Chris Carmichael – sports coach

“Now you can get out there and challenge yourself. You can be inspired to do your very best.”

training plans

Need an action plan? MOTOACTV’s Training Portal offers Chris Carmichael’s running and cycling plans—FREE. Whether you’re a novice preparing for your first 5k or a seasoned competitor, the plans can help you take your performance to new heights. Define targets for each stage of any activity including target heart rate, time, pace, distance. Customize your interval training and more! From warm-up to cool down and everything in between, plan it, do it, track it – better.

fit test

Get to your personal best more quickly with a personalized training plan. MOTOACTV uses fit tests to evaluate where you are right now. Simply train as hard as you can for eight minutes and MOTOACTV will use your metrics to determine your heart rate, pace and power training ranges (Requires ANT+ or BLE compatible heart rate monitor). Go for it!

Heart Rate Zone Training

Heart rate training pushes you to work at your max intensities – making you stronger, faster and leaner. MOTOACTV zones correspond to your body’s capabilities beginning with Zone 1 (light aerobic pace) and peaking with Zone 5 (intense pace). As you move up through each zone, your body will work harder boosting your performance and helping you burn calories faster.

audio coach

You can do it! The built-in audio coach is like having your own personal trainer to keep you moving and grooving. Your coach updates you on valuable details like your pace, calories burned, and split times, and even provides fitness tips like “stay hydrated” and “exhale fully”. Nice!