Megir Watches Review (Updated, 2023)

Want a cheap and reliable watch that doesn’t disappoint? Then you’re probably looking for a Megir watch.

As a brand that started selling timepieces back in 1997 – it has a lot to offer. Yet, it is not like other brands out there.

That’s why we needed to make a Megir watches review, so you could understand what this brand offers and how you can get the most out of it.

If you’re eager to learn everything about this brand – then we recommend taking a step further. Scroll down and learn!

Why Megir Watches?

Before you learn specific things about this brand, we want you to understand why it is such a great choice. Here are a few reasons why Megir watches won’t let you down.

Super Cheap

The first thing you’ll learn about Megir is how cheap its watches are.

You’ll find that the watches boast Japanese quartz, plastic bands, and stainless steel cases. Despite all that, they’re super affordable. You can get a Megir watch that looks, feels, and works well for less than half of other low-range brands.

Wide Array of Designs

While they’re affordable like no other brand, the watches still manage to be good-looking and boast different designs for all purposes.

You will find watches with army, pilot, professional, sports, dress, racing, and many other styles. And they all look neat and just like any high-end model – but with the lower-quality build.

Sure enough, you can pick different colors on most models as well, making them even more attractive.

Reliable Build and Features

Even though the watches are cheap and come in intrinsic designs, they’re still reliable.

The quartz movements will last a lifetime. Thanks to the plastic quality of the straps, you won’t have to change them for long. And because their crystals and cases are made from real glass and stainless steel – they still manage to handle most impacts.

You won’t have to worry that much – even for their price.

Things to Look for in a Megir Watch

Most of the models you’ll find will be pretty different from others. Even when they come from the same brand, Megir watches will vary enormously in many ways. Here are some things you may need to be aware of:

Style and Colors

When it comes to style, you’ll find that some watches are ideal for business purposes, others are perfect for sports, and some have a more casual appearance. This all changes the overall focus of the watch, including the design and the colors.

Most of these designs come in various tones as well. Some will offer black and blue, red and white, and green with silver, etc. You must pick whatever color you prefer depending on its design.

Features and Mechanism

Some Megir watches will come with a chronograph, others will not. You may also find a few of them with days/months and different ways to display hours. And in some cases, you may find unique features like a stopwatch, luminous display settings, and more.

Remember that most of these watches come with a Quartz mechanism that lasts a lot of time.

Build and Materials

Another essential feature to think about would be the construction and the materials used in it. Here, we recommend going for steel or alloy in the case, PU leather or metal in the strap, and clear crystals.

They may vary a lot in build, so be sure you’re getting something resilient and comfy before making your final choice.

Best Megir Watches Reviews

Now we’re ready to start reading some more about the watches. Remember, there are tons of different things to choose from – so it’s critical you go for the watch that best matches your needs. Without much further to say – here are the reviews you wanted:

MEGIR ML2103 Business Work Analogue Quartz Wrist Watch

MEGIR ML2103 Business Work Analogue Quartz Wrist Watch

A business watch is never a bad choice – especially when it comes to such an enticing design like the ML2103 offers.

You get a stainless steel strap with a buckle strap. It feels comfortable and prevents corrosion/rust. This goes well with the alloy case of the same black color – making it super sleek at first look.

The display boasts a Hardlex dial window. Every dial is clear and looks fantastic. You get the time, a calendar with day and months, a chronograph, and a stopwatch. Of course, you can’t leave the night light behind – for watching the time in dark areas.

Finally, it boasts durable stainless steel back cover. This keeps it together and provides a slight splash resistance.


  • Multiple dials for extra convenience
  • Hardlex display for quality and readability
  • Extra-comfy stainless steel strap with buckle
  • Durable alloy case with steel back cover
  • Top-notch color options: black, gold, and silver


  • Not waterproof construction
  • Crowns and settings are not always responsive

MEGIR N2053 Sports Analogue Army Military Watch

MEGIR N2053 Sports Analogue Army Military Watch

For those who prefer a sporty look, the N2053 will come like a perfect addition to their accessories.

It boasts the same Hardlex wear-resistant crystal. The visibility it offers is outstanding, yet it manages to be decently durable and resilient. It can also resist water splashes, rain, and other mild moist environments.

Considering the durability, you may add the alloy case construction with the stainless steel back cover. Yet, it all comes down to the soft yet durable silicone strap – adding the extra touch of resilience to the piece.

As for what you can find on display, there’s the time, a calendar date, and a chronograph.


  • Good-looking, sporty design in black and blue options
  • Durable Hardlex crystal for resilience and clearness
  • Can stand water splashes and rain
  • Well-made alloy case with steel back cover
  • Comfy silicone strap with adjustable design


  • The small strap makes it difficult to adjust
  • Case and display scratch easily

MEGIR ML2061 Analogue Army Military Chronograph Watch

MEGIR ML2061 Analogue Army Military Chronograph Watch

Boasting a combination of a classic squared watch with military touches, the ML2061 is one of the most exciting options in the list.

Megir desired to use the Quartz movement system that provides super-accurate time. This works well with the 3 sub-dials for the chronograph, calendar, and stopwatch.

The case is made of alloy, and it boasts a Hardlex dial window. Together, they ensure a 3ATM water-resistant build that stands splashes and other moisty situations.

Last but not least, you get a black leather wristband. Along with a classic buckle, it feels comfortable and handy to adjust.


  • Accurate Quartz mechanism and dial
  • Excellent sub-dials for convenience
  • Long-lasting Hardlex display with alloy case
  • Good-looking squared design with military-style
  • Comfy and adjustable black leather wristband


  • The night-light feature is not available
  • The big squared case can be a little uncomfortable

MEGIR ML1010 Analog Casual Fashion Watch

MEGIR ML1010 Analog Casual Fashion Watch

Among the most exciting designs from Megir, the ML1010 comes pretty close among the best. And it is not a mistake – it looks terrific.

You get a unique casual design with some fashion touches that make it stand out. Along with a PU strap with a lined design, you can be sure it looks superb.

The watch still comes with the Hardlex dial window. This time, it is a totally circular shape with an alloy case with shiny silver color. The interior can be either white or black.

As for the dials, you get the standard time and calendar. And sure enough, it doesn’t disappoint with a luminous watch – so you can see the time in dark places.


  • Gorgeous circular design with lined strap
  • PU strap offers comfort and durability
  • Hardlex dial window ensures visibility
  • The luminous design provides low-light time
  • Practical crown for easy time adjustments


  • Lacks the chronograph dial
  • Flimsy construction

MEGIR MS2018 Stainless Steel Business Military Wristwatch

MEGIR MS2018 Stainless Steel Business Military Wristwatch

The true business watch – it’s the MS2018 from Megir. Coming with a classical squared style without leaving behind a formal tone, it looks neat in every way.

You get a silver band and case color that shines. The stainless steel band is also durable, along with the alloy material in the case.

Moreover, you still get the dressy tone, especially with a mineral crystal window for extra clarity. Boasting dials for chronograph, stopwatch, and calendar – it is also utterly functional.

Lastly, you get a luminous function for the time in dark places, and a shock-resistant build that also withstands splashes and rain. You can get it with the display in either black or white.


  • Attractive design with shiny silver in band and case
  • Quality build with alloy case and steel strap
  • Decently functional with multiple sub dials
  • The luminous setting for night visibility
  • Shock-resistant and splash-resistant


  • Silver finish scratches easily
  • Steel band feels a little rough on the skin

Megir ML2015 Army Sport Brown Leather Wrist Watch

Megir ML2015 Army Sport Brown Leather Wrist Watch

Want something sporty, casual, and still utterly fashionable? Then the ML2015 will match your needs completely.

This is an attractive design with mineral glass and a leather strap. Together, they ensure the casual look. Yet, it is the shiny alloy case with stainless steel that looks so sporty – making it a little fashionable at the same time.

It still manages to be super-resilient, with a 30-meter underwater capacity despite its cost.

Last but not least, you get a functional model overall. It boasts a calendar sub-dial, as well as quartz movement that last year. And with the luminous hands-glow system, it shines in the dark.


  • Gorgeous design with leather strap
  • Resilient case with alloy and steel build
  • Withstands 30 meters underwater
  • Handy calendar and night-light functions
  • Reliable Quartz mechanism for the time


  • The leather strap feels stiff
  • Not easy to adjust when needed

Their Warranty and Customer Service

All Megir watches come with a 6-month warranty. Within this time, your watch may suffer any defect from the manufacturing – which could make it eligible for a refund or return.

Of course, you can only receive a refund within the first 30 days of receiving the order. Otherwise, you may only receive a partial refund.

As for customer service, Megir seems reliable and well-mannered. Despite being cheap watches that stand out for their prices, you can still receive a reasonably good treat from the brand. And that’s worth considering.

Bottom Line

If you’ve reached this far, it means you’re genuinely interested in what these watches offer. So don’t hesitate and pick your watch now.

Use our Megir watches review as a guide so that you can get the ideal model for your needs. Then, you can enjoy a cheap yet reliable watch to boast around. You won’t regret it!

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