Danielle Dupree – lifetime fitness trainer

“MOTOACTV uses your metrics to create your high performance playlist. When I feel a little sluggish, it will play the songs I need to hear.”

indoor activity tracking

MOTOACTV’s Accusense™ tracks your pace, distance and calories burned for indoor activities such as running, elliptical and step machines—all without the use of GPS or foot pods. Take your workout data home with you on your device and it will be automatically uploaded to MOTOACTV’s Training Portal via your Wi-Fi connection. For greater accuracy, you can calibrate MOTOACTV to your specific pace.

custom activities

Track stats such as calories burned and distance covered for over 40 custom activities like dance, weight lifting, yoga, soccer and martial arts right on your device and online at the MOTOACTV Training Portal. Nice!

multi-activity training

Spice it up with variety. Plan your own training routines by combining multiple activities at the MOTOACTV Training Portal. Define targets for each stage of any activity including target heart rate, time, pace, distance. MOTOACTV will tell you when you’re within targets and when it’s time to switch. Sweet!

heart rate monitor

Get fitter faster with heart rate zone training! You can customize your own heart rate zones or take a fit test and let MOTOACTV specify your target heart rate zones. Track your heart rate throughout your workout and chart it to see progress over time. MOTOACTV works with ANT+ and BLE compatible heart rate sensors.

stop watch and timer

Use MOTOACTV as a countdown timer or as a stop watch with lap designation, conveniently measuring your performance right from your wrist.

your high-performance playlist

Your favorite tunes help keep you going strong throughout your workout. MOTOACTV knows what you like to hear because it uses your workout metrics to build your ultimate playlist. Need an extra blast for a strong finish? Play a Fit song and soar to the end!