Best Fitness Watches 2020 (Fitness Tracker)

Planning to go workout daily but can’t find a watch to bring along? Then you may need to learn about the best fitness watches.

These excellent smart devices that go on your wrist will help you not only with knowing the time and measuring your calories – they also offer a lot more. From monitoring your heart rate to tell your location and even receive calls and messages on the go – they offer tons of advantages.

But choosing the ideal model will not be easy. There are hundreds, if not thousands of smartwatches for fitness enthusiasts out there. So, getting a proper device can be more complicated than you expect.

That’s why we want to help you out with our reviews and buying guide. Also, we want you to be totally prepared to get the ideal model depending on what fits better with your lifestyle, needs, and demands.

So, are you ready to tackle this article further and learn about the best fitness smartwatches out there? Then don’t hesitate and scroll down!

Best fitness watches at a glance:

  1. Best OverallFitbit Charge 3
  2. Best for AndroidSamsung Galaxy Fit
  3. Best for iOSApple Watch Series 5
  4. Best Battery LifeLETSCOM Smart Watch
  5. Most AffordableXiaomi Mi Band 4
  6. Best for RunnersGarmin Forerunner 35
  7. Most VersatileFitbit Versa 2

Who Should Buy a Fitness Watch?

Any fitness enthusiast who tackles the road with some running shoes will surely enjoy a fitness watch. That is because these people prefer to keep their heart-rate monitored and want maximum motivation.

But should every fitness enthusiast buy one? Are they the ones who will get the most out of it?

Well, yes.

A fitness smartwatch will mostly help those who struggle to analyze and to organize their workout schedules.

It also works wonders for those who like improving over time and leveling up their fitness aptitudes.

People who can’t eat properly every day, those with awful sleep schedules, and workaholics who can’t seem to get away from work stress typically see these watches as antidotes.

And finally, it is an exceptional device for people who struggle at staying motivated. Thanks to the massive amount of data and set of features – they help even the laziest person get their body moving.

So, who needs a fitness watch? Anyone who wants to enhance their results and get some sense of everything they’re achieving.

And with the chance to stay connected to other people, set more ambitious goals consistently, and enjoy a good-looking accessory – smartwatches are a must-have for almost every fitness enthusiast.

13 Best Fitness Watches Review

We had to pick only a few models to review – and it wasn’t too easy. Luckily, we found top-level models that will surpass your expectations. Want to know more about them? Then read up!

Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker – Best Overall

Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker

Best Overall

If we had to pick the best fitness smartwatch, the Fitbit Charge 3 would be our first choice for sure. And there’s no mistake – this watch is a fantastic tool in every way.

It all starts with a small and comfortable design that fits almost everyone. You can get it in different color options and enjoy a beautiful design all around.

The construction is also waterproof and durable, so you can shower with it, get up to 50 meters underwater, and more.

But the real advantage comes from its tracking system. You can measure calories burned, heart rate, sleep stages, activity trends, and more. And with the Fitbit Today system, you can even get guidance to keep things at the right level.

The battery it comes with can last up to 7 days with a single charge. And it charges in only 2 hours.

Along with the weather apps, the GPS system, high-compatibility via Bluetooth 4.0, and the capacity to receive text and calls – this is a model you don’t want to dismiss.


  • Superb monitoring and tracking system
  • Beautiful appearance in different designs
  • Durable and practical construction
  • Extra-handy GPS and weather apps
  • Highly compatible Bluetooth connectivity


  • The touchscreen can be a little problematic
  • Step count can be way off

Samsung Galaxy Fit – Best Android

Samsung Galaxy Fit

Best for Android

Among the best fitness watches for Android, we found the Galaxy Fit from Samsung. And it was a huge find – this model offers almost everything you could need on a fitness watch and way more.

You can track practically anything, going from the steps you take, the miles you run, the calories you burn, the caffeine you take, the sleep you get, and more. What’s the best of all? It adapts depending on the activity you’re doing – making it even more practical.

To set up the system depending on the activity, you can use the AMOLED touchscreen display. It is a super durable yet easy-to-use system, so you can touch, swipe, and scroll through the different features the watch offers.

And sure enough, the device is super resilient. You can take it to the sea, to the desert, to snowy places, to hot jungles, and more without a problem. Add up the attractive slim design in Silver or Black, and you get a superb device overall.

Let’s not forget it is also highly compatible with all kinds of Android and iOS devices, and it connects directly via Bluetooth with ease. So, you can receive notifications and reply to text and calls – making it even more useful.


  • Multi-purpose monitoring and tracking
  • Durable construction & resilient parts
  • Good-looking and comfortable design
  • High-quality display for ease of use
  • Superb compatibility for extra versatility


  • Low battery life
  • Sleep data system can be faulty

Apple Watch Series 5 – Best for iOS

Apple Watch Series 5

Best for iOS

When it comes to quality and premium-grade features, no other brand offers what Apple does. And with the Series 5 of Apple Watches, you get almost everything you could expect from a fitness watch.

The first thing you need to consider is the built-in GPS. Along with a barometric altimeter and a GLONASS system, you can navigate anywhere you want without losing the sense of where you are.

That’s something that will help you out enormously. But it doesn’t match the swim-proof construction. Using an OLED always-on retina display with Ion-X Strengthened glass and a Sapphire Crystal and Ceramic Back – the watch can stand up to 50 meters underwater and a wide array of scenarios.

Its tracking features are no joke either. You get an electrical heart sensor, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a fall detection feature. Moreover, you can even send emergency SOS signals from the device – making it even more useful.

You will also get a louder speaker, Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi, and up to 18 hours of total battery life. There’s simply no competitor for the quality it offers.


  • Top-notch construction for durability
  • Next-level navigation features
  • Excellent underwater capacity
  • Attractive and responsive display
  • Superb connectivity and tracking


  • Expensive
  • Low battery life

LETSCOM Smart Watch Fitness Tracker – Best Battery

LETSCOM Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

Best Battery Life

Despite being ultra-affordable, this fitness tracker from LETSCOM is one of the most practical models in the list. And it all comes down to its super long-lasting battery.

Yes, boasting a 210mAh battery, this 1.3-inches TFT LCD watch can handle up to 10 days of regular use. But if you don’t tweak it too much, then you may get up to 45 days of stand-by. That’s enough to last an entire month and some more days if you’re not using it too much – which is impressive.

But it doesn’t stop there. You still get 4 different customized displays that you can set up depending on what feels easier for you. Then, you can enjoy the time, date, steps, calories burned, messages, and much more.

You will also get a heart-rate monitor, your sleep quality, distance traveled, etc., and it will set them all together to provide monthly data accordingly.

If all that wasn’t enough, you also get controls for music from your smartphone, call notifications, alarm clocks, breathing guides, wrist sensors, time functionality, sedentary alerts, and much more.

Adding every practical feature it offers, along with the longest battery life in the market, makes it a must-have option for sure. Especially with such a fantastic price – it is a no-brainer.


  • Unbeatable battery life
  • Top-notch tracking features
  • Highly practical music functions
  • Convenient additional apps
  • Good-looking and easy to use display


  • Smartphone connectivity is deficient
  • Lacks navigation systems

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 – Cheap

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Most Affordable

Following the list with the best fitness watches cheap in terms of price, we now meet the Mi Band 4. Considering all its exceptional features and the overall quality – this model is hard to overlook.

It is a small fitness tracker, but it looks sleek on your wrist. You can adjust the band however you prefer, making it fit any person with no problem.

The watch boasts a 0.95-inches AMOLED screen that offers up to 450 nits of total brightness. That’s enough to enjoy proper visibility even under direct sun exposure.

But it is not the display that stands out the most, but its super tracking system. You can enjoy 6 workout modes for different activities, calories burned, steps, distance, as well as a heart-rate monitoring system with alerts and data, plus a superb sleep monitor. It will improve your overall life exponentially.

When it comes to durability, it also manages to provide excellent results. You can submerge it at up to 50 meters with no problem – wherever you are. And with a 135mAh battery – you can expect up to 20 days of stand-by operation despite its low cost.

Considering all its significant features, this is a top-notch device in its entirety. And a model you don’t want to ignore.


  • Ultra-low price for the quality
  • Bright and responsive display
  • Excellent tracking system
  • Practical workout modes
  • Well-made & resilient build


  • Difficult to pair with other devices
  • Sleep tracker can be lousy

Garmin Forerunner 35 – Best Running Fitness Watch

Garmin Forerunner 35

Best for Runners

Do you love running every day? Then you need a smartwatch that makes it more interesting. That’s exactly what the Garmin Forerunner 35 offers.

The main advantage is the GPS system that tracks the distance, speed, and location when running. If you like taking different paths consistently – then you’ll want something as reliable and accurate as this.

Apart from that, you also get the 24/7 heart-rate monitoring system, just like all the best fitness watches for running. But the real advantage comes from its accuracy – providing tons of data that you can totally rely on.

The display it comes with is also fantastic. It is totally visible under the sunlight, thanks to a transflective-in-memory screen – perfect for reflecting light away and increasing visibility. This goes well with its excellent high-resolution system, offering a 0.93-inches screen with smooth operation.

You get different alerts as well, going from running prompts to milestones, push notifications, and even progress of your activities. Along with the chance to hook it up with iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth and using the auto uploads and updates – it gets super handy.

There aren’t many high-end choices like this that enhance your running experience that well.


  • Super reliable and accurate GPS system
  • Terrific display with great responsiveness
  • Fantastic connectivity and features
  • Excellent array of notifications & alerts
  • Top-notch display with handy interface


  • Not the best heart rate monitor
  • The bulky design may feel slightly uncomfortable

Fitbit Versa 2 – Most Versatile

Fitbit Versa 2

Most Versatile

When it comes to fitness trackers, Fitbit offers the most convenient models – and Versa 2 is among the best for sure.

What makes it so versatile is the level of connectivity feature that you get. You can hook it up to enjoy Amazon Alexa, Spotify, Pandora, get push notifications from smartphones, calls, text, and more. With Android, you can even reply via text and voice.

As for the tracking, it offers heart-rate and sleep monitoring, while also tracking steps, calories, activity level, floors climbed, distance, and more.

The display is large enough, so you can see everything with no problem at any time. It is also always-on to make it even easier for you to know what’s happening.

Despite that, the battery life of the device is pretty long. You can get over 6 days of total battery with a single charge.

Last but not least, it comes in beautiful designs that are also comfortable. If you want to boast your smartwatch around without a single touch of discomfort – then you’ll find no better choice. You can even get additional Versa 2 bands and make it look however you prefer – making it even better.


  • Attractive design with changeable bands
  • Hugely comfortable overall
  • Unique compatibility with smartphones
  • Accurate tracking for heart, sleep, and activities
  • Always-visible display and comfortable design


  • Connectivity can be problematic
  • Limited iOS compatibility

Garmin Vívoactive 3

Garmin Vívoactive 3

Setting up the bar a little higher, it is time for the Vivoactive 3 to stand out. Known as the best fitness watch with GPS – it is an excellent choice for tracking your activities.

It will help you set different activities going from strength training to running, dancing, swimming, and more. This goes well with the 15 preloaded sports apps – perfect for enjoying maximum tracking and training aid.

When you add the extra tracking features like VO2 max, age estimates, stress, and heart-rate – then it becomes super helpful.

The watch also lets you save up to 500 songs, so you can use it as a music device. Connect it to earphones via Bluetooth and enjoy your favorite music when working out.

A unique Garmin Pay feature allows you to make instant payment from your watch. You won’t have to carry cards and cash around when working out.

Finally, it boasts a high-quality battery that can last up to 7 days with ease. If you use it consistently with GPS and music – then you can get 5 hours of straight power. That’s a lot for the overall performance it offers.

Considering its polymer construction and its sleek design – it will quickly surpass your expectations.


  • Practical sports apps with workouts
  • High storage capacity for music
  • Straightforward media player
  • Handy GPS & tracking features
  • Unique Garmin Pay for cashless payments


  • Connectivity can be problematic
  • Lower battery life than expected

Fitbit Inspire HR Tracker

Fitbit Inspire HR Tracker

The tracking system of some Fitbit models is just on another level. And the Inspire Tracker is an excellent example of that.

We could go as far as to say that this is the best fitness watch heart rate monitor, thanks to its 24/7 monitoring with huge accuracy. You can track your heart rate when resting as well as during workouts, and even during sleep. Using the SmartTrack system, it does this automatically.

Another considerable advantage is the tracking of steps, hours of activity, calories burned, and distance. And you can enjoy all that for up to 5 days straight, thanks to its excellent battery. You won’t have to charge it for much time either, just 2 hours and it will be 100% again.

As for durability, it comes with an elastomer construction. It is pretty resilient and can handle all kinds of weather conditions. Apart from that, it is water-resistant and submersible at up to 50 meters.

Last but not least, it comes with a pretty effective connectivity system. Using Bluetooth 4.0, you can pair it up with your smartphone and transfer all the data if necessary.

Along with its beautiful set of bands and a comfortable design, it will easily surpass all your expectations.


  • The handy heart-rate tracking system
  • Durable and resilient construction
  • Hugely attractive design and bands
  • Decently comfortable to wear
  • Fast & reliable connectivity


  • Battery life could be better
  • Tricky display and touchscreen

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

The brand, Samsung, never disappoints when it comes to quality portable devices. And this Galaxy Watch is not an exception.

This is one of the most potent smartwatches you can get, boasting an Android OS that makes it super easy to use and convenient. And you can pair it up with Android devices, iOS smartphones, and more.

When you connect it via Bluetooth, it also offers the chance to stream playlists directly from Spotify and even get direct notifications from your phone.

The real advantage, however, comes from its extra-accurate tracking system. It will detect 6 different exercises and track 39 others – so you can have your data ready at all times.

Another benefit is the alert system. Thanks to its heart-rate monitor, it can let you know when your heart rate is too high. And it can also keep you updated as to when it went above average.

Despite all that, the smartwatch is super thin and light to use. You can take it to the swimming pool, sea, or even to harsh outdoor conditions, and it will handle everything well enough. And that comes with an attractive design and wide array of interchangeable bands with tons of colors to pick from.

Lastly, it has a long-lasting battery. You can get days of charge with ease – making it a superb option in its entirety.


  • Highly convenient tracking
  • Wide array of activity modes
  • Top-notch entertainment features
  • Superb durability and appearance
  • Excellent connectivity features


  • Low battery life
  • The touchscreen is not as responsive as expected

Garmin Vívosmart 4

Garmin Vívosmart 4

Small and comfortable, attractive and very practical, plus it helps you track your activity every day with almost perfect accuracy – the Vivosmart 4 is not a fitness watch you want to ignore.

The tracking and health-monitoring features are excellent. You can keep your heart-rate on track, make sure you never stress, and still enjoy a relaxation timer if needed. It even offers a Vo2 max as well as a body battery energy monitor plus much more.

Other features include push notifications for calls and text messages with the chance to reply to Android. There are also activity timers, an advanced sleep monitoring system, and a GPS-tracking if you connect it to your smartphone.

All of that comes with a beautiful design that will match even your most elegant or fashionable clothing. The display is super bright and readable even under direct sunlight. And you can use it on the beach, pool, or shower.

To enjoy it to the max, you just need to pair it up with your smartphone via Bluetooth, and that will be enough. You’re set to rejoice from a superb product all around.


  • Attractive design and colors
  • Comfortable and resilient build
  • Helpful alerts and tracking features
  • Large & handy display
  • Hugely reliable tracking functions


  • Not the best Bluetooth connectivity
  • Confusing interface

Garmin Forerunner 245

Garmin Forerunner 245

One of the most expensive yet convenient models in the market – the Forerunner 245 is designed to meet all your demands with ease.

It is a GPS smartwatch that will help runners and trekkers achieve the best performance, track their data, and never lose their sense of location. You can track ground contact time, vertical ratio, stride length, and more from your running as well – making it a superb running watch to have.

But what makes it truly ideal for runners is the safety and tracking system. It will detect when something happens and send the location to emergency contacts automatically from your smartphone.

Another exceptional feature is the training status. It will let you know whether you’re overtraining or training too little. And it will provide all kinds of performance data accordingly, so you can start training like you need to.

Along with the Garmin Coach, you can create precise workouts, depending on your needs. And you can share data with a community via Garmin Connect.

Last but not least, it comes with several customization features, a 7-day battery, and a Connect IQ store for all kinds of other apps.


  • Unmatched running features and apps
  • Ultra-handy app compatibility
  • Unique workout-aiding system
  • Exceptional GPS quality and functions
  • Comfortable and durable overall


  • Highly expensive
  • A little tricky interface

Fitbit Versa Lite Edition Smart Watch

Fitbit Versa Lite Edition Smart Watch

The Versa Fitbit is one of the best without a doubt – and the Lite Edition is even better. Boasting a larger design than most Fitbit watches, this one is way easier to operate than others.

You can access all kinds of apps like weather, calls, text messages, calendars, alerts, and even sports apps. If you pair it up with an Android phone, you can also reply to messages.

As for exercise, it doesn’t stay behind, either. Using a SmartTrack system, it will track different sports automatically, showing you relevant data to help you improve results. This goes well with the exercise modes, so you can record workouts and get instant and accurate data using your smartphone GPS.

The design is impressive as well. Its slim yet large-enough design makes it super easy to use. Along with a light build made of anodized aluminum with a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 screen, this device delivers the perfect Hi-Res Touchscreen, adding up the 1000 nits of brightness for excellent visuals and tons of resilience.

Sure enough, it tracks your activity the entire day – going from sleep stages to heart rate, and more. And it can last up to 4 days with a single charge. That’s how amazing it is – for a reasonable cost.


  • Long-lasting build with resilient materials
  • Ultra-responsive and large touchscreen
  • Good-looking & comfortable design
  • Decent battery life for the cost
  • Decent tracking and activity features


  • GPS feature is not as useful as expected
  • Syncing with iOS devices can be difficult

Features to Look for Before Buying a Fitness Smartwatch

Now that you’ve read all about the best fitness watches in the market, it is time to learn precisely what you need to look for.

You probably have a decent idea by now, but that’s not enough. So, you’ll need to go over the most critical factors they offer and how you can pick the ideal model accordingly.

Care to learn about this? Then read up:

Size and Display

The first thing you’ll need to consider is the size of the watch, and how much of the display is that.

This is important because, depending on the model you’re getting, you may end up picking something too large, too small, or just perfect for your needs.

For example, most displays are between 0.90-inches and 1.3-inches in size. Bulky designs can be pretty uncomfortable to use, while the smallest ones will be tricky to see through.

So, you need to pick something that fits your needs. As long as it doesn’t feel uncomfortable and you can see everything on display, then that’s the model to go for.

Apart from that, consider the color richness, brightness, and durability. We recommend OLED and AMOLED as the best options.

Remember, the best fitness watches for runners is not the one with the most features, but the one you can take anywhere and use with ease. So, go for practical models over large ones.

Design and Personalization

Once you’re ready with the size and the display quality – then it’s time to consider the band design, the personalization options, and how good-looking it is.

We often recommend smartwatches with comfortable elastomer bands. Those are simply the best overall.

But we also recommend those that are narrow and thin. Thick and wide bands feel bulky and sometimes uncomfortable.

For an even better experience, make sure the band can be interchangeable and offers a wide array of color options. That will make the whole watch even better.

OS and Connectivity

You want a smartwatch that is not only good-looking and comfy to use but also practical. It needs to be totally operational, capable of pairing up with all devices, including iOS and Android phones, as well as provide fast and reliable connections.

As for OS, you will need to choose between Wear OS from Google which is the most common on most Android-compatible devices – and watchOS from Apple.

That’s why we recommend models that you can connect via Bluetooth with any device you want. And with extra features like notifications and replying, all of that comes even more helpful.

Besides, it needs to make data transfer easy. That will make data tracking even more helpful in the long run.

Interface and Controls

Compatibility and OS quality is not enough. You also want something that is easy to use and doesn’t complicate the operation.

That’s why we recommend the most intuitive and easy-to-use models available. Those with a large display, an excellent interface, and straightforward controls will be the most enjoyable to use.

Touchscreens are often super helpful to make the watch more useful. A few buttons on the sides, including one for power, are also essential.

In short, you should look for something easy to use. Touch models are somewhat trickier to use, especially if the display is small. Yet, they are more practical. But physical buttons will never let you down, yet they can be somewhat limited in functionality. A combination of both wins the race.

Tracking and GPS Functions

The best fitness watches with heart rate are easily the most helpful. And if it has GPS and alternative tracking features – then that’s even better.

A heart-rate monitoring system will help you maintain a healthy heart rate level by keeping you updated on ups and downs. And a GPS system will make your navigation easier and improve the overall tracking quality.

Sleep trackers, specific activity monitors, and other health and navigation-related features are totally worth considering. The more things you can track and monitor with your smartwatch, the more fruitful your experience will be.

Apps and Extra Features

A smartwatch doesn’t have to offer tracking features only. You may also enjoy additional applications for sharing data, messaging, calling, playing music, radio, or even just browsing the internet.

All those extra features will not only help you enjoy the watch even more – they will also improve the whole fitness experience.

For some people, playing music is enough, others want to read books on their watch, and some may just need a WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger App to be happy. Whatever you think could improve your experience, that’s a feature to consider – and something that will make the watch better overall.

Battery Life and Durability

The best fitness tracker watch is not only the most practical, with the most features or attractive design. It is also the one with the most durable construction and long-lasting battery.

That’s why we recommend models that can handle at least 3 days of constant use with one single charge. And that will be enough to handle an active lifestyle.

As for durability, make sure your watch can be submerged to at least 25 meters. That ensures a resilient construction that can handle almost everything. You won’t have to worry about where you’re taking the device.

Sure enough, the battery and the resilience of the device will add to its usability. So, don’t overlook them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you’ve surfed through our reviews and buying guides – then you’re almost ready to choose your ideal model. But first, let’s learn what most buyers ask before and after getting a fitness smartwatch:

Should I get a fitness smartwatch or fitness tracker?

Well, there’s a slight difference between both – but overall, a smartwatch is always better. While tracking your health data can be super helpful, nothing compares to the vast array of extra features that a smartwatch offers – including the tracking system itself.

What is the best fitness watch with GPS?

Despite not having the battery life we expected and somewhat deficient connectivity, the Garmin Vívoactive 3 is the best fitness watch with GPS that you can get. It offers everything you need, and a superb GPS system that won’t let you down.

Can I play movies in a fitness smartwatch?

No. There’s still not a fitness watch that can play video. But other smartwatches on the higher-end of the price range can – but they’re not for fitness.

How many years does a fitness smartwatch last?

It all depends on the use and overall quality of the piece. But you can easily get 5 years out of a high-end smartwatch. Cheaper models can last around 2 years

Is getting a fitness smartwatch worth it?

Yes, the ability to track all kinds of health and activity data is something you won’t get with any other device. If you want to improve your physical performance and activity – then one of these is totally worth the investment.

Final Words

Now that you’ve learned almost everything there’s to know about the best fitness watches, it is time you start looking for the ideal model.

If you already have one on your sight, then don’t hesitate. Otherwise, get the most out of our advice and recommendations, so you can eventually make the best choice possible.

You won’t regret getting a fitness smartwatch. It is a fantastic product to have. So, what are you waiting for?