Best Heritor Watches Review (Updated, 2023)

Along with the biggest brands like Casio, Stahlbergh, Timex, and Seiko – you will also find Heritor. And with our Heritor watches review, you’ll learn precisely why they’re so big.

Yes, you may have never heard of them – and it is understandable. It is a new brand that delivers classic-style watches– focusing on timeless designs for people who long-lasting models.

The watches are superb in many ways, and they don’t cost as much as others. And the best of all, they’re recently new – so you may not see other people wearing them.

There’s a lot more about this brand to know. Want to find out about it with our help? Then come in!

Why Heritor Watches?

The first thing you may be asking yourself is, “Why should I consider a Heritor watch over any other brand?” And it is not a bad question. In fact, it is totally understandable.

Well, here are a few reasons why a Heritor watch may come like a perfect choice:

Quality Materials

Every Heritor watch comes with high-grade steel construction, high-end bezels, and Italian leather. This combination ensures you get not only a durable and resilient watch but also a good-looking device.

The best of all, most of them are impact-resistant and waterproof. So you won’t have much to worry about.

Impressive Designs

Using the highest-quality materials also delivers a huge advantage: they look fantastic. But that still doesn’t count the immense hours designers and engineers put into making gorgeous looks.

They boast the craftsmanship or hand-made watches, taking inspiration in classical designs, and delivering timeless products that can be transferred from generation to generation.

Mid-Range Costs

Last but not least, all Heritor watches are well-priced. Despite having superb construction and boasting uniquely beautiful designs – they still manage to stay in the mid-range of prices.

You won’t have to spend a fortune on getting one of these. And you still get the quality and appearance to make them worth having.

Things to Look for in a Heritor Watch

While Heritor watches are excellent products overall – you may still want to know how to tell them apart. Well, you’ll have to learn about their main features and how they may differ.

Case and Bezel

First, you will find that most Heritor watches are made of stainless steel. But models come with gold, diamond, sapphire, and other materials coated on the case or bezel.

While the main build is almost the same in all of them, the finish will not. So make sure the model you go for fits what you want in terms of colors and coatings.

Display and Crystal

The display, in contrast, will change a lot depending on the model. Some boast intrinsic design with engraved diamonds or gold, others look simple just like any other watch, while others may offer slightly complex designs.

Also, the watches may provide different things like the data, day of the week, and single time zone dials. Some dials are engraved, others are skeleton, a few of them semi-skeleton or texture-pattern, and so on.

The shape may also change, going from circular to oval, squared, rectangular, and so on. And the size may go anywhere from 30mm to 50mm, depending on the model.

As for the crystal, most of them boast mineral build. And that’s enough to get a clear view of the display.

Band and Buckles

All Heritor watches boast leather bands. This leather comes from Italy and delivers exceptional results in both appearance and durability.

As for the buckles, you should get something that feels comfortable and adjusts enough for your wrist. The comfier and more adjustable the band, the better it is.

Best Heritor Watches Reviews

After learning about Heritor’s advantages and the different factors to think about when buying – then it’s time to start looking for the right model. Here are a few watches with their own reviews to consider:

Heritor Automatic Frederick Black Leather Watch

Heritor Automatic Frederick Black Leather Watch

With a rectangle shape and a 32mm display – the Heritor Frederick comes like a perfect choice for anyone who wants elegant styles.

It boasts a black leather band with a strap buckle at 230mm, long enough to fit any wrist. And with such style, it works for a wide array of fashion styles – especially business and work attires.

The display is simple, with a fixed bezel on a silver-polished stainless steel case. It looks pretty good, especially with the sapphire-coated mineral crystal and engraved dial. You can submerge this watch at up to 50 meters with no problem.

Furthermore, the dials consist of an analog type and a single-time zones dial. There’s also a sub-dial for the seconds, for extra convenience. They are pretty useful and responsive, especially with the jewel bearings and chinese-automatic movement system.


  • Elegant style with rectangle display
  • Engraved dials for time, time zones, and seconds
  • Beautiful silver-polished stainless steel case
  • Ultra-clear sapphire-coated crystal
  • Comfortable and good-looking black strap


  • Rectangular shape may be hard to read
  • Shiny case scratches easily

Heritor Automatic Carter Black Leather Watch

Heritor Automatic Carter Black Leather Watch

If you want a flashy watch, then the Heritor Automatic Carter is your way to go.

This is a 42mm watch with a gold-brushed steel case. The display is circular and boasts a fixed bezel that looks amazing on a goldish tone. Internally, you’ll see a super enticing skeleton dial, adding a gorgeous touch. Along with the sapphire-coated mineral crystal, it looks outstanding every time.

The dials are for analog hours and single time zones. You will also get small engraved numbers for convenience. These dials are powered by 22 jewel bearings.

Lastly, you get the genuine leather band in a strong black tone. At 202mm long, it can fit even the largest of wrists with ease.


  • Super attractive gold case and bezel
  • Excellent skeleton dial for beauty
  • Clear crystal with sapphire coating
  • Easy-to-read time dial with minutes
  • Long and enticing black strap


  • The shiny design doesn’t fit with all clothing
  • Somewhat expensive

Heritor Automatic Piccard Brown/Rose Gold-Tone Leather Watch

Heritor Automatic Piccard Brown or Rose Gold-Tone Leather Watch

The Piccard’s model is a slightly simpler model than others, yet still one of the most enticing in appearance.

It boasts a brown leather band with a strap buckle at 227mm of length. That’s enough to fit any person with ease.

Along with the 44mm rose, gold brushed stainless steel case, you can expect a beautiful model all around. With its circle display with a fixed bezel, it stands out in both appearance and style.

The dial is semi-skeleton, delivering an attractive design that combines the best of the watch interior and a simple display.

What will truly set it apart from others is the number of dials, offering the date and day, the hours, minutes, and seconds.


  • The gold-brushed case looks amazing
  • Circle shape at 44mm for extra visibility
  • Super-long buckle at 227mm
  • Semi-skeleton dial look neat
  • The wide array of dials for extra convenience


  • The strap may feel a little stiff
  • Brushed bezel gets dirty fast

Heritor Automatic Ganzi Black/Silver Leather Band Watch

Heritor Automatic Ganzi Black or Silver Leather Band Watch

A semi-skeleton dial never disappoints in appearance, and that’s why the Heritor Ganzi is such an excellent choice.

You get a black leather strap made with crocodile-embossed design. Along with a logo-engraved steel clasp, the watch looks fantastic.

Yet, the real advantage comes from the 44mm diameter circular case, made of stainless steel with an enamel color-tipped crown. You can pull and push the crown and operate the watch accordingly.

As for the dials, you get the hour and minutes, as well as the days and months. Engraved over the semi-skeleton dial with beautiful color choices – this watch is set to surpass your expectations.


  • Uniquely attractive semi-skeleton dial
  • Gives the day, months, hour and minutes
  • Comfy and good-looking black strap
  • Neat and shiny circular stainless steel case
  • Color-tipped crown with push/pull design for operation


  • The leather strap feels brittle
  • Months dial needs to be manually set

Heritor Automatic Hoyt Black/Rose Gold Leather Band Watch

Heritor Automatic Hoyt Black or Rose Gold Leather Band Watch

Probably the simplest of the bunch – the Heritor Hoyt is still a good-looking and decently practical model to have.

You will get a 44mm diameter circular shape with a stainless steel case. This case looks goldish, with a dark tone that looks amazing with elegant attires.

The main advantage, however, comes from the textured-pattern dial. While simple, it comes with dials for the calendar, chronograph, and hours/seconds. That’s enough to enjoy its practical and easy-to-read design. Add the sapphire-coated crystal for maximum clearness.

As for the strap, you get the crocodile-embossed with a logo-engraved steel clasp. Together they make a good-looking product all around.


  • Beautiful yet straightforward case and bezel
  • The simple texture-pattern dial design
  • Good-looking crocodile-embossed black strap
  • Boasts dials for days and minutes
  • The goldish tone looks neat


  • Not reliable waterproof build
  • Steel case scratches easily

Their Warranty and Customer Service

Despite being a new brand with little time in the market, the customer service from Heritor is not bad. You get a personalized service if you contact them directly. But you can also find instructions depending on the watch you have – so you can get even better help.

Apart from that, all watches boast a 2-year warranty. This includes anything related to the movement or its gears and the case. The rest of the watch parts, such as the strap, buckles, crystal, or finish, do not enter into the warranty.

Overall, there’s not much to worry about. With secure customer service and a decent warranty, Heritor watches are set to surpass your expectations.

Bottom Line

So, did you like our Heritor watches review? There are tons of other models to consider as well, so don’t overlook the many different things this brand offers.

What’s sure after reading this article is that you want one of these watches. So don’t waste more of your time and pick the one that looks, feels, and works better for your needs. You won’t regret it!

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