Best Original Grain Review (Updated, 2022)

This honest Original Grain review will help you identify perfect watch among all the collections.

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It always gets harder to pick one from all the types of watches available in the market, not knowing which one would fit better to your wrist.

As perplexing as finding a good watch is, if your bet is on uniqueness, Original Grain watches are the types you should go for. Without any second thought, you can opt for any from the array of quality and uniquely designed watches.

Original Grain is not likely to dissatisfy you. Also, the prices of the watches are very reasonable, so you won’t have to see your wallet going empty at all!

Here we have the important factors that might make you become interested in buying an Original Grain watch:


So, as long as the style is your main concern just like everybody else, Original Grain is a brand that ticks all the boxes. If uniqueness is the standard of qualification, Original Grain watches make it to the top.

You surely do want your wristwatch to be noticed by your colleagues or relatives and trust me, they will admire your choice if an Original Grain watch happens to sit on your wrist.

The blend of wood into stainless steel makes the timepieces look sleeker and stylish. You can feel the vibe of a refined forest with a glance at the stellar looks of the wooden structures.

Environment-Friendly Initiative

You know what? For every watch you buy, a tree gets planted in Senegal! Yup, that’s because Original Grain has partnered with Trees For the Future to help the environment.

A portion of the money also goes to several African countries to feed impoverished families. So, with buying a new Original Grain watch, you are not only getting a dashing timepiece but also making a positive impact on nature and in the world.

Alterra Chrono Collection

Best among all Chrono Collection

The Alterra Chrono collection strikes the perfect balance between style and functionality. Each of the watches in this series is exceptional and adds artistic integrity to the collection. Any admirer of quality watches will be impressed by the elegant and classy designs.

Moreover, the use of the finest woods in the construction of these timepieces injects a hint of history and refinement that you can’t find in other watches. The Alterra Chrono watches are, just as you guessed it from the name, full-fledged chronographs with stopwatches and timers.

So, they are far more than simple watches. They never fail to show the correct time as they are equipped with five hand Japanese quartz movements.

These watches feature rather large 44mm watch heads that allow them to include lots of larger and clearer details. Besides, the craftsmen are given more room to apply their creativity and come up with even more beautiful designs.

Barrel Collection

Best among all Barrel Collection

The barrel collection appears to be one of the unique innovations of Original Grain, with its exclusive watches made from American Oak. The wood is reclaimed from old American Whiskey Barrels and hardwoods.

Every piece of this certain wood has different sets of patterns in terms of grain, and don’t forget the versatile colors they all come with.

All of the watches are crafted by hand and completed in many traditional steps and techniques. Thereby, just like the old days, these products are actually built to last for so long.

Also, the dials of these watches are dual-layered, and the face flashes out light really well. The glasses are crystalized and scratch-resistant, so you can just use it without being worried about any damage.

Classic Collection

Best among all Classic Collection

Just as the name says, the classic collection of Original Grain consists of watches that will undoubtedly be admired and deemed classic by anyone who sees it for the first time. The name is so for a definite reason. And the watches of this collection have everything that a classic watch should have.

The timepieces come with the famous Original Grain unique woods at the center and the front of the face. And the colors of these watches will astonish you the moment you take a stare at them.

Each of the watches of this collection feature a dial so simple yet sophisticated, with roman numerals at four quadrants. At 3 o’clock, you can see a date window which is elegant in look.

And the body of the dial is scratch-resistant, so it will look as sleek as new even after many days of use.

Minimalist Collection

Best among all Minimalist Collection

Are you the type of person who loves simplicity all around? A wristwatch with too busy and sophisticated a design doesn’t sound like your match? No worries! Original Grain has you covered too! The minimalist collection consists of timepieces exactly as you want it to be – all simple and sleek!

The face of these watches features a dial comprising of easy-looking rectangular hour marks, with no numbers or big fonts on it. There are an hour hand and a minute hand, simply designed to rotate. You won’t find any hand for seconds in this collection.

Instead of bracelets made of wood blend into steel, watches of this collection rather come with leather straps in simple and classy colors just so as you can match them with minimalistic dresses. The watches of this collection are perfect for the people who love plainness along with style.

Koa Collection

Best among all Koa Collection

The Koa Stonewashed Collection is one of the most elegant series of all Original Grain watches. These watches are exclusively prepared with Koa sourced from the Hawaiian Islands. The Koa wood used in these watches is rich in hues, and the grain patterns feature a wide variety.

Every watch of this collection is covered by a stonewashed metal finishing, which adds more classiness to the outlook. The bands are compact and perfect sized, so anyone with any size of hand will fit for the watches.

Moreover, the watches from this collection feature wood sealed by Koa Chrono that makes it highly water-resistant. Right! You can dive right into the water without having to think about your wristwatch.

Avalon Collection

Best among all Avalon Collection

The Avalon series consists of watches that are exclusively designed for women. They are just as gorgeous as any other Original Grain model. These watches go with all types of attires. The refined and tasteful appearance of these timepieces will help you to appear classy and cultured!

All of these models are equipped with slim 34mm cases. This is to ensure that they fit the wrists of the women perfectly. They are available in different straps that are soft, durable, and comfortable to wear.

Ash wood, wine barrel wood, zebrawood, etc. are used to build these watches. Each piece of the types of wood offers a discrete attribute, making them unique from each other.

Most of these watches feature the Japanese Miyota quartz movement that performs incredibly well in keeping them powered up and showing precise times. The best thing about this collection is that these timepieces are highly affordable, so you can grab a luxurious piece without breaking a hole in your wallet!

Warranty and Customer Service

The warranty and customer service are two aspects of Original Grain that will make you fall in love with the brand. Almost all of the products come with 1 year of warranty at least, with some special collections being given with 2 years of warranty.

If the watch you buy is found out to be defective, you can have it replaced or repair according to situations. Both the 2 and 1 year(s) warranty will cover problems with watch hands, watch movement, dial, battery, and date box.

About the return policy, if you are for somewhat reason dissatisfied with your delivered product, you can return it back within 14 days after delivery and be refunded back your money. Sounds great, right? However, you are supposed to not take the watch out of protective plastic in that case.

Things to Look for in an Original Grain Watch

Look out for these things while buying an Original Grain watch.

Originality and Uniqueness

If you are looking to buy a new watch and you hit the search, you are likely to get flooded with hundreds, if not thousands, of choices. Most of the watches you will see will have the same cliché outlooks, with no exception to their styles or designs.

Even you may find many of the renowned brands to have their watches manufactured from the same place.

Well, such is not the case if you are talking about Original Grain. The company is built upon the idea of bringing uniqueness and originality to watches. And the combination of stainless steel and reclaimed wood will draw anyone’s gaze at the watches as the elements are perfectly shaped, portioned, and colored.

A Time Teller

Of all the Original Grain watches, every type of wooden pieces that is being used has a different story to itself. Some wood you will find out to be from Old Kentucky Bourbon Barrels, some from Yankee Stadium Retired Seats, or straight from the retired military ammo crates.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? No two watches will be the same.


When a watch gets wrapped around your wrist and stays on for hours, even sometimes the whole day, the last thing you expect from it is getting discomfort. You don’t want your watch to tickle, bother, or restrain your hand movement. The watch should feel as cozy as if it weren’t there.

Original Grain watches will nicely fit your wrist and give you the optimal comfort wherever you go with it.


If you are getting yourself a nice watch, you never want to run out of its life so early. For your money, durability is a major concern when you’re choosing a watch. The good news for you is that the Original Grain watches are so long-lasting and user-friendly that you won’t have to go to a watch shop in ages afterwards.

The sustainable build and elements used in the watches make the products super durable, and even after years of use, they will look almost new to anyone.

Now let’s take a look at the famous collections of Original Grain that will make you want to order one right away!

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