Smael Watches Review (Updated, 2022)

This honest Smael watches review can help you find out the perfect watch for you. You will get to know about most stylish, affordable, spots watches.

Smael is a great brand that has really proven that just because something is cheap does not mean that they are not of great quality.

It is a brand that can really deliver to their target market through their product and service.

And it’ll be hard to find another such brand that will provide you with high-quality watches along with service at such an insanely affordable rate – so don’t miss out!

Best Smael Watches at a glance:

Best Overall – Men’s Fashion Military Dual-Display Sports Watch
Most Affordable – Men’s Outdoor Tactical Watch
Best Sports Watch – Men’s Dual Quartz Movement Sports Watch
Best Analog Watch – Women’s Digital Sports Watch
Most Stylish – Women’s Sports Watch

Things to Look for in a Smael Watch

Below, we’ll introduce the topics that you need to consider when looking to buy a Smael watch.

Diameter of the Dial

It’s in our human nature to get drawn towards any accessory that might help to put our outfits together.

Wearing a watch has become more about a fashion statement than a necessity, and thus, it’s really important to get a watch that fits you properly.

The diameter or the size of a watch’s dial plays a big role in determining whether it will look good on you or not.

While there aren’t any definite perfect sizes or shapes for anyone, we do know that not every dial size is right for everyone.

For most men, the ideal dial range is 38-46mm and 28-36mm for women depending on the size of their wrists.

However, Smael is known for producing watches with big dial cases to help you make bold fashion statements.

When it comes to women’s watches, they have a dial range of 38-42mm and for men 46-50mm.

While this is great for people who prefer bigger dial size or are looking to try out a new look, it may not be for everyone.

So, we will recommend you to know your wrist size and choose from their selection of watches a little carefully.

The dial size of the watch should play equal importance as the rest of the features, if not more.

Water Resistance

Whether it’s rain, snowflakes, or sweat, any form or volume of water holds the capability to ruin your beloved watch.

Therefore, whenever you buy yourself a watch, it is imperative that you get one that provides some degree of protection from water.

That being said, you do have to know how much water resistance you will require from the watch depending on your daily activities, or on the purpose of buying the watch.

For example, if you wish to swim while wearing your watch, a watch with 30m of water resistance just won’t make it.

We were happy to find that despite being such an incredibly affordable brand, Smael did manage to feature water resistance in all their watches. But different styles have different levels of resistance, so do keep an eye out for that before making your final decision.


While almost all the Smael watches of different categories sport a similar oversized look, which may lead people to be confused between the different models. As a result, it is important to know the distinctive features of each of the models.

Most of the watches by Smael have similar functionality, such as a stopwatch, alarm, 12/24 hour format and etc.

However, you will notice differences such as the material of the band, the style, and shape, amongst other different internal features.


The material of the wrist band will help to assess how long the watch will live.

If you have a watch that used poor quality material to make the wristwatch, you will notice how easily it falls apart.

A good material helps to maintain the shape of the watch, keeps it looking fresh, and helps against any external damage.

Smael watches are mostly made out of different types of rubber-like materials to help give it a longer life.

Depending on the type of use you had in mind for the watches, you get to choose from materials such as resin, rubber, stainless steel, and others.

Smael Watches Review

Here, we’ll introduce you to our recommendations. Let’s get started!

Men’s Dual Quartz Movement Sports Watch

Best Sports Watch

If you are searching for a good looking durable watch on a budget, then look no more.

These sleek watches come in a variety of colors, but if you ask us, we have our eyes set on the jet black one.

This sports watch has a dual quartz movement, which gives it a classic old school touch.

However, it comes with digital-analog displays. You will notice separate displays for time, date, and week. This design really helps to make the watch pop out.

The watch has features such as a stopwatch and an alarm clock. But the best part is their amazing water resistance – you can go swimming while you have these on!

Another great feature of this watch is how incredibly durable it is. For a clumsy person like myself, I loved that it’s super shock-resistant, especially for its price point.

Men’s Outdoor Tactical Sports Watch

Most Affordable

The Outdoor Tactical Sports Watch by Smael is an upgraded version of their Dual Quartz. Right off the bat, you will notice that the dial is much larger on this one compared to the previous one. This may be a big difference for some. If not, you can always go for the Dual Quartz.

Next, you will notice how incredibly put together the design and layout of the watch is. We especially liked the crossed pattern of the dial along with the use of silver to outline the three digital displays.

What you are going to love is how incredibly strong and durable this watch is. It can be worn during almost any of your adventures, such as cycling or swimming, and it will be able to endure. However, the manufacturers warned against allowing the watch to come in contact with warm to hot water.

Men’s Fashion Military Dual-Display Sports Watch

Best Overall

This version of Smael’s sports watch is definitely for those who like to make a bold statement. The colorful dial of the watch and the rugged shape of the watch surprisingly compliments each other.

Actually designed with military personnel in mind, the dual-display actually allows you to set two different time zones if you don’t want to use them for other purposes such as dates or stopwatch modes.

What we love the most is actually the range of bright colors it comes in and how extraordinarily it complements the shades of black of the watch. The addition of the LED light is also a very thoughtful feature, as it comes in handy to check the time when the lighting is low.

Women’s Digital Sports Watch

Best Analog Watch

Moving on to the ladies’ section, we would like to introduce Smael’s Digital Sports Watch for women. From the very first glance, we fell in love with the look of the watch.

This line came in great color schemes such as white and rose gold. The cute and versatile design of the watch also makes it super attractive and ideal for everyday wear. But what’s even better is how comfortable it is to wear. The use of a soft TPU band provides a smooth and easy-wearing experience.

It has all the features as the previous models, but this one has an LCD display included that shows the time. What we love is despite offering these watches at such an unbelievably low price point, they still included great features such as water and shock resistance to provide us with a very durable watch.

All in all, this is the ideal everyday watch, especially if your work requires you to deal with liquid frequently.

Women’s Sports Watch

Most Stylish

This is one of the most popular watches produced by Smael and for good reasons too. The first thing you will notice is the funky design and color that the watch sports. And the combination of multiple bright colors really makes the watch pop.

It has a dial case of 38mm, which is a little bigger than the usual, but the large dial actually helps to finish the look that the colors started. As a result, we can’t really complain about it. The use of soft rubber for the watch band just makes it better.

Something that we really appreciated is the fact that it is water and shock-resistant. You will be able to take this watch out for snorkeling or go hiking without the fear of water damage or scratches!

Warranty and Customer Service

All watches need maintenance from time to time, no matter what end of the spectrum they belong to. Taking your watch for any repairs or maintenance isn’t bad; all it does is make it more durable.

We were surprised and delighted to see that despite being a manufacturer of extremely affordable watches, Smael did not forget about providing their customers with after-sales service.

Smael provides its customers with six months of warranty, where all the tweaks and defects will be repaired and replaced by them without any additional charges. In fact, if there are any manufacturing issues that they are not able to fix, Smael offers a refund to the customer.

However, in order to avail these services, you need to show them valid proof of purchase, and the problems occurred due to manufacturing defects and not through personal misuse. All in all, they have a very impressive customer service policy.

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