Skmei Watches Review (Updated, 2023)

Skmei is one of the leading companies in the low-end watch industry right now, and future speculations show that Skmei is just expected to get bigger and better.

Manufacturing so many different varieties of watches for everybody and every purpose has made a special place for Skmei in the market and also in the hearts of millions.

Even though Skmei watches are quite cheap compared to the other companies in the market, they provide more than enough value for money. The five watches mentioned above are the best among all the models in the market, in my opinion.

However, preference might differ from one individual to the next. So next time you go shopping for watches, hopefully, you will choose Skmei and recommend it to others as well.

Why Skmei Watches?

Skmei is one of the most famous watch manufacturers in the world. Situated in Guangzhou, China, Skmei has gained its popularity for selling considerably cheaper and affordable watches.

The word “Skmei” is Chinese that translates to “wishing you a happy and wonderful life”, and I think it is a refreshing name for a brand. This Chinese brand was founded in 2010.

But because of their good quality products, not only have they stole a significant portion of the watch market in China, they have made their ways to around 60 other countries, including North America, in just a decade. The very huge and successful company makes various types of wrist watches each better than the other.

Being such a big scale business, Skmei employs relatively fewer employees. The reason behind why Skmei reached such levels of success because Skmei produces affordable good quality watches for the mass. The factory in Guangzhou has 5 production lines.

This massive production helps drive the cost down without sacrificing the quality of the product. Often people completely ignore Skmei watches looking at their prices, but people who use them are very satisfied with their purchase.

Things to Look for in a Skmei Watch

Skmei Watch Co. Ltd has managed to occupy such a large portion of the low-end watch market in such a short amount of time for several reasons.

One of the main ones is that they have a large variety of watches from which millions of customers can choose from. Here are the factors you need to keep in mind to make your ideal pick among so many options.


Skmei is well known for having a long battery life that is usually expected to survive up to 5 years without any replacement.

Special Watches

Apart from traditional wristwatches, Skmei also produces special watches for multi-purposes. Some of the special-feature watches Skmei has in store for the widespread customer across the world are as follows:

  • Dual time watch
  • Digital sports watch
  • Kids watch
  • Solar Watch
  • LED Watch
  • Art Desk Clock
  • Diving Watch


Skmei also manufactures Smartwatches, which can so many wondrous things like measure your heartbeat, count the number of steps you took per day, locate your phone. The smartwatches have GPS set into them, which makes them an amazing travel companion.

You can use your Skmei smartwatch exactly like a phone like you can receive calls, listen to music, etc.


Moreover, Skmei not only focused on bringing new features into the table, but it has also made sure that the watches deliver in terms of fashion. Now that everything is so competitive, you cannot just afford to miss out as aspect and Skmei certainly didn’t.

Using modern shapes and designs with bright shocking colors and actual stones like sapphire. Skmei watches follow the latest trends.


And imagine all of this, at such affordable prices. Of course, you can’t compare Skmei with Casio or Rolex, but given the prices and the sheer volume of features, it provides Skmei seems like one of the best deals that there is.

The Top Five Watches

Now that you know all about Skmei let us look at the top five watches that are available in the market right now.

SKMEI 9058 Men’s Classic Business Roman Numeral


Priced at around 15$ and available in many global online shops like Amazon and eBay, this is one the first pick among the five. The stainless steel dial is held by a brown leather band, and the Roman numerals are written in golden color against the white background, making it look elegant and stylish.

Although this model comes in different colored dials and a black leather band too, this is the most preferred one.

Apart from being so stylish, it is also waterproof. Although some people complain that the size of the dial is a little large, that is just some people who are very specific about it. Otherwise, this is one of the most desirable watches Skmei has designed.

Thanks to its Japanese Quartz Movement, this will always show you the accurate time.

SKMEI 1336 Men’s Digital Sports Watch


Over the last few years, the demand for sports has been increasing rapidly, and Skmei has kept the needs of its customers in mind while designing this watch. It has several special features like calculating your calorie intake, dual time, compass, etc. it has an OLED display and a built-in reminder system.

Hikers, bikers, extreme sportsmen prefer this watch because it is waterproof and has excellent resistance to sweat and heat. However, this watch can’t be connected to your smartphone. That’s the only drawback that there is. This is available in the market at around $35.

SKMEI 1181 Men’s Ultra-Thin Classic Dress Watch


The minimalist design with brown leather band and the white dial with golden numerals allowing it to be one of the best-selling watches for Skmei. This watch is very thin compared to the rest of the models.

This model has only one dial, and that is just for the time, so it makes it very user-friendly as anybody can tell the time with one glance.

Just for around $20, you can have this timeless beauty to yourself from any online stores. This watch is also waterproof, so you need not be too careful with it and wear it anywhere you want. The grace in the watch shows the mark of a gentleman.



Among all the sports watches Skmei manufacturers, this model is a bit bulky with a larger dial. The black-lit LED display with huge fonts displaying the time and date, makes it user-friendly. And the watch has a dual time zone feature.

With around $17, this cool watch can be all yours. Not only is it cool and convenient, but it is also extremely durable. The watch, however, lacks both digital and analog dial movement, which can be one of the downsides of this model. But in my opinion, the other features make up for this lack.

SKMEI Women Waterproof Watch


This is an everyday watch for women who are busy yet want to look presentable. The watch is all white with a white leather band and white dial. This simple yet sophisticated look makes the watch desirable as it can be worn with any dress. The watch is waterproof and very comfortable.

The dial glass is completely clear and extremely hard hence as fashionable as the watch is also very resilient. All of this is for just around $20. If we have to talk about a negative side, then some people have issues with the overall quality of this watch compared to the other watches at a similar price range.

But of all the Skmei models available in the market right now, this model is surely the simplest, stylist, and most importantly, the most affordable option for you.

Warranty and Customer Service

It is not easy for a startup to become just a driving force of the industry worldwide and win a place in millions of hearts within just a decade, given that there are already so many companies present who has loyal customers.

That is only possible when you have served your customers right. Skmei Watch Co. Ltd deeply cares about their customers. The watches are designed and modified, keeping the people’s wants and opinions in mind.

And the watches usually come with a warranty of a year, but as Skmei has so many customers outside of China and it is difficult for them to send over the watch if something does go wrong, Skmei tries to maintain the quality of the product limiting the possibility of a mishap to a minimum.

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