Best Shinola Watches Review (Updated, 2022)

Shinola is the go-to watch if you are looking for a less expensive, high-performance, waterproof, durable, and exquisite watch.

Best shinola watches at a glance:

  • Best Overall – Detroit Men’s Runwell 47-mm
  • Most Waterproof – Men’s The Canfield 43-mm
  • Dust, Dent and Damage Resistance – Men’s The Guardian 41-mm
  • Best for Women – Women’s Gomelsky Two-tone Quartz

Best 4 Shinola Watches

Are you still confused about which watch to choose? Then, the 4 watch reviews in this section should tell you why it is an exceptional item to have.

Shinola Detroit Men’s Runwell 47-mm

Shinola Detroit Men's The Runwell 47mm
Best Overall

The brown leather, combined with its white dial, gives this watch a cool and innovative look. And, hence, makes it a must-have watch that perfectly complements your casual as well as sophisticated look.

Moreover, its quartz movement grants exceptional precision. Quartz is a type of silicon crystal that is used for much more smoother movement. Hence, this technology makes it a more lucrative watch to have in your arsenal.

Plus, its 47-mm dial is ideal for all men. The dial size makes it a suitable choice for men with both big or small wrists and assures to provide a much comfortable and cleaner fit.

Furthermore, the durability of the item is off the charts. It contains a stainless steel casing and high-grain straps. Thus, enabling you to use this item for decades. And, its 50 meters water-resistance lets you use the watch underwater as long as you do not exceed the given range.

Shinola Men’s The Canfield 43-mm Watch

Shinola Men's The Canfield 43mm Watch
Most Waterproof

Who said Shinola is not expensive? Canfield is one of the most expensive items made by the company. First of all, when you spend high bucks on something, you expect superior service. And, we assure you that this item will provide you service for a very long time.

The whole watch, including the casing, is made of high-quality stainless steel. It is one of the most durable metals on Earth, and this one is made of such material. And, the use of such material also gives it superb durability as well as imparts a resistance to dents, rust, etc.

Plus, the watch is also waterproof. If you are thinking of going for a dip, you don’t have to take the watch off to do so. The waterproof factor also makes it weather-proof. Hence, if you go out on a rainy day or a snowy one, there is zero or minimal chance of the watch sustaining any damage.

Shinola Men’s The Guardian 41-mm watch

Shinola Men's The Guardian 41mm Watch
Dust, Dent and Damage Resistance

Black goes with everything! And, the Shinola also agrees with us. That is why this watch contains a black dial. Furthermore, when the black dial is coupled with its brown leather belts and silver casing, the watch becomes a perfect accessory to complement all kinds of outfits, including the formal ones.

The stainless steel construction gives it exceptional durability and makes the whole item dust-resistant, waterproof, dent, or damage resistant. Hence, assuring that you will be using this one for a very long-time.

By the way, the waterproof factor is functional as long as you are withing the 50-meter range. So, if you are thinking of going for a dip in the pool, then don’t bother taking the watch off. You can also go surfing wearing the watch. Just avoid diving activities like scuba-diving.

Plus, its adjustable band lets you choose the band length that gives you the comfortable fit you are looking for.

Shinola Women’s Gomelsky Two-tone Quartz Watch

Shinola Women's Gomelsky Two-Tone Quartz Watch
Best for Women

Women’s watches are another specialty for Shinola. And, this is one of their masterpieces. The watch contains a quartz movement which increases the precision and turns it a must-have item for most women.

And, its two-toned design enables the watch to perfectly compliment all your outfits, including more sophisticated and classy looks. Plus, the stainless steel build provides it the durability to last for decades.

In addition to all that, the watch is also watertight. Thus, if you want to go for a dip, its 50-meter water resistance makes it a great choice for a day at the pool.

Reasons people usually opt for Shinola watches.


Shinola watches are best known for their semi-casual sleek looks. The watch is a great choice and perfectly complements both casual as well as sophisticated attires. And, its sleek looks are guaranteed to impress most people who put a glance on the masterpiece even once.

The key feature of the watch that sets it aside from other watches is its simple yet elegant looks. Also, the watch doesn’t have too much work or complicated work done to it. But, it still successfully looks attractive on the hands of every wearer.

If you are looking for something luxurious, Shinola has a wide collection of luxurious ones as well. So, it comes with a wide variety of both everyday wear as well as luxurious wear for all kinds of men. And, attaining all these at an affordable price should give you a better reason to opt for Shinola.


Furthermore, the watch has a dial diameter of 47-mm. This dimension means that it is a superb choice for men with both thick or thin wrists and provides that comfortable fit that most watches are incapable of.


It is made of highly durable materials. These give it a rustproof and dent-resistant construction. In short, the watch is made with a damage proof or damage-resistant exterior that assures superb durability and longevity. And, hence, allows it to last for decades. Just tell your grandson to change the batteries!

Furthermore, the leather used for the watch is of top-notch quality and, therefore, increasing the long-lasting factor even further. And, each of the watches is hand-crafted. When making each piece, the craftsmen bestow each one of them with remarkable looks.

Below you’ll find things to look out while purchasing a Shinola watch.


Watches can be an expensive deal, especially if you are going for the high-end brands. But with Shinola, you might have to face that not too often. All the watches sold by the company have an affordable range and, hence, allows everyone to enjoy the pleasure of owning a good watch.


Watches have to be quite durable. And, due to this, Shinola has given its watches a stainless steel exterior as well as high-grain leather belts, or top-notch quality straps. Their metal watch dials are entirely made of stainless steel. In short, all their products are made of the best quality raw materials.

And in doing so, the long-lasting and durability is enhanced, which means that you won’t have to worry about the watch when you are in a party. This, making it a stylish yet sturdy watch and, therefore, makes it a must-have.

Furthermore, its durable build and sturdy construction are combined with sleek and elegant design and style, making it a gem-to-have if you are planning for a sophisticated party. Also, it is a great casual watch.


When it comes to straps, there are numerous types, styles, and colors. The most popular ones are leather straps, nylon straps, silicon straps, resin straps, etc. And all these types can be found in various sizes and colors. Therefore, letting you choose the type of straps that best compliments you and your outfit.

In addition to all that, the durability of the item is off the charts. Meaning that the straps will not lose their integrity over time.

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Their Warranty and Customer Service

Shinola is quite confident regarding their products; hence, they provide a life-time warranty on their steel watches and a 3-year warranty on their resin watches. So, if there is a problem with your Shinola watch, just go to the designated Shinola shop within the given time period and get your Shinola fixed or replaced.

A word of caution, the warranty doesn’t include batteries, leather, silicon, or any belts or anything that isn’t regarded as part of the mechanics of the watch. And, you might have to pay a fee for their services.

The warranties are not global. Hence, if you end up damaging your watch in a different country, you would have to wait until you reach your designated area to get it fixed.

The next topic of discussion would be customer service. Sales and support executives of the company are highly educated regarding their products. So, each representative knows a great deal about their products, and we assure you that they will provide you with all the necessary pieces of information in case of a mishap.

If you approach them or call on their helpline for aid, you will be quite impressed with their behavior. Ergo, in order to run a big company like Shinola, they have assured that their warranties are good and their customer services are top-notch.

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