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Frederique Constant is a fairly new addition to the world of watch lovers. In their significantly short life, it’s truly amazing how big of an impact the company has managed to make. Their swiss watches are competing strongly against the giant brands that are much older!

The reason the Frederique watches are incredibly popular and picked over other established brands is all thanks to their impressive and luxurious Swiss watches. Best of all, you won’t have to break your bank to own one of their amazing timepieces.

This brand’s success allowed them to expand their horizon by buying other brands like Alpina. However, the company itself was bought by one of the giants of the watch world, Citizen. This has allowed them to produce even more top-grade products.

Frederique Constant first came into the spotlight after they introduced the first iteration of their innovative collection, the Heart Beat. These models of the watches boasted an aesthetic feature where the user could easily see the internal complications through the aperture window placed in the dial.

The company has been producing no-nonsense timepieces with top-notch features and the signature classic Swiss design. Right now, it’s one of the leading luxury Swiss watch brands. Their consistency in providing finely crafted models that make others jealous has enabled them to reach the peak of success.

Currently, they offer a wide variety of models through their extensive collections. Each collection offers uniqueness and versatility. Thanks to them, you’d get a luxurious watch without paying a luxurious price!

Frederique Constant Watch Collection Reviews

Here, we’ll review the watches that we think would be ideal for you.

Classic Collection

Frederique Constant Classics Date and Day Collection Watches
Best Among All Classic Collection

As the name suggests, the Classic Collection offers the classic design of the glorious past. The models that enrich the collection are refined and elegant in design that goes amazingly well with your formal attire. If you feel like it, you can even match it up with your casual dresses as well!

These timepieces are superbly reliable and durable. The engineers at Frederique used their skills and technology to make every watch within the collection exemplary.

The classic collection’s ability to maintain the strictures of Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship has made it a favorite among the watch connoisseurs. They are easily distinguished by their unique round, rectangular or oval shape that resonates with an aura of class.

Other features of this collection include jeweled bezels, Roman numerals, hollow hands, traditional complexity, and the beautiful guilloches. They are offered at various prices ranging from hundreds to thousands. If you decide to get one, you’re sure to receive tons of compliments.

Manufacture Collection

Frederique Constant Men's FC-710V4S4 Slimline Manufacture Analog Display Automatic Self Wind Brown Watch
Best Among All Manufacture Collection

The Manufacturing Collection is the collection of some of the greatest Switch watch models. Every watch in this collection boasts the manufacture tourbillon movement that sets it apart from the other models.

Thanks to the silicium escapement wheel and the anchors, these watches are astoundingly precise and accurate. The wheel moves with ultra-smoothness by resolving the gravity issues and the problems caused by the change in temperature. This specialized movement also allows the watches to be wonderfully lightweight.

Most of the watches in this collection are available in stainless steel or rose-gold. They all sport impressive designs with a classic touch. Many of them are equipped with perpetual calendar complications that accurately display days, dates, and months.

Moreover, the 42mm diameter cases are often fitted with stunning, skeletonized dials that enhance the elegance of the watches. These watches are classic and yet, at the same time, highly technical.

Ladies Automatic Collection

Frederique Constant Women's Ladies Stainless Steel Automatic-self-Wind Watch
Best Among All Ladies Automatic Collection

Additionally, The company has recently introduced a collection of refined watches solely for the ladies. They are easily recognizable by their case size and strap designs.

The 36mm two-part round cases are suitable for the delicate hands of the ladies. They are lightweight enough to not put any strains on their wrists.

FC offers two versions of the lady’s watches, each with different colors. The brand’s signature Heartbeat design can be seen in one of the models. However, the other is a full-dial version. You’d notice a distinctive feminine style all over the case.

The Ladies Automatic are crafted in 18k rose-gold plated steel. However, the cheaper options are offered in non-coated stainless steel. For color variations, the timepieces come in four different and tasteful color renditions.

Each of the Heart Beat models is powered by Frederique Constant’s iconic in-house caliber FC-310 automatic movement along with 38 hours of reserved power. The full-dial models are powered by FC-303 automatic movements. These movements allow the product to be impressively accurate.

So, even ladies can walk around in style with a classic Frederique watch!

Runabout Collection

Frederique Constant Runabout Automatic Collection Watches
Best Among All Runabout Collection

The Runabout collection features a collection of luxurious watches that were inspired by the 1920s Italian Riva boats. Each of these timepieces was designed to retain the beauty and the timeless elegance of those vintage powerboats.

This collection offers watches with 42mm stainless steel or rose-gold plated cases. These cases are specially polished to reminisce about the glistening beauty of the Riva boats. The watches are protected by a convex sapphire crystal.

The dials are fitted with the brand’s classic hobnail pattern and central guilloche. You’d find it pretty easy to read the Arabic numerals and other details. Each of the Runabout models is powered using a 26-jewel FC-303 automatic caliber. The movement’s well-protected from water so you can take it out on boat rides!

One major characteristic of this collection is that the products are equipped with the engraving of the Riva Historical Flag. The automatic mechanism is easily visible thanks to the sapphire see-through case on the back. You’d find it comfortable to wear as the straps are made with the finest leathers.

Slimline Collection

Frederique Constant Slimline Small Seconds Ladies Collection Watches
Best Among All Slimline Collection

The Slimline Collection is designed for those who enjoy lightweight and comfort. With first-grade quality and pure lines, this one has managed to become an iconic collection over the years.

Offered in 40mm case and polished stainless steel or luxurious rose gold plate, the aesthetic models are capable of taking your fashion game to the next level! Through the dial aperture at 12’ o’clock, you’d be able to catch a glimpse of the beautiful internal mechanism. This feature makes it incredibly eye-catching!

These timepieces are one of the thinnest and lightest models offered on the market. For powering these stylish watches, the FC-312 caliber is used, which is one of the slenderest in the category.

The sleek models are mostly fitted with alligator straps with different color renditions. You’d be able to rock any party hard and impress your friends and colleagues with the Slimline Collection!

Moonphase Collection

Best Among All Moonphase Collection

If you’re an admirer of remarkable craftsmanship, the Moonphase Collection will surely impress you.

Each of the models is crafted in-house with extensive works. These beautiful timepieces are the result of skilled watchmakers who put both time and effort to craft them. The fantastically engraved dials with guilloche decorations inside polished and lustrous cases are guaranteed to make people fall in love with them.

These watches are offered in gleaming stainless steel and lustrous rose gold. Combine this with the see-through back case, and you get yourself an excellent product that looks soothing to the eye. One unique feature is that all of these models display the Moonphase.

Featuring the FC-705, the self-winding movement, the timekeepers are astoundingly efficient in keeping time and dates!

Horological Collection

Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch Collection Watches
Best Among All Horological Collection

The Horological Collection is designed for those who want the elegance and aristocracies of the classic Swiss watches and the smart technology at the same time.

You’d get all the modern smartwatch features from the models of the Horological Collection. However, they still retain their analog display, unlike most smartwatches.

These luxury timepieces connect to your smartphones through an application. Once connected, you’d be able to control the watch’s features using your smartphone.

You can track your activity, monitor your sleeping, text your friends, or even call them using these watches. They are fitted with a battery that will last for at least two long years.

With the ability to strike the perfect balance between the beauty of classic watches and the technology of Silicon Valley, the Horological collection is indeed ingenious!

Their Warranty and Customer Service

All of the Frederique Constant watches come with 2 years of warranty. This represents how much faith the manufacturer has in their products. The company will replace any defective component for free.

The warranty is international. This means you can claim your warranty from anywhere in the world as long as you’ve purchased it from an authorized retailer.

Claiming your warranty is extremely easy as well. You can request it online via their website or ask for repair or replacement from their retailers. They are astoundingly quick to resolve any issue. The company will return your watch back to its working condition within a very short period of time.

As for their customer service, you’re sure to be impressed by their unmatched professionalism. They handle every issue with extreme efficiency. You’d find their services to be available 24/7, so they’re always ready to help you out.

Things to Look for in a Frederique Watch

Although Frederique watches are impressive in all perspectives, not all the models will match your taste or needs. So, it’d be wise to take a look at certain features and qualities before buying one.

Build Quality

Your Frederique watch should be built with the most durable materials. The use of stainless steel makes the watch capable of resisting a lot of wear. It should be well-equipped to be water-resistant as well.

Although most of the Frederique watches are constructed with the finest materials and offer protection from water, you should still carefully check everything.


Just like most watches, Frederique Constant timepieces are powered through two ways – mechanical and quartz.

Now, you might have heard of both manual and automatic movements. They are actually a part of the mechanical movement. Lots of mechanical parts like gears and springs make the watch move and keep track of the time.

Mechanical movement watches do not require any battery to be powered up. It’s preferred by most of the watch connoisseurs who value the craftsmanship involved in creating this movement.

On the other hand, quartz watches that draw power from batteries offer more accuracy in performance. They accurately tell the time as long as the battery has life in it. When the battery runs out, you’d have to replace it with another. However, it takes quite a long time for watch batteries to run out, which is highly convenient.


One of the reasons that drive you toward picking luxurious watches is that they add an aesthetic look. Swiss watches have that classic beauty in them that has a way of impressing everyone. Frederique Constant Watches offer different styles and features through their multiple collections of products.

So, if you’re planning to get a Frederique watch, you’d have a lot of amazing options to choose from. Make sure to pick one that goes along with your fashion sense.


Your watch shouldn’t be uncomfortable to wear. If it’s designed smartly and made with high-quality materials, you won’t feel any discomfort at all. Frederique watches are easy on your wrists, so they would not make you feel scratchy or pull at your skin.

However, you should get a lightweight and well-fitting model if you want your watch to be the most comfortable one to wear.


Frederique Constant offers both extremely expensive and relatively affordable models. The pricier ones boast more features and incredibly beautiful designs. However, the cheaper ones still manage to retain the luxuriousness that you find only in the most expensive models.

So, it all comes down to your budget and willingness to spend.

Bottom Line

Frederique Constant crafts wonderful timepieces undoubtedly. You’re sure to be impressed by both the quality and design offered by the brand. The best thing about the Frederique watches is that you can get your hands on remarkably luxurious Swiss watches without having to spend a fortune.

From numerous options, you can feel free to opt for any of these watches as long as they meet your budget and taste.

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