Android Central logo ‟It’s small, light, and built like a tank. There’s no doubts Motorola built the MOTOACTV to be just that, and it’ll hang with you no matter the terrain, every step of the way. The web portal is well thought out, too, and really adds something to the experience.”

Chip Chick logo ‟It’s not the typical product that you would expect to see coming out of Motorola, but for fitness buffs, the new MOTOACTV has plenty of appeal.”

DC Rainmaker logo ‟Without question – Motorola just moved the bar. Rather, they kicked the crap out of the bar. This device makes most all of the other sport watches on the market look instantly antiquated.”

Everyday Health logo ‟The really cool thing about MOTOACTV is that it’s an MP3 player that plots your favorite songs against your performance. It knows what songs you run or bike best to and then when you see the finish line in sight you hit your power tune and really kick it out.” logo ‟Having walked and run with the MOTOACTV watch I can tell you the watch GPS function is so accurate it will knock your running   sneakers off.”

Healthy Strides logo ‟I think the sync feature might be my favorite. Once you end your workout and walk in your house, with a few finger strokes, you can sync your workout via a wifi connection. The information is uploaded to your MOTOACTV profile, where you can look at splits, route and other features.”