Top 10 Best containers to make block ice 2022

1. Large Ice Cube Trays with Lids, 2 Pack Silicone Ice Cube Molds Flexible and Easy Release 2 Inches Ice Cube Molds for Whiskey, Cocktails, Baby Food – BPA Free, Stackable Durable, Dishwasher Safe

  • ????【Safe & Nontoxic Material】Made of food-grade silicone, which are certified by LFGB to be BPA free, chemical-free, lead free. Recommend soaking for 15 minutes or longer before first use, then hand wash and dry thoroughly. And you can put the ice cube trays into your dishwasher after use, easy to clean up
  • ????【Quick & Flexible Ice Removal】Each ice cube tray includes 6 cavities, 2 pack in total 12. Flexible non-stick silicone material and independent cube compartment design make it easier to release ice cubes. Simply get ice cubes out by pushing the bottom without bending or twisting. Tray Size: 6.9″ x 4.2″ x 2.1″, cube size: 2″ x 2″ x 2″
  • ????【Stackable & Removable Lids】The ice cube trays come with silicone lids, not only prevents spills, but keeps the contents inside from absorbing freezer odor or taste. The ice trays also stack easily without sticking to each other, helping to keep your freezer neat and organized
  • ????【Easy to Use & Multifunction DIY】Applicable to -22℉ ~ 446℉, soft silicone materials won’t crack or break even after long freezing. This set of silicone ice cube trays is not limited to make ice, it’s also ideal for making all kinds of DIY ice food like ice cream, pudding, jelly and freezing fruit, juice, whisky, cocktail, yogurt, coffee, baby food and more
  • ????【Eco-Friendly & Reduce Waste】These ice cube trays are reusable and washable, helps protect our ground, rivers, and marine life, reduce pollution of disposable plastic and damage to the environment. Also impress your family and friends to use this reusable silicone ice cube trays. reduce use or discard the plastic ice cube trays

2. Souper Cubes 2-Cup Extra-Large Silicone Freezer Tray with lid- 2 pack – makes 4 perfect 2 cup portions – freeze soup, stew, sauce, or meals (2 Cup tray, Aqua color, pack of 2, with lids)

  • Freeze food in perfect portions – Great for larger meal servings, recipes, and meal prep
  • This model has even larger 2 cup / 500 mL compartments
  • Clear tight fitting lid keeps food fresh, prevents freezer odor, facilitates easy stacking
  • Compartments have four fill lines: 1 cup, 2 cup, 250 mL, 500 mL – Each tray makes two 2 cup or 500 mL cubes
  • 100% FDA Food Grade Silicone: BPA Free – Dishwasher Safe – Oven Safe (not the lid)

3. Souper Cubes 1/2-Cup Freezing Tray with lid, makes 6 perfect 1/2 cup portions, freeze pesto, salsa, or sauce

  • Freeze food in perfect portions – Great for sauces like pesto or salsa, side dishes like hummus or desserts like chocolate pudding
  • This model has smaller 1/2 cup / 125 mL compartments to better accommodate lower volume foods
  • Clear tight fitting lid keeps food fresh, prevents freezer odor, facilitates easy stacking, lids are compatible with 1-cup and 2-cup tray
  • Compartments have four fill lines: 1/2 cup, 1/4 cup, 125 mL, 50 mL – Each tray makes six 1/2 cup or 125 mL bars
  • 100% FDA Food Grade Silicone: BPA Free – Dishwasher Safe – Oven Safe (not the lid)
  • Dual use: Freeze and Bake. Trays are oven safe up to 415 degrees F

4. Silicone Ice Cube Tray (Set of 4) by M.Gastro Kitchens, Enough to Make 24 Extra Large Ice Cubes at One Time, Space Saving, 6 Cavity Design (Midnight Blue)

  • CREATE EXTRA-LARGE 2-inch ice cubes that slowly melt, preventing the watering-down effect.
  • LOOKS ELEGANT AND PROFESSIONAL when paired with a square cocktail glass and your favorite whiskey or vodka.
  • CREATE MORE THAN JUST WATER ICE CUBES. Freeze your favorite juice, fill with ice cream to create a fun shape.
  • EASY CLEANING using a sponge and regular soap.
  • TIP OF THE DAY: For the perfect cube, use a 1/3 (80mL) measuring cup to pour the right amount of liquid. Cover with stretch wrap.

5. Stash Silicone Freezing Tray with Lid and Baking Tray – One Large Freezer Tray makes up to 4 cups serving – Freezer Soup Container – Oven Safe, Microwave Safe and BPA Free Silicone Container Tray  

  • HIGH QUALITY AND WELL-MADE SILICONE TRAY – Our premium silicone baking tray and freezing tray is a great way to store leftover or pre-made meals in portions; The oven is safe for baking your favorite cake in pre-cut size serving; Another clever mini muffin pan and loaf bread pan silicone bakeware alternative; A great food storage container with lid to keep your food fresh;
  • CONVENIENT FOR PORTIONED HELPING – This large silicone freezer and bake tray is more than an ice cube tray with lid; It can fill it up to 4 cups; Each silicone trays has ½ cup 1 cup 125mL and 250mL measurement guidelines per segment blocks; An amazing kitchen tool solution for budget and diet-conscious individuals who like to keep their food preparation and servings on track;
  • PRACTICAL AND FUNCTIONAL KITCHEN TOOL – This durable baking tray and freezing tray is microwave oven safe and freezer safe and made of 100% food-grade BPA free material; In addition it is dishwasher safe for easy clean; The tray is covered with a clear silicone lid to keep food fresh and avoid odor in the freezer;
  • FOR BUSY AND ON-THE-GO PEOPLE – Our affordable multipurpose bake tray and freezer tray is an excellent time-saver and your only secret to sauce or soup broth for last-minute meal preparation and desert; A practical planned meal food storage solution for your food preparation;
  • SPACE SAVER and ORGANIZER – Our food freezer tray set has a stackable reliable and sturdy design which is an effective way to keep the fridge and freezer tidy and organized; Our versatile food container may also be used as tray molds or for other storage purposes;

6. Souper Cubes 1-Cup Extra-Large Silicone Freezing Tray with Lid – makes 4 perfect 1cup portions – freeze soup broth or sauce

  • Freeze food in perfect portions – Great for bone broth servings, recipes, meal prep, and portion-controlled meals
  • Each well has four fill lines: ½ cup, 1 cup, 125 mL, 250 mL
  • Clear tight fitting lid maintains freshness and keeps out odors
  • Sturdy steel reinforced construction – Stackable for larger quantities – each tray holds 4 cups or 1000 mL
  • 100% FDA Food Grade Silicone: BPA Free – Dishwasher Safe – Oven Safe (not the lid)
  • Dual Use: Freeze and Bake. Trays are oven safe up to 415 degrees F

7. True Cubes Clear Ice Cube Tray: 4-cube tray

  • Winner of Best Clear Ice Mold as named by America’s Test Kitchen – The True Cubes clear ice cube mold allows you to make perfectly clear ice in any freezer from regular tap water. Simply fill the tray with water and freeze for 18-22 hours to create 4 large 2” x 2” x 2” clear cubes!
  • Ice So Clear It Disappears – By mimicking the freezing process found in nature, True Cubes makes it as easy as turning on the tap to make clear ice cubes. No special gadgets, tools, or additives required!
  • The Official Bartenders’ Choice – Make amazing, bar-quality drinks at home with our easy-to-use clear ice tray. Our ice melts slower, meaning less drink dilution, and the freezing process naturally purifies the ice, delivering superior taste.
  • BPA Free Design – The True Cubes clear ice mold is made from BPA-free silicone and creates the best cocktail ice and whiskey ice, hassle-free!
  • Tested, Proven Purity – Our clear ice cube tray is proven to purify water, removing 98% of TDS and metals. Create amazing cocktails at home and taste only your drink, not the ice!

8. Viski Professional Lewis Bag and Mallet Bartender Kit & Bar Tools Kitchen Accessory 12″, Ice Bag & Mallet

  • MAKE THE PERFECT CRUSHED ICE – Freshly crushed ice can make the difference between a vacation-level cocktail or a diluted mess. Crush ice to order and to your preference, every time, fill up your favorite glasses and mix up your favorite drinks.
  • CRAFT AMAZING COCKTAILS AND REFRESHING DRINKS – You can’t replace crushed with ice with regular cubes, many iconic cocktails and recipes just wouldn’t be the same. Moscow mules, mint juleps, daiquiris, and more all benefit from fresh crushed ice.
  • CANVAS BAG NATURALLY ABSORBS EXCESS WATER TO KEEP ICE CRISP – When you break ice, you also create residual water. But if you crush your ice in a canvas bag, the bag quickly and naturally absorbs this excess water, leaving crisp crushed ice within.
  • ENTERTAIN GUESTS WHILE YOU SHOW OFF YOUR BARTENDING SKILLS – This ice crushing set will make you a better home bartender. It also creates a fun spectacle, and your guests will feel the difference when you hand them a drink with fresh crushed ice.
  • INCLUDES CANVAS BAG AND BEECHWOOD MALLET – Add ice and get to crushing! Easily storable, let the bag dry, and then fold up. Makes a perfect gift for cocktail lovers and amateur or experienced home bartenders.

9. Samuelworld Ice Cube Tray With Lids Large Size Silicone Flexible 8 Cavity Ice Maker for Whiskey and Cocktails or Homemade, Keep Drinks Chilled (2pc/Pack) …

  • With Lids and Most Easy To Use – Just fill with water, soda, herbs, fruits or juice, etc. and just put it into the freezer, you will have perfect ice cube. The lids are help to prevent the odor in the freezer, to keep the ices fresh long.
  • More Ice Cubes- It can make 8×2 big squares under 2 inch at once. Enjoy more drinks.
  • Must Needed For Your Bar And Kitchen- Perfect to chill cocktails, whiskey, tequila, vodka or other drinks with less dilution. And more uses for other homemade, for soup, or flower ice.
  • Safe to Use- Use pure premium food-grade silicone freezer, microwave and top-rack dishwasher safe. BPA free and meeting U.S. FDA standard.
  • 100% Lifetime Guarantee with proof of purchase. we make every order with a complete money back guarantee.

10. Bangp 1-Cup Extra Large Silicone Freezing Tray with Lid,Large Ice Cube Tray,Soup Freezer Container For Soup,Broth,Sauce and Liquid Diets – Makes 4 Perfect 1 Cup Portions | Freeze,Store,Bake,or Cook

  • THE BEST WAY TO FREEZE FOOD:Each compartment of soup freezer container has four fill lines: ½ cup, 1 cup, 125 mL, 250 mL,making portioning simple.With up to 4 cups of food storage,it’s easy to freeze leftover soup,pasta sauce,bone broth,juice,smoothies,porridge, cookie dough,large ice cubes,etc.Great for portion-controlled meals, leftovers, and meal prep.
  • EASY TO RELEASE & CLEAN:Each cube compartment is separate from others and the silicone materials is ultra flexible so that whatever food item you were freezing removes easily – simply push with your fingers from the bottom.Smooth silicone surface makes it easy to clean,dishwasher safe.
  • REUSABLE &FOOD GRADE MATERIAL:Bangp 1-cup freezer trays are made of professional quality food-grade silicone,BPA-free.They are odorless, non-stick,leak-proof,and easy to clean.Our temperature resistant silicone makes them microwave and freezer safe.Great for storing leftovers in the fridge and microwavable for when you are ready to enjoy your meal.
  • EASY STORAGE AND STACKING:This sturdy, stackable design of our food freezer tray helps keep your freezer tidy and organized,saving space.And the steel reinforced rim makes the tray sturdy enough to transport it safely from the kitchen counter to the fridge.The transparent lids allow us to see the food inside freely,lock the fresh and clean.
  • STURDY AND DURABLE:Our freezer containers for food are stable and durable, so no matter how long you store it in the refrigerator, it will not be damaged or cracked due to low temperature.You can reuse it indefinitely,which is better for eliminating plastic and protecting the earth.

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