Best Infantry Watches Review (Updated, 2023)

The Infantry company is the result of the passion and dedication of a handful of creative individuals who wanted to offer premium and cost-friendly timepieces.

With this noble goal, the company started producing watches with the finest materials and excellent craftsmanship back in 2010.

This relatively new watch company managed to capture a large portion of the market within only a couple of years. It was only possible because of their outstanding budget-friendly watches, the military-inspired design, and the fantastic customer service.

Infantry watches boast unique and stunning designs. They look attractive, classy, and elegant, so they’re sure to enhance your fashion game. With an Infantry timepiece, you can make yourself appear debonair! Best of all, you can pull the stylish look for a price that is so cheap it’d almost feel like a steal!

As mentioned before, the company values quality. So, if you decide to get an infantry watch, you wouldn’t just get a beautiful piece. Your stunning watch would be highly reliable and durable too! As a result, it won’t get damaged too soon, like the other cheap and trashy products on the market.

So, you can feel free to go for an Infantry watch if you want the best value for your money!

Things to Look for in an Infantry Watch

The company offers a wide variety of models that look different from each other. Their functionality and features can also vary from one another. So, if you want to get your money’s worth, you’d have to consider a couple of things before buying.

Power Sources

Infantry watches are either powered by automatic movement or the quartz movement. The automatic mechanical movement offers the convenience of never having to replace the batteries because they don’t use batteries.

The watches with this movement self-wind themselves by making use of the energy drawn from the motion of the user’s wrists. So, if you leave it unused for some time, the watch will stop working.

To bring it back to life, you’d have to reset the timepiece and wear it on your wrist. It’ll start working as soon as it detects motion.

On the other hand, the quartz movement generates power by utilizing a battery. So, watches equipped with this movement runs on battery. They are comparatively more precise and accurate than the automatic movement watches.


Durability is a major thing to consider when you’re buying a wristwatch. That’s because it would really suck to end up with a product that starts malfunctioning too soon. So, your preferred watch should be engineered with top-grade materials.

Infantry watches are designed with only high-quality materials, so they are extremely durable. However, it would benefit you to check everything before buying.


The watch that you’re planning to purchase should be comfortable enough to wear. If it gives you pain, then there is something wrong with that model. The case and the strap should rest on your wrist comfortably. Naturally, you won’t be able to enjoy the elegance of the watch if it’s too uncomfortable to put on.

All of the Infantry watches that we’ve reviewed are incredibly comfortable to wear so you can feel free to opt for any of them.

Additional Features

The inclusion of extra features turns your watch into something more than a simple timekeeper. Some allow you to check days, months, and years, and some go to the extra length by offering a barometer, altimeter, thermometer, etc. They make the watches even more convenient. So, consider the features before you buy one.

5 Infantry Watches Review

Here is the list of the very best Infantry watches. We tested them all out to separate these five models.

INFANTRY Men’s Waterproof Military Tactical Field Watch


The first Infantry watch to grace our list is a timepiece that looks simple and elegant. With its premium design, you’d be impressing a lot of people!

This heavy-duty military-style model is astoundingly durable. All the components are made with top-grade materials and fitted tightly with each-other. The case is constructed with high-quality aluminum that makes it wear-resistant, and the glass is designed to resist scratches.

And the watch features protection from water. So, it won’t get damaged upon getting soaked. As a result, you can feel free to take keep it on your wrist when you’re swimming or walking under rain.

Thanks to the Japanese quartz movement, the product keeps track of time with significant accuracy. This one will never fail to show the correct time whenever and wherever!

Moreover, the large numerals make it extremely easy to read. Besides showing the time, the timepiece also shows a multilingual date and day calendar. You’d enjoy maximum comfort aided by the stylish nylon strap.

INFANTRY Big Face Military Tactical Watch for Men


We’ve got another military-grade timepiece that provides exemplary performance in showing time. This one’s completed with multiple features that makes it more than your average watch.

And this completely black watch looks incredibly awesome and super cool. When you put this on, you’d feel a rush of confidence swaying over your entire body!

Go big with this model’s big and heavy-duty 46mm face. The use of stainless steel in the construction of the case makes this watch amazingly durable. Never worry about getting scratches on the glass as it’s capable of resisting scraping.

This unit sports protection from water splashes and hard washes. However, you shouldn’t take it swimming! For extra convenience, the machine boasts a dual time display that is powered by the innovative dual-precision analog-digital movement.

Besides being an excellent watch, this timepiece also provides extra features like stopwatch, backlight, alarm, etc.

INFANTRY MDC Men’s Minimalist Ultra-Thin Leather Watch


With a rather sleek design, this Infantry watch has managed to impress a lot of watch connoisseurs. If you like comfort and simplicity, this one can be the best choice for you.

The first thing that would draw your attention is this model’s remarkable minimalist design. You wouldn’t find any numeric scale inside the face. In fact, the face barely has anything inside it except the absolutely necessary dials and watch hands. This allows the watch to sport a unique appearance.

Another great thing about this unit is its incredibly thin design. The 40mm case is only 0.26” thin, and the watch band’s only 0.07” thin. You wouldn’t find this ultra-thin design in other models easily. Its comfortability is on point thanks to the soft and flexible Milanese mesh stainless steel band.

This one’s equipped with a precise Japanese Quartz movement, making it capable of always showing the exact time!

MDC Women’s Minimalist Ultra-Thin Leather Watch


We’ve got the perfect Infantry watch that is designed for the females to end our reviews. This one looks incredibly gorgeous and aesthetic, so you can go out in style whenever you put this on your wrist!

The pure white marble face makes it appear elegant. And the beauty is further enhanced by the unique minimalist design. This model is specially designed to fit the small and delicate wrists of the females, so the case is slimmer than the average ones, with a diameter of 36mm.

Besides, it’s considerably thinner and lighter than the others, weighing only 1.3 ounces. Combined with the stylish white soft leather strap, this timepiece is very comfortable to wear! You’d never get the wrong time as a high-quality, precise Japanese quartz movement keeps it running.

Warranty and Customer Service

The Infantry company offers one year of warranty with all of their watches. So, if your timepiece starts to malfunction or show flaws within the warranty period, the company will take full responsibility for them. If you claim warranty, they will replace everything or fix them without asking for any money.

Users of the Infantry watches are well aware of their first-rate customer service. They are very quick to respond to your calls or messages and even quicker at fixing your problems. You’d find their services to be available all day and night.

They are extremely efficient at resolving warranty related issues so you’d get your defective components replaced or fixed within a short period of time.

Bottom Line

There is no reason to doubt the quality of the Infantry watches. Not many brands can offer the quality and performance at an affordable price like the Infantry company. With eye-catching designs, incredible durability and cheap price rates, you can’t possibly go wrong with an Infantry watch!

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