Seiko Sary057 Review (Updated, 2023)

Few things are more rewarding than getting a high-quality watch for an affordable cost. And with the Seiko Presage series – that’s precisely what you get.

We want to make this Seiko SARY057 review because this watch is something you can’t miss. Thanks to the unique Seiko craftsmanship, gorgeous design, and superb functions – this watch stands up there among the best of its kind.

Seiko Sary057 Review

But there’s a lot more to it than that. This watch is unique in many ways, more than just its design and build. And that’s what we want to talk about in this article.

Care to learn what we have to say about it?

Why Seiko SARY057?

There are many reasons why Seiko watches are worth having – starting from how reliable they are. But there’s also a little more to consider – especially when it comes to the SARY057 model. Here are some of these reasons:

Beautiful Appearance

Want to bring a hugely attractive timepiece on your wrist that looks both enticing and super serious? That’s what the Seiko Presage series offers.

You’ll be blasted with Seiko’s craftsmanship and fine detail-oriented eye. From the dial with silver-tone hands and markers to the stainless steel build that shines – it all delivers an outstanding look.

Well-Made and Resilient

You probably want a timepiece that can handle the test of time as well as difficult situations. Well, the Seiko Presage SARY057 won’t let you down in that regard either.

The whole build with stainless steel from the bracelet to the case, as well as a high-quality sapphire crystal and a scratch-resistant finish all around make it one of the most reliable watches out there.

Let’s not forget it can also stand up to 100 meters underwater. That’s just amazing.

Great Cost for the Quality

Despite being a one-in-a-million watch that looks superb and offers exceptional durability – the SARY057 still manages to be affordable.

You won’t have to empty your bank account to get this watch on your wrist. Instead, you can enjoy it for a few hundred bucks – and it will make you look better and still last a lifetime on your arm.

Things to Look for in a Seiko SARY057 Watch

While most Seiko watches stand out for their resilience, they also offer a wide array of other benefits. However, you must consider a few specific things if you want to enjoy a Seiko to its full potential. Here are some of these things:

Quality Build

The first thing to think about when considering the Seiko SARY057 is whether you’re getting something that truly matches your demands.

Remember, Seiko watches are in the mid-range of watches – so they are resilient but not ultra-durable like other models. So you must consider how you’re going to use the watch beforehand.

Because the Seiko SARY057 boasts a stainless steel build that may get scratched easily, you won’t have the best experience for sports and extreme activities like hiking or climbing. Yet, it is still resilient enough to handle most other activities – including diving.

Practical Dial

While the dial of other Seiko watches may offer a full chronograph functionality, including alarms, stopwatches, and even compasses – the SARY057 does not.

So you may enjoy it to the max if you want a more casual model instead of a hugely practical one. Yet, this one still manages to offer the Day/Date function so that you can be more aware of the calendar accordingly.

Comfort and Fit

Finally, remember that Seiko watches are mid-range and often come with the best construction to match the price/quality ratio. So, while they will stand tons of years of use and surpass expectations in performance, you may still feel like the Seiko Sary 057 is not comfortable enough.

Features of Seiko Sary057

Knowing about the best things about the watch won’t be enough to be convinced. That’s why we’re also showing you its main features:

Movement: Seiko 4R36 Caliber Automatic (Hackable and Windable)

Case: Fine-Brushed Finish Stainless Steel

Dial: Black with Silver Marks / Time – Day/Date

Crystal: Scratch-Resistant Hardlex Sapphire

Band: Stainless Steel with Push-Button Clasp

Size: 41mm diameter by 12mm thick

Weight: 5.61 ounces

Water Resistance: 100 meters

Case and Bracelet

Seiko Sary057 Case

The first thing you’ll notice when taking a look at this watch will be the shiny stainless steel construction overall.

From the bezel around the sapphire crystal to the polished stainless steel– this model shines all around.

Seiko Sary057 Bracelet

That’s something most people love, and usually the most enticing part of most watches. Along with a 41mm size with its circular shape and a total thickness of only 12mm – you can enjoy how beautiful yet simple it looks.

Lastly, don’t forget you get a clasp closing system. That secures the watch on your wrist, so you can do practically anything, and it won’t get off.

Dial and Display

Seiko Sary057 Display

Probably the most enjoyable feature the whole watch offers is its high-end dial.

The legibility on this dial is superb. You can see it under heavy sunlight, thanks to the non-reflective coating, and in the darkest places, thanks to the Lumibrite on the indexes.

And did we already say that it looked beautiful? Yes, simple but outstandingly attractive – this dial is designed to surpass expectations.

It goes well with the sapphire crystal, letting enough light inside so you can enjoy the sword-shape hands and the white lettering with ease.

You also get the day/date window, a small advantage that lets you know what day it is even after several years of use.

Boasting the Seiko logo and the Automatic lettering on the bottom, the dial of this watch is set to surpass expectations.

Automatic Movement

The basis of the Seiko Presage series was to make something that resembled the Crown Chronograph from the 1960s.

This was the first Japan wristwatch with a stopwatch. And since then, not many models boast the design that the Crown Chronograph offered.

But with this model, you get all that. Along with a highly reliable movement that never stops and makes it easy to adjust – you get one of the best chronograph systems out there.

And it is all thanks to the Seiko 4R36 system. With a mid-level movement system boasting 24 jewels, it works wonderfully for up to 72 hours, thanks to its power-saving feature.

Apart from that, you can hack and wind the chronograph feature with the crown on the side – making it super practical.

Water Resistance

While it could pass like just another simple watch, the Seiko SARY057 still comes with an excellent water-resistance feature.

You can get it at up to 100 meters underwater, and it will perform perfectly with not a single scratch or filtration.

The only downside is that getting out swimming with this watch considering its steel build may not be the best idea. But still, you can be sure it will stand the dive, swim, or snorkel time without problems.

Their Warranty and Customer Service

Despite being a fantastic watch with all the previous factors, Seiko still offers a 2-year warranty to make it even more reliable.

You won’t have to worry about problems with the movement or chronograph, the dial, or the battery. Yet, some parts don’t go into the warranty, such as problems like damaged cases, scratches in the crystal, and battery replacements (if you drain it out).

Luckily, you can contact Seiko directly with ease through their Customer Service line via calls or email. They will respond within a week or less, and let you know how you can proceed to honor the warranty.

In case you don’t want to call them, or can’t wait for them to respond, then you can always hop into their FAQ section and find your problem there. You may find the solution without even having to contact them directly – thanks to their well-thought customer service system.

Bottom Line

With nothing left to say about the Seiko Presage series – it is time you decide whether it is a good-enough option or not.

With this Seiko SARY057 review, you should be ready to decide. So don’t waste more of your time and get it! This watch will surpass all your expectations for sure.

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