outdoor cycling

Whether you’re on flat asphalt, slick rock or punishing climbs MOTOACTV stays with you all the way-- tracking your distance, speed, location and elevation with GPS precision. See your route on a full color map while you’re in the saddle or review it after you finish. Your data automatically uploads to MOTOACTV’s online Training Portal via your Wi-Fi connection. Cool.

bike sensors and power meters

MOTOACTV works with ANT+ and BLE compatible bike sensors and power meters (sold separately) to track your speed, cadence and wattage. Pair multiple sensors at the same time. Set up takes mere seconds. Once sensors are paired, MOTOACTV remembers them. Smart.

Challenge Yourself, Your Friends, the World!

Get into high gear! Set targets for distance, time and even calories burned. MOTOACTV will track it and keep you motivated while you ride. With a few swipes on the touchscreen you’re on your way to setting and breaking your goals. And in the MOTOACTV Training Portal you can join a competition or create your own to challenge your friends or anyone in the MOTOACTV community. Game on!

bike profiles

Get super accurate metrics. Select from a number of bike styles including road, touring and triathlon to determine weight and tire size. The presets make setting up profiles simple and you can create profiles for as many bikes as you like.

battery saver

MOTOACTV has three battery saver modes: normal, extended and marathon. With three settings, you’re covered whether you’re training for a century or peddling through the park. Hard core riders will appreciate the nine full hours of ride time in “marathon” mode. Ride on!

Your High Performance Playlist

Your favorite high-energy tunes help you put the pedal to heavy metal (or whatever music inspires you). MOTOACTV knows what you like to hear because it uses your cycling metrics to create a playlist of songs designed to move you forward faster. Need to dig deeper against the wind? Your one-touch Fit song can feel like drafting!

Heart Rate Monitor

Heart rate training can improve your ride and your fitness level. You can customize your own heart rate zones or take a fit test and let MOTOACTV specify your target heart rate zones for you. Track your ticker throughout your ride and chart it to see progress over time. MOTOACTV works with ANT+ and BLE compatible heart rate sensors.