dean karnazas – ultramarathon man

“The functionality is unsurpassed, especially the high-performance playlists. It basically listens to your body, puts on those tunes that'll get you going and going.”

outdoor running

MOTOACTV tracks your pace, distance, speed and elevation with GPS precision during your outdoor runs. See your route on a full color map as you run or check it out after. Your data automatically uploads to MOTOACTV’s online Training Portal via your Wi-Fi connection or phone app. Nice.

indoor running

MOTOACTV’s internal accelerometer tracks your pace and distance while you run indoors on a treadmill or track. See your metrics while you run or after. Your data automatically uploads to MOTOACTV’s online Training Portal via your Wi-Fi connection. It also stores all your runs so you can see your progress over time. For greater accuracy, you can calibrate your MOTOACTV to your specific pace.

Challenge Yourself, Your Friends, the World!

Motivate yourself toward new personal bests! With just a few swipes on the screen, you can set targets for distance, time and even calories burned. MOTOACTV will track your performance and tell you how you’re doing. And in the MOTOACTV Training Portal you can join a competition or create your own to challenge friends or anyone in the MOTOACTV community. Game on!

heart rate monitor

Heart rate training improves your run and your overall fitness. You can customize your own heart rate zones or take a fit test and let MOTOACTV specify your target heart rate zones for you. Track your ticker throughout your run and chart it to see progress over time. MOTOACTV works with ANT+ and BLE compatible heart rate sensors.

Your Progress – See it, Hear it

Let MOTOACTV verbally give you updates or you can easily see your progress by tapping on your screen. The tap function is designed so you don’t skip a beat or miss your stride, and even works on the coldest days when you’re wearing gloves.

high-performance playlist

Your favorite tunes help keep your stride going strong. MOTOACTV knows what you like to hear because it uses your running metrics to build a playlist designed to keep your feet moving. For an instant blast of energy, hit it with a one-touch Fit song.

battery saver

MOTOACTV has three battery saver modes: normal, extended and marathon. Marathon mode gives you a whopping nine full hours of outdoor running time. With three modes, you’re covered whether you’re training for a local fun run or the ultimate marathon.

audio coaching

Move it, move it, move it! The built-in audio coach is like having your own personal trainer to keep you going strong. Your coach updates you on valuable details like your pace, calories burned, and split times, and even provides fitness tips like “stay hydrated” and “exhale fully”. Nice!