Best Burei Watches Review (Updated, 2023)

Burei watches are loved and adored by everyone because of the high-quality manufacturing and the reasonable price. These watches will last you years and are not that high maintenance as well.

Get great designs similar to high-end luxury watches at half the price and hassle. Both their men’s and women’s collection is remarkable. So, if you’re a watch lover, you must have at least one from this brand.

Best burei watches at a glance:

  • Best budget dress watch – BUREI Luxury Automatic Watch
  • Very elegant and high quality – BUREI Luxury Automatic Watch Sapphire Crystal Rhinestone Markers
  • Best classic design watch – BUREI Business Casual Elegant Chronograph Sports Watch
  • Best for women and no battery – BUREI White Dial Skeleton Automatic Watch
  • Best for rough use – BUREI Fashion Minimalist Wrist Watch

BUREI Men’s Luxury Automatic Watch

BUREI Men's Luxury Automatic Watch
Best budget dress watch

If you’re a fan of the very popular Rolex Date just, you will love this one. The Burei Automatic watch is inspired by this one but is not a full copy. If you like the sleek stainless steel look of the watch but don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, you can take a look at this one.

Build with an automatic self-winding movement and also anti-reflective sapphire crystal this product is a steal for the price. The bezel or case and steel band are made with stainless steel and known to be quite durable.

On the dial, you have a date window that is clear and magnified for a better view. Crystal hour markers make this watch even classier and elegant. The exhibition back makes this watch even better. You can now show people and see for yourself how an automatic watch works.

With loads of colors to choose from and extreme durability and style, this watch is a must-have for every classy man.

BUREI Men’s Luxury Automatic Watch with Rhinestone Markers

BUREI Men's Luxury Automatic Watch with Rhinestone Markers
Very elegant and high quality

Watches like this one which has Japanese automatic movement are smoother and tend to last longer before they need maintenance.

With a sapphire crystal glass that is scratch-resistant, you can use this watch all day without worrying about ruining the product. Stainless steel belt and bezel also make this one quite sturdy. To top it all off, this one is also waterproof to 30m.

You get a date window at the three-hour mark, and the hour markers are embellished with rhinestones to give you that luxury feel.

There are plenty of colors and design alternatives to choose from, from this same model. An elegant watch like this can be worn from AM to PM both to official meetings and parties. Classic designs like this look good on any man and can be a great addition to elevate your outfit.

Getting a watch with such qualities and precision at a price like this is not easy, so get this watch in your collection as soon as you can.

BUREI Men’s Business Casual Elegant Chronograph Sports Watch

BUREI Men's Business Casual Elegant Chronograph Sports Watch
Best classic design watch

Made with crocodile grain leather, this watch could be the best gift or purchase for all people who love leather watches. The leather is smell-free, soft, and also flexible. So you will not feel uncomfortable wearing this all day, and the product definitely won’t make your wrists sweat.

A classy finish also makes this watch pairable with any outfit. You can go both casual with a t-shirt and also go formal with a suit and tie with this model. The main fear that people have when wearing leather watches is that they do not mix well with water. But this product can be worn around water as the watch is splash-proof.

A chronograph function, along with a stopwatch, makes this product even more desirable. With that, you also have your mandatory date window and 24-hour readout.

Like all good-quality Burei watches, this one is also made with Japanese automatic movement.

BUREI Women’s White Dial Skeleton Automatic Watch with Calfskin Leather

BUREI Women's White Dial Skeleton Automatic Watch with Calfskin Leather
Best for women and no battery

Made with precision and modern technology, this product is a watch of the future. There are no batteries needed to run this one. In fact, this watch runs only on your hand movement. Powered automatically by the energy that you provide this watch is not high-maintenance and will last years.

Improved adjustment in the making of this watch has given this product a Japanese Miyota Movement. So the performance is excellent.

Polished stainless steel is what makes the bezel of this watch so shiny. Also, the crystal sapphire glass protects the watch from scratches and cracks. The watch is made with a leather belt and is quite sophisticated.

A gold dial that has a see-through mechanical window makes this product classier and fun to look at as well as you can see how the watch works without having to flip it over. This model is one of the most popular watches from this brand, and so this can serve as a great gift to any woman.

BUREI Men’s Fashion Minimalist Wrist Watch Analog Date with Stainless Steel Mesh Band

BUREI Men's Fashion Minimalist Wrist Watch Analog Date with Stainless Steel Mesh Band
Best for rough use

Lots of great brands like Fossil and Daniel Wellington are now bringing in watches with mesh bands. The new trend has gotten the world on their toes.

This Burei Mesh watch is a great option to buy. As the watch is very minimalistic and has no bling, you can pair the product with all outfits for any event. This is quite a modern design that people buy and love for versatility.

Besides being great to look at, this one also has a mineral crystal glass that protects from scratches, cracks and increases the longevity of the watch. Mesh watches like these are also waterproof and are great for rough use.

Milanese steel that makes up the mesh is known to be strong. This means that even though the mesh on the watch is quite thin, the belt won’t break or tear easily. Also, as the mesh is a breathable material, you’ll be comfortable throughout the day.

Why Burei Watches

Burei watches are made with modern designs by professionals who have more than 5 years of experience at watchmaking. Everyone on the team, starting from the manufacturer to the polisher, knows what they are doing.

This brand has been delivering watches to customers with honesty and loyalty. Almost everyone who buys a watch from this brand is always satisfied and happy with the product that they have bought.

High-end luxury watches can be quite expensive to buy and also hard to get your hands on due to the limited amount of physical stores worldwide. But when you see that you can buy watches with similar designs and luxury feel at half the price, you’ll definitely want to buy one.

And Burei watches are just that. You’ll see modern, classy, fun, and unique designs that are available to you easily through physical or online stores. The brand has something for everyone to choose from. Both their men’s and women’s collections are given an equal amount of attention and priority.

Timepieces from this brand are truly remarkable. Every watch screams out elegance, sophistication, and luxury without being unreasonably priced.

Things to Look for in a Burei Watch

As we’ve mentioned before, Burei has a lot of options to choose from. Every watch has its own features and benefits. But there are some factors that you need to keep in mind before buying your Burei watch to make sure that you’re happy with your purchase. A few of these are:

Water Resistance

Whether or not you’re around water all day does not matter when deciding for this. You can never predict when you’ll spill something on your watch or when you’ll come in contact with water. So it is better to be safe than sorry and buy a waterproof watch.

Type of Watch Glass

Sapphire crystal or Mineral crystal glasses will protect your watch from scratches and cracks. This will also increase the longevity of your product.

Belt or Strap

There are many options to choose from when it comes to straps. Choose one that fits your style and occasion. For formal wear, you could go for a stainless steel or leather watch, whereas for everyday wear, you could go for the mesh.

Also, remember to always put your comfort first while choosing a strap material. Don’t just prioritize fashion and style.

Type of Movement

Burei offers watches with Japanese automatic and Japanese Miyota automatic movements. Both of these are great at their job and make the product run smoother and longer without needing any maintenance.

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Warranty and Customer Service

If you have any queries regarding the products that Burei carry, you can easily contact them through email. For a quicker response, you can go on to their website and live chat to get any information you want. The brand is quick to help and inform you about all of their products and also guide you to make the best purchase.

After you have placed an order from them, you have the option to track your watch by logging into your Burei account.

Burei also offers warranty for most of their products where they will fix any problems that your watch has that was caused by them. Meaning any faults that the brand makes in your watch will be fixed by them free of cost. Any problems that are caused by you or any other third party won’t be solved by the brand.

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