EmbossedLeather

Stauer Men’s X Ray Automatic Watch with Black Crocodile Embossed Leather Band

This particular watch is mostly simple; it is round in shape with a leather belt. But the leather belt is not the most normal looking one; it is a crocodile embossed leather belt that adds some features to the watch.

Long with the belt, the dial of this watch is very different. It is not like the regular plain kind; the dial is detailed with intricate designs of gold and silver. This overall adds a lot of character to the watch, and that adds to the wearer’s character as well.

You will find a sun and mood dial by the 3 o’clock window and dual-time dial by the 9 o’clock one. All these together make for a great watch indeed.

Stauer Men’s Automatic Movement 1930 Dashtronic Watch

Stauer Mens Automatic Movement 1930 Dashtronic Watch with Genuine Black Leather Band

The Dashtronic is a watch that is unlike anything you have ever seen before in your life. To be honest, it looks a bit like a weighing scale; only it is more refined and, of course, better. It uses kinetic power to function, which is different from all other watches.

As for the belt of the watch, it is an alligator embossed authentic leather belt, which really compliments all kinds of looks. And the casing is made of stainless steel, so you do not have to worry about it catching rust or something like that.

The technology behind this watch is pretty magnificent, and you are sure to start up an easy conversion about the watch with just about anyone.

Stauer Men’s Swiss Noire Bienne Gold Finished Watch

Stauer Mens Swiss Noire Bienne Gold Finsihed Watch

You might be a fan of classic watches, and that is exactly what the Swiss Noire Bienne Gold-Finished Watch is all about. It really is a timeless piece with the gold color. You might have seen something like this around your grandfather’s hand. But it is also something you will very easily be able to pull off.

The hour markers and the hands are glow-in-the-dark, so even if there is no light, you will be able to tell the time without a problem. Along with that, there is a date window at 3 o’clock.

You are sure to like this watch if you are into vintage things.

Their Warranty and Customer Service

Stauer assures superb customer service. All their service executives are well trained and have a rich knowledge regarding their products. Hence, if you ask them regarding any problems with your watch, we assure you that they will provide all the necessary pieces of information to help you.

And, each of the representatives is well behaved, unlike numerous customer services, where you will end up with a rude executive who is of no help. The customer service of Stauer is far different from them. Stauer assures that each one of the customer service members will provide the fullest cooperation in the nicest way.

Stauer comes with a two-year warranty. Most of the product from Stauer has quartz movement. So, any problem with the mechanics of the watch, gears of the watch, quartz movement malfunction, or build-up of unwanted particles, the company will properly deal with it for the next two-years.

And, for a very small fee, they are one of those few companies that offer to extend the warranty.

Smael Watches Review (Updated, 2020)

Smael Watches Review Thumbnail

This honest Smael watches review can help you find out the perfect watch for you. You will get to know about most stylish, affordable, spots watches.

Smael is a great brand that has really proven that just because something is cheap does not mean that they are not of great quality.

It is a brand that can really deliver to their target market through their product and service.

And it’ll be hard to find another such brand that will provide you with high-quality watches along with service at such an insanely affordable rate – so don’t miss out!

Best Smael Watches at a glance:

Best Overall – Men’s Fashion Military Dual-Display Sports Watch
Most Affordable – Men’s Outdoor Tactical Watch
Best Sports Watch – Men’s Dual Quartz Movement Sports Watch
Best Analog Watch – Women’s Digital Sports Watch
Most Stylish – Women’s Sports Watch

Things to Look for in a Smael Watch

Below, we’ll introduce the topics that you need to consider when looking to buy a Smael watch.

Diameter of the Dial

It’s in our human nature to get drawn towards any accessory that might help to put our outfits together.

Wearing a watch has become more about a fashion statement than a necessity, and thus, it’s really important to get a watch that fits you properly.

The diameter or the size of a watch’s dial plays a big role in determining whether it will look good on you or not.

While there aren’t any definite perfect sizes or shapes for anyone, we do know that not every dial size is right for everyone.

For most men, the ideal dial range is 38-46mm and 28-36mm for women depending on the size of their wrists.

However, Smael is known for producing watches with big dial cases to help you make bold fashion statements.

When it comes to women’s watches, they have a dial range of 38-42mm and for men 46-50mm.

While this is great for people who prefer bigger dial size or are looking to try out a new look, it may not be for everyone.

So, we will recommend you to know your wrist size and choose from their selection of watches a little carefully.

The dial size of the watch should play equal importance as the rest of the features, if not more.

Water Resistance

Whether it’s rain, snowflakes, or sweat, any form or volume of water holds the capability to ruin your beloved watch.

Therefore, whenever you buy yourself a watch, it is imperative that you get one that provides some degree of protection from water.

That being said, you do have to know how much water resistance you will require from the watch depending on your daily activities, or on the purpose of buying the watch.

For example, if you wish to swim while wearing your watch, a watch with 30m of water resistance just won’t make it.

We were happy to find that despite being such an incredibly affordable brand, Smael did manage to feature water resistance in all their watches. But different styles have different levels of resistance, so do keep an eye out for that before making your final decision.


While almost all the Smael watches of different categories sport a similar oversized look, which may lead people to be confused between the different models. As a result, it is important to know the distinctive features of each of the models.

Most of the watches by Smael have similar functionality, such as a stopwatch, alarm, 12/24 hour format and etc.

However, you will notice differences such as the material of the band, the style, and shape, amongst other different internal features.


The material of the wrist band will help to assess how long the watch will live.

If you have a watch that used poor quality material to make the wristwatch, you will notice how easily it falls apart.

A good material helps to maintain the shape of the watch, keeps it looking fresh, and helps against any external damage.

Smael watches are mostly made out of different types of rubber-like materials to help give it a longer life.

Depending on the type of use you had in mind for the watches, you get to choose from materials such as resin, rubber, stainless steel, and others.

Smael Watches Review

Here, we’ll introduce you to our recommendations. Let’s get started!

Men’s Dual Quartz Movement Sports Watch

Mens Sport Watch Dual Quartz Movement with Analog Digital Display and EL Backlight Watch
Best Sports Watch

If you are searching for a good looking durable watch on a budget, then look no more.

These sleek watches come in a variety of colors, but if you ask us, we have our eyes set on the jet black one.

This sports watch has a dual quartz movement, which gives it a classic old school touch.

However, it comes with digital-analog displays. You will notice separate displays for time, date, and week. This design really helps to make the watch pop out.

The watch has features such as a stopwatch and an alarm clock. But the best part is their amazing water resistance – you can go swimming while you have these on!

Another great feature of this watch is how incredibly durable it is. For a clumsy person like myself, I loved that it’s super shock-resistant, especially for its price point.

Men’s Outdoor Tactical Sports Watch

Mens Sports Watch Large Dial Outdoor Tactical Watch Classic Digital Dual Display Watch
Most Affordable

The Outdoor Tactical Sports Watch by Smael is an upgraded version of their Dual Quartz. Right off the bat, you will notice that the dial is much larger on this one compared to the previous one. This may be a big difference for some. If not, you can always go for the Dual Quartz.

Next, you will notice how incredibly put together the design and layout of the watch is. We especially liked the crossed pattern of the dial along with the use of silver to outline the three digital displays.

What you are going to love is how incredibly strong and durable this watch is. It can be worn during almost any of your adventures, such as cycling or swimming, and it will be able to endure. However, the manufacturers warned against allowing the watch to come in contact with warm to hot water.

Men’s Fashion Military Dual-Display Sports Watch

Mens Sports Watch Fashion Military Dual Display Simple Digital Watch with Waterproof Function Silver
Best Overall

This version of Smael’s sports watch is definitely for those who like to make a bold statement. The colorful dial of the watch and the rugged shape of the watch surprisingly compliments each other.

Actually designed with military personnel in mind, the dual-display actually allows you to set two different time zones if you don’t want to use them for other purposes such as dates or stopwatch modes.

What we love the most is actually the range of bright colors it comes in and how extraordinarily it complements the shades of black of the watch. The addition of the LED light is also a very thoughtful feature, as it comes in handy to check the time when the lighting is low.

Women’s Digital Sports Watch

Womens Digital Watch Outdoor LED Waterproof Sports Watch with Big Dial and Multiple Functions Rose Gold
Best Analog Watch

Moving on to the ladies’ section, we would like to introduce Smael’s Digital Sports Watch for women. From the very first glance, we fell in love with the look of the watch.

This line came in great color schemes such as white and rose gold. The cute and versatile design of the watch also makes it super attractive and ideal for everyday wear. But what’s even better is how comfortable it is to wear. The use of a soft TPU band provides a smooth and easy-wearing experience.

It has all the features as the previous models, but this one has an LCD display included that shows the time. What we love is despite offering these watches at such an unbelievably low price point, they still included great features such as water and shock resistance to provide us with a very durable watch.

All in all, this is the ideal everyday watch, especially if your work requires you to deal with liquid frequently.

Women’s Sports Watch

SMAEL Womens Sport Wrist Watch Quartz Dual Movement with Analog Digital Display Watches for Women
Most Stylish

This is one of the most popular watches produced by Smael and for good reasons too. The first thing you will notice is the funky design and color that the watch sports. And the combination of multiple bright colors really makes the watch pop.

It has a dial case of 38mm, which is a little bigger than the usual, but the large dial actually helps to finish the look that the colors started. As a result, we can’t really complain about it. The use of soft rubber for the watch band just makes it better.

Something that we really appreciated is the fact that it is water and shock-resistant. You will be able to take this watch out for snorkeling or go hiking without the fear of water damage or scratches!

Warranty and Customer Service

All watches need maintenance from time to time, no matter what end of the spectrum they belong to. Taking your watch for any repairs or maintenance isn’t bad; all it does is make it more durable.

We were surprised and delighted to see that despite being a manufacturer of extremely affordable watches, Smael did not forget about providing their customers with after-sales service.

Smael provides its customers with six months of warranty, where all the tweaks and defects will be repaired and replaced by them without any additional charges. In fact, if there are any manufacturing issues that they are not able to fix, Smael offers a refund to the customer.

However, in order to avail these services, you need to show them valid proof of purchase, and the problems occurred due to manufacturing defects and not through personal misuse. All in all, they have a very impressive customer service policy.

Best Shinola Watches Review (Updated, 2020)

Shinola Watches Review Thumbnail

Shinola is the go-to watch if you are looking for a less expensive, high-performance, waterproof, durable, and exquisite watch.

Best shinola watches at a glance:

  • Best Overall – Detroit Men’s Runwell 47-mm
  • Most Waterproof – Men’s The Canfield 43-mm
  • Dust, Dent and Damage Resistance – Men’s The Guardian 41-mm
  • Best for Women – Women’s Gomelsky Two-tone Quartz

Shinola Watches Review

Are you still confused about which watch to choose? Then, the 4 watch reviews in this section should tell you why it is an exceptional item to have.

Shinola Detroit Men’s Runwell 47-mm

Shinola Detroit Men's The Runwell 47mm
Best Overall

The brown leather, combined with its white dial, gives this watch a cool and innovative look. And, hence, makes it a must-have watch that perfectly complements your casual as well as sophisticated look.

Moreover, its quartz movement grants exceptional precision. Quartz is a type of silicon crystal that is used for much more smoother movement. Hence, this technology makes it a more lucrative watch to have in your arsenal.

Plus, its 47-mm dial is ideal for all men. The dial size makes it a suitable choice for men with both big or small wrists and assures to provide a much comfortable and cleaner fit.

Furthermore, the durability of the item is off the charts. It contains a stainless steel casing and high-grain straps. Thus, enabling you to use this item for decades. And, its 50 meters water-resistance lets you use the watch underwater as long as you do not exceed the given range.

Shinola Men’s The Canfield 43-mm Watch

Shinola Men's The Canfield 43mm Watch
Most Waterproof

Who said Shinola is not expensive? Canfield is one of the most expensive items made by the company. First of all, when you spend high bucks on something, you expect superior service. And, we assure you that this item will provide you service for a very long time.

The whole watch, including the casing, is made of high-quality stainless steel. It is one of the most durable metals on Earth, and this one is made of such material. And, the use of such material also gives it superb durability as well as imparts a resistance to dents, rust, etc.

Plus, the watch is also waterproof. If you are thinking of going for a dip, you don’t have to take the watch off to do so. The waterproof factor also makes it weather-proof. Hence, if you go out on a rainy day or a snowy one, there is zero or minimal chance of the watch sustaining any damage.

Shinola Men’s The Guardian 41-mm watch

Shinola Men's The Guardian 41mm Watch
Dust, Dent and Damage Resistance

Black goes with everything! And, the Shinola also agrees with us. That is why this watch contains a black dial. Furthermore, when the black dial is coupled with its brown leather belts and silver casing, the watch becomes a perfect accessory to complement all kinds of outfits, including the formal ones.

The stainless steel construction gives it exceptional durability and makes the whole item dust-resistant, waterproof, dent, or damage resistant. Hence, assuring that you will be using this one for a very long-time.

By the way, the waterproof factor is functional as long as you are withing the 50-meter range. So, if you are thinking of going for a dip in the pool, then don’t bother taking the watch off. You can also go surfing wearing the watch. Just avoid diving activities like scuba-diving.

Plus, its adjustable band lets you choose the band length that gives you the comfortable fit you are looking for.

Shinola Women’s Gomelsky Two-tone Quartz Watch

Shinola Women's Gomelsky Two-Tone Quartz Watch
Best for Women

Women’s watches are another specialty for Shinola. And, this is one of their masterpieces. The watch contains a quartz movement which increases the precision and turns it a must-have item for most women.

And, its two-toned design enables the watch to perfectly compliment all your outfits, including more sophisticated and classy looks. Plus, the stainless steel build provides it the durability to last for decades.

In addition to all that, the watch is also watertight. Thus, if you want to go for a dip, its 50-meter water resistance makes it a great choice for a day at the pool.

Reasons people usually opt for Shinola watches.


Shinola watches are best known for their semi-casual sleek looks. The watch is a great choice and perfectly complements both casual as well as sophisticated attires. And, its sleek looks are guaranteed to impress most people who put a glance on the masterpiece even once.

The key feature of the watch that sets it aside from other watches is its simple yet elegant looks. Also, the watch doesn’t have too much work or complicated work done to it. But, it still successfully looks attractive on the hands of every wearer.

If you are looking for something luxurious, Shinola has a wide collection of luxurious ones as well. So, it comes with a wide variety of both everyday wear as well as luxurious wear for all kinds of men. And, attaining all these at an affordable price should give you a better reason to opt for Shinola.


Furthermore, the watch has a dial diameter of 47-mm. This dimension means that it is a superb choice for men with both thick or thin wrists and provides that comfortable fit that most watches are incapable of.


It is made of highly durable materials. These give it a rustproof and dent-resistant construction. In short, the watch is made with a damage proof or damage-resistant exterior that assures superb durability and longevity. And, hence, allows it to last for decades. Just tell your grandson to change the batteries!

Furthermore, the leather used for the watch is of top-notch quality and, therefore, increasing the long-lasting factor even further. And, each of the watches is hand-crafted. When making each piece, the craftsmen bestow each one of them with remarkable looks.

Below you’ll find things to look out while purchasing a Shinola watch.


Watches can be an expensive deal, especially if you are going for the high-end brands. But with Shinola, you might have to face that not too often. All the watches sold by the company have an affordable range and, hence, allows everyone to enjoy the pleasure of owning a good watch.


Watches have to be quite durable. And, due to this, Shinola has given its watches a stainless steel exterior as well as high-grain leather belts, or top-notch quality straps. Their metal watch dials are entirely made of stainless steel. In short, all their products are made of the best quality raw materials.

And in doing so, the long-lasting and durability is enhanced, which means that you won’t have to worry about the watch when you are in a party. This, making it a stylish yet sturdy watch and, therefore, makes it a must-have.

Furthermore, its durable build and sturdy construction are combined with sleek and elegant design and style, making it a gem-to-have if you are planning for a sophisticated party. Also, it is a great casual watch.


When it comes to straps, there are numerous types, styles, and colors. The most popular ones are leather straps, nylon straps, silicon straps, resin straps, etc. And all these types can be found in various sizes and colors. Therefore, letting you choose the type of straps that best compliments you and your outfit.

In addition to all that, the durability of the item is off the charts. Meaning that the straps will not lose their integrity over time.

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Their Warranty and Customer Service

Shinola is quite confident regarding their products; hence, they provide a life-time warranty on their steel watches and a 3-year warranty on their resin watches. So, if there is a problem with your Shinola watch, just go to the designated Shinola shop within the given time period and get your Shinola fixed or replaced.

A word of caution, the warranty doesn’t include batteries, leather, silicon, or any belts or anything that isn’t regarded as part of the mechanics of the watch. And, you might have to pay a fee for their services.

The warranties are not global. Hence, if you end up damaging your watch in a different country, you would have to wait until you reach your designated area to get it fixed.

The next topic of discussion would be customer service. Sales and support executives of the company are highly educated regarding their products. So, each representative knows a great deal about their products, and we assure you that they will provide you with all the necessary pieces of information in case of a mishap.

If you approach them or call on their helpline for aid, you will be quite impressed with their behavior. Ergo, in order to run a big company like Shinola, they have assured that their warranties are good and their customer services are top-notch.

Best Sekonda Watches Review (Updated, 2020)

Sekonda Watches Review Thumbnail

Sekonda is a brand that has a lot of options to choose from. All of these watches had different features and are manufactured differently. Which watch you choose is completely up to you.

But there are some factors that you need to keep in mind before you buy one so that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

Best Sekonda watches at a glance:

  • Best Sports Watch – Sekonda Bracelet Sports Watch 1624
  • Best Overall Leather Watch – Sekonda Men’s Quartz Watch
  • Best Watch for Regular Use – Sekonda Watch 3347.27
  • Best Affordable Watch – Sekonda Watch 1224
  • Best Dress Watch for Women – Sekonda Women’s Quartz Watch
  • Best Analogue Watch for women – Sekonda Women’s Quartz Watch with Blue Dial

Sekonda Watches Review

Sekonda Men’s Bracelet Sports Watch 1624

Sekonda Mens Bracelet Sports Watch 1624

You can’t help but look at this fun and sporty watch and think about a Rolex Submariner. If you love watches that are easy to wear, are sturdy and also look great, you’ll love this one.

The 1624 is made with stainless steel, which gives the product sturdiness and longevity. Completed with a Pepsi bezel and laminated hour markers for easy view even in darkness, this watch is perfect for regular use.

You also get crown guards and a date window at the 3-hour mark. So the product does tick off all of the boxes for being a great watch. Deployant clasp system allows you to wear and take off this watch with ease. Stainless steel belts allow airflow and keep your wrists sweat-free throughout the day.

Although made for regular wear, this model can easily be carried with semi-formal wear for meetings or small gatherings. Playful and spirited watches like these are a must-have in any man’s collection.

Sekonda Men’s Quartz Watch with Analogue Display and Brown Leather Strap

Sekonda Men's Quartz Watch with Analogue Display and Brown Leather Strap

This model from Sekonda is one of the most popular ones for a reason. The product has two of the most current trendy and hyped about features; rose gold and leather.

A crocodile grain leather strap with a classic buckle clasp is just one of the things that pulls everyone towards it. Not only is this watch great for both formal and informal occasions, but this model can also be paired with almost any outfit. You could never go wrong with a classic brown tones watch like this.

Secondly, the dial that is rose gold is unique. Leather and rose gold is a new and interesting combination that works surprisingly well together to give you that serious, elegant, and both fun and easy-going look.

Besides that, this watch also has great features like being built with a mineral glass cover to be scratch-proof and having long hour handles that are easy to read in the dark.

Sekonda Men’s Watch 3347.27

Sekonda Men's Watch 3347.27

If you’re searching for the perfect everyday watch for rough and regular use that won’t break on you easily and can be worn in extreme climate conditions, look no further.

Crafted with a thick nylon strap, this is one of the sturdiest watches from Sekonda. Nylon is known to be comfortable to wear as the material is breathable. So wearing a watch like this for a long period won’t be hard for you.

Coming to the dial, there are two circles of numbers, one for the 12 hours reading and one for the 24-hour reading. A crown on the side is big enough to grip and adjust and is also protected by a small guard.

Both the hour markings and hands are lumed so that they can be read in low light. To conclude, there is a date window at the 6-hour mark. This watch is also scratch-resistant, prone to getting cracks and waterproof for up to 50m.

Sekonda Men’s Watch 1224

Sekonda Mens Watch 1224

Watches at a price like this rarely come with quartz movement. So we’re all getting lucky with these Sekonda watches run on quartz movement and are known to be quite smooth and long-lasting.

This model, in particular, is a clean, simple, fresh, and sophisticated one. Like many of the other watches from Sekonda, this one too can be paired with a lot of different outfits. Stainless steel is what makes up the majority of the parts of this watch.

Starting from the band, the hour markers, hands, and also crown, everything is made with stainless steel. This gives the watch a cool monochrome look. A blue dial adds a pop of color and fun into the watch. Also, you get both a day and a date window at the 3-hour mark that is not too loud and big but is easy to read at a glance.

Made with a mineral sapphire coated crystal glass, your watch is protected from scratches and damage.

Sekonda Women’s Quartz Watch with Analogue Display and PU Strap

Sekonda Women's Quartz Watch with Analogue Display and PU Strap

Who doesn’t love Swarovski? A watch that is rose gold, silver-toned, and bejeweled with Swarovski crystals is all anyone could ask for.

This model is a new release from the brand catered towards younger people. Swarovski crystals embellished on the whole band of this watch give the product enough bling to catch anyone’s attention. Also, paired with a rose gold dial and silver and rose gold-toned band, this watch is a must-have for any woman.

A fun and feminine watch that you can wear to parties and small gatherings can come in handy at any time. If you think that this is too much for you to handle, there are more variations of the same model to choose from.

Besides being downright gorgeous, this watch also has great performance. Featuring a quartz movement and sapphire crystal glass, this watch will last you years. Being waterproof for up to 50 m also increases the longevity of this one.

Sekonda Women’s Quartz Watch with Blue Dial Analogue Display and Blue PU Strap 2144.27

Sekonda Women's Quartz Watch with Blue Dial Analogue Display and Blue PU Strap 2144.27

Designed with diamante stone and a dark blue hue, this is another one of Sekonda’s classics for women.

This deep blue watch can be worn to both parties and the office as although the model is fun and colorful, it is not too loud and is sophisticated. To add to the good looks of this watch, the dial is tinted rose gold. What more could you ask for?

The dial is kept simple and only has a few stone embellishments on the 12-hour mark. Other than that, the dial is clean and looks quite classy.

Made with sapphire coated crystal class, this one will stay with you for quite some time. Quartz movement and stainless steel bezel and case also help protect your precious watch. Other factors, such as being scratch-resistant and waterproof, also apply.

A chic and exclusive watch like this will be a great gift for any woman.

Things to Look for in a Sekonda Watch

Strap Material

Watches of different strap materials are available in the market now. You can get leather, stainless steel, nylon, rubber, mesh, and a lot more. Choose where and with what you are going to be wearing the watch to make sure that the watch does not look out of place.


You never know when your watch will get in contact with water. So to prevent damage, get a waterproof watch.

Type of Movement

Japanese Automatic movement and quartz movement are some of the few movements that keep your watch running for a longer time smoothly.


No matter what type and style of watch you chose, always make sure to prioritize comfort more than fashion. You’ll probably be wearing your watch for a long time, so get watches you are comfortable with. Sekonda has many options that you could choose from.

Glass Type

Sapphire glasses or sapphire coated crystal glasses can be a good option to keep your watch scratch-free. This also makes the glass hard to get cracks on and acts as a protection.

Warranty and Customer Service

Sekonda is a brand that gives high priority to its customers. No matter how old the watch you take them to is, they will always be happy to help.

The brand offers you a free repair and exchange option for up to two years of the purchase. Any defects that the watch has, which is caused by the company, will be repaired free of charge. Keep in mind that batteries, straps, and damage caused by accidents are not covered in by Sekonda.

Also, if you decide to take your watch to a third party that is not partnered with Sekonda to fox your watch, the brand will not be liable for any alterations of adjustments that they make. Your warranty will become invalid. If the problem is too severe, the company will even exchange the watch for a brand new one.

Getting in touch with Sekonda to avail of these is not hard at all. All of the information that you need to contact them is given on their website. Email addresses, hotline numbers, and addresses are all mentioned for your benefit. The customer service is also quite quick to respond and helpful.

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Bottom Line

Sekonda watches are known to be sturdy and durable. What else would you expect from a watch made with such precision and care?

They’re a brand that knows what they are doing, and that puts a lot of effort into making each customer happy.

Now that you can see how much variety their collection has and how beautiful each of them is, we’re sure you won’t be able to stop yourself from buying one.

Best Relic Watches Review (Updated, 2020)

Relic Watches Review Thumbnail

So, first thing’s first: if there are so many different brands of watches out there nowadays, why should you particularly buy a Relic watch?

Well, because they look great, feel premium, and are very affordable at the same time!

Relic watches were created by the Fossil Group in order to provide watches to those who would like to own nice watches that are also budget-friendly.

This has led to the creation of a variety of designs in their products, such as analog, digital, and hybrid watches.

These products also come with different straps like leather straps and bracelet designs.

If you have a vintage taste and would like a modern-day functioning watch with looks that seem antique, then these will suit you perfectly!

Additionally, despite the lower price range, Relic watches last long enough, for about 3 years with regular use, and 5 years with light use.

Best relic watches at a glance:

  • Best Overall – Men’s Jeffery Quartz
  • Most Affordable – Men’s Rylan Quartz
  • Best Sports Watch – Men’s Everet Quartz
  • Best Analog Watch – Men’s ZR11861 Analog Display
  • Very Convenient and Eco-Friendly – Men’s Cameron Automatic Watch
  • Best Dress Watch for Women – Women’s Leah Quartz Watch

Relic Watches Review

Men’s Jeffery Quartz Metal and Leather Casual Watch

Relic by Fossil Mens Jeffery Quartz Metal and Leather Casual Watch

This product has one of those designs that you just can’t go wrong with! Containing a clean leather strap with buckle closure, this is the type of watch you can wear with just about anything and for any occasion, especially for work.

The case is made up of stainless steel, which prevents rusting. Additionally, it has a mineral crystal face that contributes to the sleek look.

Furthermore, the display is analog, and it contains 3 hands for time-keeping, which it does using the Swiss quartz movement.

Worried about water splashes? Well, have no fear, for this product can withstand up to 100ft of water.

While this doesn’t make it usable while swimming, it has enough water-resistance for regular spills.

Overall, this is a decent watch for all occasions that should satisfy just about anyone looking for an analog watch for regular use.

Men’s Rylan Quartz Stainless Steel Diamond Accent Dress Watch

Relic by Fossil Mens Rylan Quartz Stainless Steel Diamond Accent Dress Watch

Want an affordable dress watch that looks great, yet doesn’t cause a hole in your pocket? Then you will not be disappointed with this product!

This gorgeous unit contains crystals at the bezels, which contribute to an elegant and expensive look.

Analog with 3 hands, but also containing 3 sub-dials makes it stand out. The sub-dials track day, date, and hour for extra convenience

Just like the former model, this one also has a Swiss quartz movement and a mineral crystal face.

However, it has a stainless steel bracelet with deployment-clasp closure, also contributing to the elegant look.

The Rylan Quartz contains bright diamond accents to bring it to life and stand out, especially along with the luminous hands.

This watch is also water-resistant up to 100ft, so you won’t need to worry about splashes.

If you are looking for an elegant dress watch at a reasonable price, then definitely consider this one!

Men’s Everet Quartz Metal Sport Watch

Relic by Fossil Mens Everet Quartz Metal Sport Watch

You may be wondering whether Relic makes sports watches? Well, of course, it does!

The Everet quartz metal sport watch is not only a great product on its own, but it also stands out from its competitors.

How so, you ask?

Well, firstly, it is great to look at!

Containing a plated metal case with a different colored dial and accents, it gives off a sleek yet sporty look.

Additionally, the metal bracelet with a deployment clasp closure is quite lightweight, which is a very important quality in sports watches.

All this, along with the great time-keeping done by the Swiss quartz movement and analog display with 3 hands, make it a wonderful watch at this price range.

The display on this unit is the mineral crystal, like the above-mentioned models. If you are considering a sports watch, then you must be wondering about the water-resistance?

Well, rest assured that the 100ft of resistance it has will suffice for spills and sweat during sports.

Men’s ZR11861 Analog Display Analog Quartz

Relic by Fossil Mens ZR11861 Analog Display Analog Quartz

Bored with ordinary watches and want something unique? Then this is a great choice!

The ZR11861 contains a perforated silicone band with a buckle closure, which is quite different from other watches.

As the display contains a colored dial with luminous hands, this product is very eye-catching. The case is made of stainless steel, which is protective yet lightweight.

For convenience, the unit contains Arabic numerals for reading time. As for keeping time, it does so by using an analog display with 3 hands.

Additionally, it has a date window and a calendar as well. Unlike the formerly mentioned products, this one boasts a bit more water-resistant.

Being able to withstand about 165ft of water, this unit will last just fine while swimming for short periods of time or while taking a shower. It should be noted, however, that it is not suited for diving or snorkeling.

So, if you are looking for a watch that will stand out and give you compliments at an affordable price, then have no doubt that this is the one for you!

Men’s Cameron Automatic Stainless Steel Sport Watch

Relic by Fossil Mens Cameron Automatic Stainless Steel Sport Watch

Ever wondered what an automatic watch would be like? Well, wonder no more! This product is a great example.

Automatic watches are powered by the user’s own movement, so they are self-winding.

Quite convenient, isn’t it?

On top of that, this unit has a skeleton dial, which lets you see the inner workings, creating a vintage look.

The case is made of stainless steel, but what makes it special is the textured outer dial, which looks great.

As for the display, it is analog with 3 luminous hands and contains a mineral crystal face.

A plated stainless steel bracelet with a deployment-clasp closure makes the watch quite stylish.

Just like the ZR11861 analog display, this product is also water-resistant for up to 165ft, making it safe for showering and swimming recreationally.

If you would like to own a very convenient and eco-friendly automatic watch with a vintage look, then search no further!

Women’s Leah Quartz Metal Dress Watch

Relic by Fossil Womens Leah Quartz Metal Dress Watch

Now that we have covered quite a handful of men’s watches, it’s finally time to take a look at a women’s one. And boy, is it a pretty one!

This unit will surely bring out the elegance in you by its beautiful appearance. Coming in gorgeous rose-gold and silver colors, this product will do very well with dresses and skirts.

The bezels are adorned with crystals in the mineral crystal face, and there are crystals as hour markers as well!

Also, the addition of the stainless steel bracelet with a deployment-clasp closure makes sure that it is both light and easy to put on.

The display is analog, containing 3 hands with additional subdials to track day, date, and hour as well as a sun-ray dial.

With resistance to water of up to 100ft, this pretty watch really leaves nothing to be desired if you are looking for a reasonably priced dress watch.

Things to Look for in a Relic Watch

Now that you have a general idea as to what makes the Relic watches special, you still have to consider a few factors before making your purchase.


The occasion for which you are buying your watch is definitely going to affect which one you should get.

You must first decide whether you want it for regular wear, such as for school and work, for sports, or for parties and outings.

There is a different watch for each purpose, so choose wisely.


Another factor to consider would be the type of straps you want in your watch.

Some people prefer leather straps, which are both light and comfortable, while others prefer bracelet designs, which are very elegant.

The straps also come in different colors and designs, so make sure to check them out before buying the watch.

Water Resistance

While all of the products mentioned below contain some resistance to splashes and spills, some are more protective than others.

If you need a watch for swimming or sports, then be sure to take a look at the products with higher water resistance.

Their Warranty and Customer Service

If you are buying any product, then it is of course very important to know the type of warranty and service you will be getting.

In the case of Relic watches, the Fossil Group provides a 2-year warranty inside the U.S.

As for countries outside, there are different periods for different regions, which the Relic website will help out with.

The warranty covers defects in materials and manufacturing.

What does that mean?

Well, it means that the watch movement, hands and dial are the only parts that are going to be replaced.

Any other defects or damages caused by the user are not to be covered by this warranty.

As for customer service, Relic has service centers all over the world, and they also provide on-call help, the numbers for which are available on their website.

Bottom Line

Relic has some great watches at very affordable prices.

Their sheer variety yet great looks, which provide a mixture of modern and vintage appearance, makes them stand out from other brands.

From sporty to dressy to ordinary watches, Relic has got them all.

These are truly amazing units at reasonable prices, so we hope that this Relic watches review has helped you make your pick!

Best Pulsar Watch Review (Updated, 2020)

Pulsar Watch Reviews Thumbnail

The type of watch you wear can say a lot about your personality. A good classy watch can help make a great first impression. Lots of brands make watches these days, but not all of them can stand out in the crowd.

Best pulsar watches at a glance:

  • Best Value – Pulsar Men’s PX5033
  • Most Classy – Pulsar Men’s PQ2003
  • Most Comfortable – Pulsar Men’s PJ6065X1
  • Best Women Watch – Pulsar Women’s PXX004 Sport Watch

Pulsar is a brand that was started in 1972 by Hamilton. After five years of starting, the company was taken over by Seiko Watch Corporation, who took great interest in the watches.

Since then, Pulsar watches have been improving drastically. The variety of styles available from the brand screams out luxury, elegance, and classiness.

Made in New Jersey, Pulsar watches are designed with innovation in mind. New technology is introduced both in the design and manufacturing of the watches to give you the best possible products.

All people responsible for the crafting of the watch have years of experience that helps them understand how watches work and what customers want from a timepiece.

Watches of all kinds, starting from pocket watches and watches with titanium cases, are available from the brand. You have a great collection to choose from, and both their men and women’s collection is loved by all.

With more than 45 years of experience in watchmaking, Pulsar won’t let you down. Great designs, sturdy casings, and durability are only some of the reasons why these watches are so popular amongst everyone.

Pulsar Watch Review

Pulsar Watches for Men

Pulsar Mens PX5033 Solar Chronograph Analog Display Japanese Quartz Silver Watch
Best among all

Each guy has a different taste when it comes to buying watches. Some like cool, funky, and comfortable watches and some like classy and sophisticated ones. The great thing about Pulsar is that they have watches for all kinds of people.

Stainless steel, rubber, and leather are some of the popular materials of watches amongst men. Pulsar has all of these available in their collection.

Their stainless steel watches are classy, elegant and can be worn to both the office and an evening party. Chic and retained details make these watches quite versatile. They’re great for people who want to wear just one watch from AM to PM.

Rubber strapped watches are great for people who are always on the go. When rubber watches first came out, they were catered towards people who were more active and were traveling a lot.

So, the watches had to be quite sturdy and durable. Pulsar provides the greatest watches that are waterproof, made with a high-quality watch glass, and are comfortable as well. Solar-powered watches are also available in the men’s watch collection.

Their leather watches are to die for. Designed to be unique, these leather watches are easy to wear and comfortable. You have colors and textures to choose from with different sized dials as well. The leather does not fade or wear with time and is quite long-lasting.

All the watches are made to be worn in any situation. Tough weather conditions won’t affect your watch, and the waterproof ones are quite resilient. Solar battery operated watches increase the longevity of your timepiece. They look and perform great, and also don’t break down easily.

Most of their watches can be worn to multiple events and can be paired with any outfit. No matter what your style is, you’ll find something from Pulsar. Their men’s collection is versatile, and they carry something for everyone.

Pulsar Watches for Women

Pulsar Womens PXX004 Sport Watch
Best among all

Even nowadays, we can see that some brand focuses on men’s watches more than women’s. Their men’s collection has more products to choose from than women’s. But Pulsar is not like that. With different colors, materials, and designs to choose from, no woman will be disappointed when they want to shop for a watch at Pulsars.

Similar to their men’s collection, Pulsar has options ranging from rubber, leather stainless steel, and many more for straps.

Their stainless steel collection is the one that is the most popular. Any watch that you buy is so elegant and classy that you can pair the timepiece with almost any outfit.

You have many tones like gold, silver, and rose gold to choose from. Also, if you want, you can get your watches embellished with any kind of stone you want. So, the options are customizable as well.

Their leather and rubber collection is also known to have some classic old-timey pieces that will catch everyone’s eye. For party wear to office wear, Pulsar has got a watch for any occasion.

Their Warranty and Customer Service

Pulsar has impeccable customer service. The brand’s motive is to provide you with high-quality products at a reasonable price. Your happiness is one of the main priorities of Pulsar. So, when you’re not happy with a service that this brand provides, you can rest assured that your problem will be solved by all means.

Some set rules and guidelines are applicable for warranty services of any brand. One of the top ones is that the brand is not going to be responsible for damages and alterations that any third party has made to the watch.

This means that if you take your watch to some other watch repairmen, Pulsar’s warranty services will be void. Because Pulsar is not responsible for the adjustments and repairs that they have made, and similarly, the damage that you have done to the watch won’t be taken care of by the brand.

It is always a good idea to take your product to the actual brand that you have bought it from as they know how the product works and how the product was made. Therefore they will know best how to fix and repair the watch. Taking your watch to any other person will cause more damage than good.

If there has been any mistake or faulty parts provided to you by Pulsar, they will repair or replace your product with a brand new one. This warranty is applicable for 3 years after you have made the purchase.

Damages in all mechanical parts, like an eyepiece, lens, adjustment, and on and off knobs are taken care of; Pulsar has got you covered. Another thing to note is that to avail the warranty you have to register your timepiece within a month of buying.

Reaching out to get these services is also quite easy. No unnecessary hassle is required. You can just mail them. And you don’t even have to go to a physical shop.

All transactions and form fill-ups can be done online. Make sure to fill up each detail carefully without any mistakes, and there will be no problem getting your watch fixed. Pulsar is also quite quick to reply to customer emails. You can also contact them through their hotline number. All details of this are available on their website.

Things to Look for in a Pulsar Watch

All Pulsar watches are made with high-quality materials and by experienced workers, so when you’re buying a watch from them, you can be sure that you’ll be getting something good.

Factors such as design, model, and strap material depend on you and your personal choice. But there are some factors that you should look for in the type of watch you choose in general. These are necessities or qualities that will make you even happier with your purchase.

Strap Material

Pulsar has a lot of options for straps to choose from. The choice is yours. But while making this decision keep in mind what the conditions your watch will face daily.

If you’re in the gym most of the time throughout your day, go for a rubber watch and avoid leather. On the other hand, for fancy occasions and office use, you can go for a stainless steel or leather watch.


No matter what your style or choice is, always remember to think about comfort. Do not settle for a watch just for the looks; how the product works and wears throughout the day is also important.

Watch Movement

Miyota, Japanese Automatic movement, and many more watch movements are available from Pulsar. Research about all of these types and select which one you want on your hand.

Battery Type

You can choose a normal battery operated watch or even a solar battery operated watch from Pulsar. Solar battery watches are good for athletic and field type watches.

Kind of Watch Glass

When it comes to choosing the watch glass, a sapphire crystal will be the best for durability. Sapphire crystal makes the glass scratch-resistant and prevents cracks as well.

Water Resistance

No matter what kind of watch you are getting, always choose one that is waterproof. You do not know when your hand might get exposed to water, so it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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Bottom Line

We’re sure that by now, you understand what a great, accomplished, and established brand Pulsar is. With great collections for both male and female customers and a wide variety to choose from, it can be quite difficult to say no to this brand.

If elegant, refined, and sophisticated watches are your thing, then you don’t want to miss out on this.

Best Original Grain Review (Updated, 2020)

Original Grain Review Thumbnail

This honest Original Grain review will help you identify perfect watch among all the collections.

Read till the end.

It always gets harder to pick one from all the types of watches available in the market, not knowing which one would fit better to your wrist.

As perplexing as finding a good watch is, if your bet is on uniqueness, Original Grain watches are the types you should go for. Without any second thought, you can opt for any from the array of quality and uniquely designed watches.

Original Grain is not likely to dissatisfy you. Also, the prices of the watches are very reasonable, so you won’t have to see your wallet going empty at all!

Here we have the important factors that might make you become interested in buying an Original Grain watch:


So, as long as the style is your main concern just like everybody else, Original Grain is a brand that ticks all the boxes. If uniqueness is the standard of qualification, Original Grain watches make it to the top.

You surely do want your wristwatch to be noticed by your colleagues or relatives and trust me, they will admire your choice if an Original Grain watch happens to sit on your wrist.

The blend of wood into stainless steel makes the timepieces look sleeker and stylish. You can feel the vibe of a refined forest with a glance at the stellar looks of the wooden structures.

Environment-Friendly Initiative

You know what? For every watch you buy, a tree gets planted in Senegal! Yup, that’s because Original Grain has partnered with Trees For the Future to help the environment.

A portion of the money also goes to several African countries to feed impoverished families. So, with buying a new Original Grain watch, you are not only getting a dashing timepiece but also making a positive impact on nature and in the world.

Original Grain Review

Alterra Chrono Collection

Original Grain Alterra Chrono Wrist Watch
Best among all Chrono Collection

The Alterra Chrono collection strikes the perfect balance between style and functionality. Each of the watches in this series is exceptional and adds artistic integrity to the collection. Any admirer of quality watches will be impressed by the elegant and classy designs.

Moreover, the use of the finest woods in the construction of these timepieces injects a hint of history and refinement that you can’t find in other watches. The Alterra Chrono watches are, just as you guessed it from the name, full-fledged chronographs with stopwatches and timers.

So, they are far more than simple watches. They never fail to show the correct time as they are equipped with five hand Japanese quartz movements.

These watches feature rather large 44mm watch heads that allow them to include lots of larger and clearer details. Besides, the craftsmen are given more room to apply their creativity and come up with even more beautiful designs.

Barrel Collection

Original Grain Barrel Collection
Best among all Barrel Collection

The barrel collection appears to be one of the unique innovations of Original Grain, with its exclusive watches made from American Oak. The wood is reclaimed from old American Whiskey Barrels and hardwoods.

Every piece of this certain wood has different sets of patterns in terms of grain, and don’t forget the versatile colors they all come with.

All of the watches are crafted by hand and completed in many traditional steps and techniques. Thereby, just like the old days, these products are actually built to last for so long.

Also, the dials of these watches are dual-layered, and the face flashes out light really well. The glasses are crystalized and scratch-resistant, so you can just use it without being worried about any damage.

Classic Collection

Original Grain Classic Collection
Best among all Classic Collection

Just as the name says, the classic collection of Original Grain consists of watches that will undoubtedly be admired and deemed classic by anyone who sees it for the first time. The name is so for a definite reason. And the watches of this collection have everything that a classic watch should have.

The timepieces come with the famous Original Grain unique woods at the center and the front of the face. And the colors of these watches will astonish you the moment you take a stare at them.

Each of the watches of this collection feature a dial so simple yet sophisticated, with roman numerals at four quadrants. At 3 o’clock, you can see a date window which is elegant in look.

And the body of the dial is scratch-resistant, so it will look as sleek as new even after many days of use.

Minimalist Collection

Original Grain Minimalist Collection
Best among all Minimalist Collection

Are you the type of person who loves simplicity all around? A wristwatch with too busy and sophisticated a design doesn’t sound like your match? No worries! Original Grain has you covered too! The minimalist collection consists of timepieces exactly as you want it to be – all simple and sleek!

The face of these watches features a dial comprising of easy-looking rectangular hour marks, with no numbers or big fonts on it. There are an hour hand and a minute hand, simply designed to rotate. You won’t find any hand for seconds in this collection.

Instead of bracelets made of wood blend into steel, watches of this collection rather come with leather straps in simple and classy colors just so as you can match them with minimalistic dresses. The watches of this collection are perfect for the people who love plainness along with style.

Koa Collection

Original Grain Koa Collection
Best among all Koa Collection

The Koa Stonewashed Collection is one of the most elegant series of all Original Grain watches. These watches are exclusively prepared with Koa sourced from the Hawaiian Islands. The Koa wood used in these watches is rich in hues, and the grain patterns feature a wide variety.

Every watch of this collection is covered by a stonewashed metal finishing, which adds more classiness to the outlook. The bands are compact and perfect sized, so anyone with any size of hand will fit for the watches.

Moreover, the watches from this collection feature wood sealed by Koa Chrono that makes it highly water-resistant. Right! You can dive right into the water without having to think about your wristwatch.

Avalon Collection

Original Grain Avalon Collection
Best among all Avalon Collection

The Avalon series consists of watches that are exclusively designed for women. They are just as gorgeous as any other Original Grain model. These watches go with all types of attires. The refined and tasteful appearance of these timepieces will help you to appear classy and cultured!

All of these models are equipped with slim 34mm cases. This is to ensure that they fit the wrists of the women perfectly. They are available in different straps that are soft, durable, and comfortable to wear.

Ash wood, wine barrel wood, zebrawood, etc. are used to build these watches. Each piece of the types of wood offers a discrete attribute, making them unique from each other.

Most of these watches feature the Japanese Miyota quartz movement that performs incredibly well in keeping them powered up and showing precise times. The best thing about this collection is that these timepieces are highly affordable, so you can grab a luxurious piece without breaking a hole in your wallet!

Warranty and Customer Service

The warranty and customer service are two aspects of Original Grain that will make you fall in love with the brand. Almost all of the products come with 1 year of warranty at least, with some special collections being given with 2 years of warranty.

If the watch you buy is found out to be defective, you can have it replaced or repair according to situations. Both the 2 and 1 year(s) warranty will cover problems with watch hands, watch movement, dial, battery, and date box.

About the return policy, if you are for somewhat reason dissatisfied with your delivered product, you can return it back within 14 days after delivery and be refunded back your money. Sounds great, right? However, you are supposed to not take the watch out of protective plastic in that case.

Things to Look for in an Original Grain Watch

Look out for these things while buying an Original Grain watch.

Originality and Uniqueness

If you are looking to buy a new watch and you hit the search, you are likely to get flooded with hundreds, if not thousands, of choices. Most of the watches you will see will have the same cliché outlooks, with no exception to their styles or designs.

Even you may find many of the renowned brands to have their watches manufactured from the same place.

Well, such is not the case if you are talking about Original Grain. The company is built upon the idea of bringing uniqueness and originality to watches. And the combination of stainless steel and reclaimed wood will draw anyone’s gaze at the watches as the elements are perfectly shaped, portioned, and colored.

A Time Teller

Of all the Original Grain watches, every type of wooden pieces that is being used has a different story to itself. Some wood you will find out to be from Old Kentucky Bourbon Barrels, some from Yankee Stadium Retired Seats, or straight from the retired military ammo crates.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? No two watches will be the same.


When a watch gets wrapped around your wrist and stays on for hours, even sometimes the whole day, the last thing you expect from it is getting discomfort. You don’t want your watch to tickle, bother, or restrain your hand movement. The watch should feel as cozy as if it weren’t there.

Original Grain watches will nicely fit your wrist and give you the optimal comfort wherever you go with it.


If you are getting yourself a nice watch, you never want to run out of its life so early. For your money, durability is a major concern when you’re choosing a watch. The good news for you is that the Original Grain watches are so long-lasting and user-friendly that you won’t have to go to a watch shop in ages afterwards.

The sustainable build and elements used in the watches make the products super durable, and even after years of use, they will look almost new to anyone.

Now let’s take a look at the famous collections of Original Grain that will make you want to order one right away!

Orient Mako II Review (Updated, 2020)

Orient Mako 2 Review Thumbnail

This honest Orient Mako II review will make you understand why you should buy this watch. Read carefully till end.

Perhaps you have tried Orient’s first-ever edition, and since then, you couldn’t get over it. But I am pretty sure that you always wanted to mend few things about the Orient Mako original as it clearly trailed behind in terms of accuracy, hacking aspects, and an awkward date alteration button.

Orient Mako 2

Well, 15 years ago, Orient Mako possessed some faults but still was competent enough to raise the hype over the watch collectors and divers.

Now, when the manufacturers finally released Orient Mako II with enhanced accuracy, date changing configuration, and nurtured the overall hollow movements, you are bound to fall in love with it.

Before getting precise, let’s look at the features at one glance!

  • Supports hand-winding
  • Orient Mako II offers 40-hour power reserve and 21600 BPH
  • Features mineral crystal
  • The casing is made of stainless steel
  • Dual push-button safety clasp with stainless steel bracelet
  • Water resistance about 200m / 660ft
  • Day/Date window locates at 3 o’clock marking
  • 12hr time markings with three Arabic numerals of 9 12 and 3
  • Screw-down crown at 3 o’clock
  • Now let’s get into the features one by one precisely.

Orient Mako II Review


No wonder we all yearn for comfort, and when it comes to accessories that we wear on a regular or occasional basis need to feel comfortable and gentle against our skin. That being said, Orient Mako II crafts a finely designed bracelet and a firm and robust buckle to ensure high resilience and comfort.

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Conventional watches feature nylon banding straps, rubberized straps, or stainless steel straps, but here the strap design is explicitly similar to a vividly polished silver bracelet.

And when you wear it around your wrist and tighten the buckle according to your grip preference, you instantly feel a chillness around your hand as the silver patterns are comforting and don’t feel harsh in contact with your skin.

Besides, the case size (41.5mm wide) and thickness (13mm) fit well, neither too big nor too narrow, so that it feels just right and add the class into your appearance!

The Movement

Orient Mako 2 movements

Let me give you a little flashback! Fifteen years ago, when you probably had the 46943 caliber movement in Mako original, you weren’t satisfied with the manual winding, hacking, and accuracy for sure.

The hands of the watch, crown, dials everything was transparent and convenient to glance over, but when it comes to performance, it really disappointed you and, no doubt, most of the watch collectors.

But honestly, you can’t blame the Japanese manufacturers of Orient who, by default, embraced their in-house technology, which evolved in the early 70s. So the movement configuration was obsolete, and still, it is compared to Orient Mako II.

When you have Mako II, it allows you to manually wind up the automatic movements as well as hacking and changing the time accurately. For those who have battery-operated quartz watches, watch winder doesn’t work at all.

Moreover, watches like Orient Mako II sustain winding the watch manually so that whenever you aren’t wearing it, it still keeps on running. And when you take it out of the box and wear it for your errands, it enlightens you with the correct information of time.

You may think that if the watch keeps running even when you aren’t wearing it, then it might stop working before the predicted deadline. But having the ability to manually winding up in the events when 40-hour reserve power run out makes it ideal for occasional users.

Compared to the Orient Mako II ancestor (the mako original), it fits well in the accuracy benchmark. The predecessor had a -25/+35 accuracy level, whereas Mako II has -15/+15 seconds of accuracy, which sets it apart from the mako original in the accuracy spectrum.

The Bezel

Orient Mako 2 bazel

Well, sometimes the case of your watch doesn’t match with the bezel, and as a result, the color combination seems odd and, in some cases, proper disaster. But here, when you have Mako II, the bezel has an intense polishing to blend well with the casing.

Moreover, the Mako II bezel rotates up to 120 clicks and monitors your diving time conveniently. Having 60 minutes of dive time and relatively double clicks than the Mako original, it wins the crown. In addition, the dial color is equivalently polished, vivid black, and holds the sheen as the bezel does.

However, having a handy grip over the bezel might feel tight, but overall, it perfectly goes with the watch interior. Also, it adds an appeal to the watch case and lugs, smoothly distributes a soothing click when turning.

The Dial

If you are fond of metal markings in the dial of your watch, then rejoice as Mako II is the one to do the math here. The markings of the dial are utterly transparent and integrated with lume. Its thin linings and slightly sloped edges intensify the hands and markings to appear in a more crystallized and blatant manner.

Anyways! The dial molds itself in a sleek yet matte black color, which looks extremely elegant and brews perfectly with any attire. However, the day and date display are just beside the 3 o clock marking. Hence, you can only have 3 Arabic numerals as in 9, 6, and 12, which are clear and highlighted well.

Now talking about the hands of the dial, I must appreciate the grey imprints of each bullet-shaped minute mark, the sword styled hand for an hour and minute, and spear-shaped hand with a little red spoonlike for seconds.

Overall, the neat and plain hands, classy fonts, the day and date color fusion (red-black), and finally, the lifted chapter ring on the surface perimeter, which determines a mark for every minute; everything begs for your purchase at such affordable price value.

The Case & Bracelet

Well, the case is called the life of a watch because it holds all the internal working parts together and makes it work orderly. There are numerous types of casing material, such as stainless steel, metal, platinum, etc.

These are universal materials for watch cases as they are reliable; however, a bit expensive too. But Orient Mako II is everything you have ever asked for.

I mean in such affordable price tag getting a dive watch with 41.5mm stainless steel case, seamless transition in between, and an evenly polished and integrated end links with brushed and matte top is an absolute win for you. And you know what the best part of it is?

Orient Mako 2 Bracelets 01

The bracelet dramatically merges with the case because the case also features a brushed top for a matte avatar and a high saturated sheen for the siding, which coordinates with the bracelet perfectly. So the whole case and bracelet duo is loaded with embellishments, which fits very well and boasts superior elegancy.

Now around the casing, there’s a screw-down crown to control the time and date the way you want. Also, winding up the clock becomes effortless with the crown. It doesn’t feel too small to grab either too robust to look inappropriate.

Water Resistance & Dive Watch Specs

It’s pretty obvious that when you expect to get a dive watch for yourself, the first and foremost feature you aspire to have is water resistance. Imagine what would be the odds if your dive watch isn’t waterproof?

Hence, Orient Mako II offers 200 meters of water resistance so that even when you are underneath the water, your clock has your back. Also, tracking time underwater is no longer rocket science because of a 120-click divers bezel.


The Orient Mako II USA line includes three models with specific dial color. For instance, you will have the AB9 in sleek black color, the BD9 in vivid blue with a tinge of gloss, and the CW9 with the white and black-edged dial.

Also, the minute markings are larger in CW9 than the rest of the models. However, the contradictions are too small to stress over. It’s just about the appearance I mean a case with enhanced lume, larger markings, better color combination, etc., and that’s it! And the price also varies from one model to another.

One more thing to say is the Orient Mako II has basically two versions. One is the plain one which I am reviewing on, and another is the USA line, which has 3 models.

The difference between the plain one and the USA version is the USA line uses sapphire crystal, whereas the plain Mako II uses mineral crystals. So that was all about the variations.

For Whom?

Before investing your money into something without contemplating wisely and later crying on split milk won’t help you get anywhere. Hence first thing first, you have to determine whether this timepiece is ideal for you and it goes with your requirements or not.

So let’s check out when you should get it and for whom it’s made!

If diving is your end goal and water resistance is the prime feature for your quest

It’s for those who are fond of compact, sleek and classic timepieces
If your wrist is not wider than 6 inches
For those people who prefer heritage watchmaking
The watch stops running for a few minutes, and it doesn’t bother you
Alright! So, if you fit into these criteria, then the Orient Mako II is the best deal for you, and surely it is the dish fit for Gods.

Bottom Line

To be honest, compared to the Orient Mako original, there aren’t any massive alterations, although the manufacturers have fixed the complications of hacking, time, and date changing specs and accuracy issues.

So you are actually getting a modified version of the Mako original. And surprisingly, the price range is extremely budget-friendly that you could ever ask for.

I personally think that if you are a frequent or occasional diver and an enthusiast watch collector of classic timepieces, then getting an Orient Mako II would be the right choice!