Best Jack Mason Watches Review (Updated, 2023)

Choosing a brand like this one means that you get a high-quality luxury watch, with hundreds of styles to choose from. Be it classy and elegant or fun and youthful; whatever your style is, this brand has got something for you.

On top of that, you also get great customer service and the benefit of getting a replacement in case a faulty product is sent to you.

We can guarantee that this brand won’t let you down, and you’ll be more than happy with what you’ve purchased.

Best Jack Mason watches at a glance:

  • Jack Mason Aviator – Best for everyday use
  • Jack Mason Racing Chronograph – Best for youth
  • Jack Mason Diver – Lasts long
  • Jack Mason Field – Easy readability

About The Brand

Here at Jack Mason’s, people understand what a watch can do to an outfit and how much this one single accessory can elevate your overall look. Therefore, every single watch is crafted to perfection to give you the ultimate luxury experience.

The Texas-based brand is fairly new in the industry but is in no way any less than any older ones.

All of the manufacturers and team members behind this revolutionary brand have more than 50 years of experience with watch craftsmanship. These people are the reason why people trust this brand to be so durable and pronounced.

Jack Mason started delivering aristocrat watches to customers of all ages from 2015. Since then, the company has grown substantially and quickly won people’s hearts.

One thing that separates this brand from the other ones is versatility. No matter what your style is, you’ll find something that suits your taste here. To be more specific, the brand crafts watch around six main types of collections — aviation, heritage, field, nautical, driving, and racing.

Significant attention to detail and great style and design of each of these timepieces makes these watches irresistible. Inspired by some of the marvelous watches throughout history, these are a must-have if you are a watch lover.

Jack Mason Aviator


Made with high-quality brown Italian leather paired with a classy matte black dial, this watch is great for everyday use.

One thing that is impressive about Jack Mason’s watches is how you can use the product in tough conditions without doing much noticeable damage to the timepiece.

The same quality and durability are present in this one. A stainless steel casing is assembled with care and precision never to fall apart and to be water-resistant for up to 100meters.

This 42mm watch is inspired by the classic Pilot’s watches but with the brand’s Texan twist. Swiss Super-LumiNova markings make it easy for you to read the watch in low lighting and elevate the clarity level.

Quite easy release pins allow you to detach the straps to pair the product with any other Jack Mason 42mm strap. A Miyota 2315 movement feature also makes this watch smother than the others.

Jack Mason Racing Chronograph


If watches that scream out fun, high-spirit, and youth are your things, you’re going to love this one. The fresh, easy, and multifunctional watch is made for the thrill-seeking people out there.

A perforated leather strap surrounds the 316L stainless steel dial. This classic black strapped watch can be paired with any outfit and will definitely up your dressing and accessorizing game.

With tachymeter markings on the outer side of the watch and two chronographs, one 60 minute and one 24 hours subdials, this is the watch for people on the go.

You can play around with this watch to make it your own. Watches like this are a hit amongst all and can be great for any kind of sporting event. Miyota OS21 movement and luminescent markers and hands also make this piece a must-buy. The definitive racing and sporty vibe that this one gives off will catch everyone’s eye.

Jack Mason Diver


This handy and easy to use watch can be a great addition to your watch collection.

Jack Mason Diver watches do not fall short when sturdiness, ergonomic factors, and functionality is considered.

A straight to the point and forward diver style makes this watch both cool and classy at the same time. Made with solid stainless steel and ceramic bezel, this watch will last you years before you find a scratch on it.

The 42mm watch is made with a whole steel case and band, which is designed to stay strong in any situation. Factors like having a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal ceramic bezel that can rotate and is unidirectional and also a screw-down crown make this one of the best watches in the market.

With that, this one also has classic Jack Mason features such as luminescent hour markers and hands and a Miyota movement technology.

Jack Mason Field


Field watches from this brand are made with military-grade precision. By buying this version of the watch, you’ll be supporting the US army with the vintage homage to the authentic army design.

As the watch is made to be military-grade, the Swiss Super-LumiNova markings and hands are made to work in even tougher low light conditions to give you easy readability.

The dial is a classic stainless steel case that is resistant to damage from water. You get a mineral crystal and an average-sized square second subdial. This watch is different from most of the other ones from the brand as the product is made with an Epson VL57A movement.

A feature like this is great for when you’re constantly moving, keeping busy and active. Although this version comes with a leather strap, you can swap the strap with a nylon one.

Their Warranty and Customer Service

Taking care of your watch and maintaining the timepiece is important. However, sometimes things do get out of control, and accidents can happen. For situations like this, you can rely on the Jack Mason customer service.

Although not free of charge, the brand can fit any problems that you face with the watch at a small cost of $50. All costs regarding the repairs are informed to you before any action is taken. Repairs will only be made after the company gets approval from you to start working at the set charge.

Getting watches repaired from the brand itself is always going to be a smarter idea as the brand knows what’s going on better than any other third party. Taking your timepiece to someone who is not a professional or experienced with the brand and model of watch you’re taking to repair can cause more damage than good.

Always remember that no brand is going to take responsibility for damages caused by third parties. So rather than causing irreparable damage to your watch, it’s better to take the product to the brand itself for any kind of maintenance.

Now, what if the damage caused to your watch wasn’t your fault, and you received a faulty product? Well, Jack Mason’s has you covered in this situation as well.

If you receive a faulty product, you can easily contact the brand through physical stores, email, or even their hotline number. After inspecting the product, if it is found that the actual fault is in the craftsmanship or product manufacturing, the brand will replace your watch in no time.

There is no guarantee that you will receive the same model of the watch you initially bought as a replacement. This will depend on the availability of the model at that given time.

If, in a circumstance, the company does not have the model of watch that you want to be replaced, you will be given a product that has equal monetary value and is of a similar style.

Jack Mason values every customer equally and takes all possible actions to satisfy you and deliver the best timepiece.

Things to Look for in a Jack Mason Watch

Watches are something that defines one’s taste and uniqueness. So everyone has their definition of what a good watch is. But here are some points that you could keep in mind while buying a Jack Mason watch so that you don’t regret your purchase.

The Material of the Watch

This is one of the prime factors that you need to consider while buying any timepiece. There are lots of options available, starting from rubber, leather to stainless steel. What material you choose should depend on the weather conditions you are going to be using the watch in and also the regularity of use.

Jack Mason watches are known to be durable in almost all conditions. But we would not recommend buying a leather watch from them if you’re exposed to a lot of water contact.

Kind of Movement

This depends on taste and preference. You can choose from a lot of options, such as a Miyota or Epson. Good moving parts will make the watch more accurate and smooth.

Type of Glass

Most good quality watches are made with a sapphire glass. This is one of the options you can choose while purchasing a Jack Mason watch. These glasses are made to be scratch-resistant, and they’re also impossible to crack open

Water Resistance

Even if you’re someone who doesn’t need to move around water or do any activities that induce sweat, getting a waterproof watch is always a good idea. You never know when a splash of water might hit your watch. So it’s better to always stay protected.


Buying separate watches for all kinds of occasions can be expensive and unnecessary. We recommend that you get a watch dial that has interchangeable straps. So you can change up your look whenever you want according to your convenience.

Choose between different colors and materials as well to give some variety to your accessories. This brand gives you a lot of options and styles to choose from when purchasing single straps.

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