Best Bulova Marine Star Review (Updated, 2023)

My Bulova Marine Star review will definitely help you make a solid decision purchasing the perfect watch.

Bulova is an exceptional product. It provides outstanding durability as well as longevity that you would expect from your watches. In addition to long-lasting factors, the watches have a sleek and sophisticated touch. And, these are guaranteed to complement both casual as well as classy and sophisticated looks.

Furthermore, this brand is not only for men. There are tons of exquisite collections for women, which includes different designs and colors. And, all the watches from the company have remarkable attributes. Thus, making the Bulova Marine Star one of the best watch companies in the country.

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Best bulova marine star watches at a glance:

  • Best stylish watch – Bulova Dress Watch
  • Everyday watch – Bulova Men’s Automatic Strap Watch
  • Best water resistance – Bulova Precisionist Stainless Steel Watch
  • Best gift watch – Bulova Women’s Swarovski Crystal Watch

Bulova is a complex yet glorious piece of art, and before you jump into purchasing it, there are certain things that you need to know. First and foremost, why should one opt for this brand?

The company has been around for almost 23-years and was first founded by Joseph Bulova. It assures you an exquisite watch and one of their main attractions is the Bulova Marine. And, in this article, we shall be thoroughly discussing why one should opt for the Marine star watch.

Furthermore, we shall be elaborately scrutinizing all the features to give you a clear view of why you should have this masterpiece in your watch collection.

It contains all the information regarding the design, durability, style, and so much. All these to show you why it is one of the big leagues!

If you are wondering why to opt for the Marine watch, then this section should give a firm answer to your question.


To many people, a watch is just a tool that tells you time. However, for some, it is a form of elegance that upholds their class as well as fashion sense.

The company has numerous options, starting from silhouettes to leather to metal. And, all these are available in the most attractive and stunning designs, constructions, features, and so much more. And, the durability of the watches is off the charts.


All their watches are made of durable steel, or high-grain leather, or the top-notch raw material that ensures the look as well as the longevity that you would expect from Bulova.

Has Attractive Features

Furthermore, each of their watches contains numerous features like Quartz movement, damage resistance crystal, stainless steel, a number of dials, etc. All of these are guaranteed to raise your interest in the watches much more. Plus, all these come in various colors and styles, which make the brand an exceptional choice.

Lastly, if you are looking for a high-quality, multi-tasking, and stylish watch at an affordable range, then this marine watch is a great choice.

Men’s Watch

Best Among All

If you are looking for a more masculine set of watches, this brand is an ideal choice. The USA made watches are on the top of the league because of their exceptional durability, style, and longevity.

First of all, let us talk about the sleek build of the watches. The smooth and glossy finish on each watch makes them one of a kind and a must-have for all those watch-collectors. And, the marine watches are capable of perfectly complementing a casual look as well as those sophisticated looks.

Durability of the watches makes them stand out from other watches. Its dent-proof, waterproof, rustproof structure gives it the longevity and durability to last for decades.

Plus, a men’s watch should give off the aura of masculinity and elegance. And, this watch is superiorly capable of doing that. In addition to all that, most of the watches from this brand can work perfectly at high depths of 100 meters (though this height varies).

There are numerous dial options to choose from. Starting from a single dial, which is quite simple yet has an elegant touch to the 3-4 dial options. Each of the dials has different options like a dial for a second, one for a minute. There could also be a dial or mechanism to tell you the date.

Besides, you get to enjoy all these at the most affordable price, and in the most attractive colors that you could ask for.

Women’s Watch

Bulova Women's 96L116 Swarovski Crystal Stainless Steel Watch
Best Among All

Bulova is not a brand that only produces men’s watches. It also boasts one of the best collections for women. This brand is known for its amazing watches with superb durability, as well as longevity. And when you add a feminine touch to them, the watch is one of the best watches for women in the market.

What do women like? Gold! And, just for women, the company has come up with watches that have exclusive designs and are made with gold, including rose-gold. And, these colors come in a wide variety of designs and styles, including steel, leather, and rubber watches.

Furthermore, the durability of the women’s watch is also exceptional. Like the men’s watch, the women’s watches are made of top-notch material. These assure you to provide you the remarkable durability that you look for in your watches.

And, you get them in a size that is preferable just for you. You see, women’s watches tend to be narrower and slightly smaller in size. And, the manufacturers did this to allow all women to comfortably wear the Bulova. In addition to all that, there are numerous designs and colors to choose from.

With all these, the women’s watches are lighter but have a dent-proof, rustproof, waterproof construction. These enhance the durability further, and all these attributes are available in all kinds of designs and colors. Thus, enabling you to pick the watch that suits your fashion the most.

Things to Look for in a Bulova Marine Watch

Here are the things you should look for.


These watches come in various different styles and designs, and it is necessary that you choose the one that suits you the best. They come in sleek stainless steel design as well as a rubber strap. There are more options like chronograph, bangle, quartz, automatic, and so many options to choose from.


The next thing you need to check is the dials. You could go for a simple yet classy single dial or 3-4 dials, each having a different purpose. And, it is necessary that you choose which one you are more comfortable with.


After that comes the color of the watches and, it comes in a wide variety. For steel, there are gold, silver, grey, black, etc. And, you get similar vast options with leather, rubber, etc. Therefore, we assure you that you are guaranteed to find “the one” you are looking for in Bulova collections.


Two more features that your watch should have are durability and longevity. Now, these watches are made of top-notch materials that are both robust and stylish. Hence, it ensures that your watch lasts for a very long-time.

Other Aspects

Also, there are few other traits that your watch should have like water-resistance, dent-proof and damage proof glass, and smooth locking mechanism.

Lastly, check for the gender on the watches. Yes, watches also have genders! Bulova has specific watches for men and women. And, before you pick any watch from the company, be sure to choose the one that is friendly to your gender.

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Their Warranty and Customer Service

The brand is highly confident in its products and has an exceptional warranty system just to back their confidence. Hence, the makers have come up with a staggering 3-year global warranty. Meaning, if you end up facing any type of unfortunate mishap regarding the watch, you can easily get it fixed.

But, what if you are in a different country and your Bulova marine faces some sort of problems there. Well, the global warranty has your back there as well. The warranty lets you avail of any type of aid in all corners of the world as long as there is an outlet of the company there (including instant replacements).

And, the customer service is off the charts as well! They have given a hotline that lets you avail of their service 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Meaning you can always ask for their assistance in case you see some problems regarding your watch.

Furthermore, each of their executives is very well-behaved and highly educated. So, when you are reaching out for their help, you can expect extremely professional behavior with a touch of humility and respect.

And, all the executives know the watches properly and should be able to provide you the required pieces of information. So, call the company and experience a customer service that you have never experienced.

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