Tissot Le Locle Automatic Review (Updated, 2020)

Tissot Le Locle Automatic Review

In this Tissot Le Locle Automatic review you will find in depth discussion and you can make a decision to purchase this watch or not. Read till end.

Starting from its name, this watch delivers elegance and quality to enjoy. And in this Tissot Le Locle Automatic review, we want to explain everything that makes it so.

The name refers to the Tissot’s family hometown, giving the idea of how important this series of watches is for the brand. That’s why it possesses such attention to detail and a super-elegant craftsmanship overall.

Tissot Le Locle Automatic Review

You get a reliable model still, making time-tracking a total pleasure. And it still manages to be within a decent price range, so you can enjoy both its timeless design that everyone can boast around – but also top-notch build.

But there’s a lot more about this watch to enjoy. So, keep reading!

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Why Tissot Le Locle Automatic?

While we’re sure you’ll love this watch at first glance, there’s a lot more you will also love about it. Here are a few main reasons why this watch is such a fantastic piece:

Simple and Neat

It is not a complicated watch, like many others in the same price range. Yet it manages to look outstandingly neat, delivering the simple appearance that will surpass almost everyone’s expectations.

From the Arabic markers to the stylized hands and superb contrast of brightness, clarity, and beauty on the overall display – this watch is set to make you happy at first wear.

Quality Craftsmanship

Everything this watch offers comes from the hands of professional craftsmen who put maximum effort in providing a super-accurate and reliable mechanism – as well as a durable product overall.

Boasting the ETA 2824-2 movement system with a date, you will get a highly precise time for decades. With a neat timepiece design, you’re sure to enjoy how much work was put into making this timeless watch.

Reputable Brand

The best of all is not the number of features, the quality of the build, or how attractive it is – but the reputation that follows Tissot.

As a Swiss brand founded in the nineteenth century, it’s been delivering quality watches after quality watches for decades – and not one model disappoints its users. With clients all over the world using these watches for all kinds of purposes and activities, it will surpass all your expectations.

Things to Look for in a Tissot Le Locle Automatic Watch

You’ll see how the Tissot Le Locle looks and feels almost perfect in any of its variations. But even then, you need to consider their inherent differences – so you can pick the ideal model accordingly. Here are the two factors that may differ between one Tissot Le Locle Automatic to the other:

Case Colors

For the case, you’ll find two versions – the one with Yellow-Gold and the other will be Silver-Gray. Both look amazing – yet you will feel like one is classier than the other. If you prefer a more straightforward design, then the Grey version will do. Otherwise, you can go for the shiny Yellow-Gold model.

Strap Colors

The strap follows the same design feats as the case. You can get the Silver-Grey model that looks simple yet shiny. But you may also go for the Grey and Yellow-Gold model, adding an extra touch of luxury to the timepiece.

Dial and Hands Colors

As for the dials and hands, you will decide between the silver design with silver hands and a silver display, or a yellow-gold dial with yellow-gold hands and a rose display.

They all look amazing, but you’ll have to be sure that you’re getting something that fits your typical attire/style.

Features of Tissot Le Locle Automatic

While you may already know some things about the watch, you’re still far from knowing all about it. To help you learn more – here are all its major features:

Movement: Swiss Automatic ETA 2824-2 Caliber 11 1/2″

Case: Round 316L Stainless Steel Case

Dial: Silver / Arabic and Indexes

Crystal: Scratch-Resistant Sapphire Crystal and Double-Sided Anti-reflective Coating

Band: Stainless steel with Push-Button Butterfly Clasp / Grey-Yellow Gold and Grey

Size: 39.3mm diameter by 9.75mm thick

Weight: 4.4 ounces

Water Resistance: 30 meters


Starting from the dial, we have nothing to complain about it – even in the slightest. The guilloche pattern alongside a combination of indexes with Arabic numbers makes it super clear and easy to read.

Moreover, the details are superb both in the silver and yellow-gold versions. Along with the far-back indexes for seconds, you can read it all with maximum accuracy.

Sure enough, there’s one baton for the minutes, one for the seconds, and one for hours. They are neat and simple yet stylish in their own way.

The yellow-gold version comes with a rose back display. It combines well with the gold touches, making it more stylized and dressy. Yet, it is the silver-gray version that stands out. With dark grey markings and silver hands, you get one modest yet gorgeous dial overall.

Case and Strap

Considering the stylish design of the dial, you won’t be disappointed with the 316L stainless steel case of the timepiece.

It is 39.3mm in diameter and 9.8mm thick, making it one of the thinnest and smallest watches of its kind. This allows maximum comfort and prevents the usual discomfort that large models provide.

You’ll be happy to know that the case is scratch-resistant, starting from the sapphire crystal that stands impacts. And with an anti-reflective coating, you won’t have any issue looking at the time under the sun.

All this goes well with the push/pull crown on the side. It boasts the same color of the design you pick, making the timepiece feel even more practical.

As for the case back, you get a transparent piece with a skeleton-like design. You can see an engraved skeleton with all the rotors and screws doing their work. That will add an even more exciting touch to the piece, especially for watch lovers.

And then, you meet with the stainless steel band. Alongside a push-button butterfly clasp, you can adjust it depending on your needs and wear comfortably without a single problem.

Despite all that, the watch only weighs 4.4 ounces – which is impressive for its quality.

The Automatic Movement

If there’s something we can’t leave behind from the Tissot Le Locle Automatic is the movement itself. Boasting an ETA 2824-4 system, you can hack, wind, and enjoy a super-accurate design overall.

The movement comes with 25 jewels and 28,800 vibrations per hour – promoting a superb accuracy that you won’t find easily on other watches of its price range.

And sure enough, you also get a power reserve that is supposed to last up to 38 hours. That’s enough to say this mechanism is more than worth it for the cost.

Water Resistance

As for the resistance of the watch, you get a total of 30 meters of underwater capacity. That seems like not much, but you have to consider this is a watch entirely made of stainless steel – which makes it superb.

Being a dress watch and offering such capacity makes it stand out from the competition for sure. And you can still use it for mild swimming and shallow snorkeling with no worries.

Their Warranty and Customer Service

Last but not least, we have to consider the quality of its warranty and how the customer service works.

Well, this watch offers a 3-year warranty. That’s among the longest warranties you’ll find on most watches on this price range – and it feels superb considering how simple this watch is. Other complex models tend to get up to 2 years of warranty – and some stay at 1 year only.

Apart from that, the customer service works decently well despite being a Swiss company. No matter where you are, they’re willing to help you get your watch working, whether it needs a light intervention like changing the battery, partial maintenance, or complete upkeep and renovation.

Of course, they will cover all defects from the manufacturing if possible. And the maintenance services tend to enter within the warranty, and sometimes you may need to pay a small fee accordingly.

To contact them, just get into their email, webpage, or call them directly. They’ll respond within hours or up to 2 days.

Bottom Line

As you can see, this watch boasts almost everything you could need in a simple yet gorgeous design.

With this Tissot Le Locle Automatic review, you should know enough to decide whether it’s worth having or not. So don’t hesitate and make your choice.

We’re sure this watch won’t disappoint you. Take your chances and enjoy its beauty to the max.

Orient Polaris GMT Review (Updated, 2020)

Orient Polaris GMT Review

Want to dress well and boast a gorgeous watch on your wrist? Then you need to read this Orient Polaris GMT review.

It is one of the most eye-catching models on its price range, delivering a classic design that surpasses expectations both in looks and overall functionality.

At first sight, you’ll notice how it stands out for its simplicity and elegance. Without looking too shiny or boasting tons of dials, it still manages to grab attention and impress watch enthusiasts.

The best feature of this watch is the perfect design and mechanism for travelers. If you’re always traveling around the world – then you’ll love this watch for sure.

Want to know why? Then keep reading!

Why Orient Polaris GMT Watches?

Few things attract more in a watch than a simple yet gorgeous design and a practical set of dials. Well, that’s what you get with this model. Here are a few things you’ll love about it:

Displays Two Times at Once

Unlike most other watches in the market, the GMT Polaris has two sets of hands that you can use to display two times at once.

Yes, that’s something you don’t often get – so it feels like a fantastic feature to enjoy.

If you’re constantly traveling and need to go from one time zone to another, then you’ll love having the chance to keep perfect time tracked in the process.

Exquisite Style

Being a modest high-end watch, you wouldn’t expect any less than a superb design overall – and it doesn’t disappoint.

You get mirror polished stainless steel accents with concentric textures on the dial – making a superb contrast. Then you get a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, along with a polished surface with the case, and beautiful yet straightforward dial.

If you like elegant watches that don’t overdo it – then this is your best bet.

Perfect for World Travelers

Considering its exquisite design and its dual-time capacity – this watch will be an excellent choice for anyone who likes to travel a lot.

Whenever you’re flying back and forth, from one country to another, and enjoying life to the max – you’ll surely want a watch that keeps the time neat. In that case, nothing compares to this one.

Add the super comfy and straightforward design, the outstanding water resistance, and a long-lasting construction overall – it stands out as one the best watches for travelers.

Things to Look for in an Orient Polaris GMT Watch

You’ll find out that this watch comes with a few things that may change from one Orient Polaris model to another. So, you may want to take them into account before deciding whether it’s a great choice or not. Here are some of those things:

Strap Style

The Polaris commonly boasts a brown faux alligator leather strap. It comes with a deployment clasp and feels utterly comfortable.

But you may also find it in black, which is a massive difference in appearance. Depending on what you prefer – make sure you get something that fits with your typical attires.

Case and Dial Color

Another thing you’ll find that changes are the color of the case and the style of the dial. You may discover rose-gold Polaris models as well as silver ones.

As for the dials, it can be white with rose-gold markers or black with white markers. Both differ exponentially as how it looks on your wrist, so be sure to get something that matches you.

Features of Orient Polaris GMT

Before you learn more about the watch, let’s go over its general features so you can be prepared to know what you’re reading about. Here’s what you should know:

Movement: Orient Caliber 40P51 automatic movement (Hand-Winding and Hacking)

Case: Hand-Polished Stainless Steel in Rose-Gold or Silver

Dial: Black with Silver Markers / White with Rose-Gold Markers / GMT Dual-Time and Date / Push-Pull Crown / 3 o’clock changes

Crystal: Scratch-Resistant Sapphire Glass

Band: Faux Alligator Leather Grain Strap / Black or Brown

Size: 42mm diameter by 11.98mm thick

Weight: 1.2 pounds

Water Resistance: 50 meters

The Case

Orient Polaris GMT Case

As soon as you set your eyes on the watch, you’ll know it is made to stand out in appearance. With a hand-polished case made of steel, it looks outstanding in either silver or rose-gold.

The case is somewhat large at 42mm. You may feel like it covers all your wrist effortlessly. Yet, it is only 11.98mm thick so you won’t get that much of a bulky piece.

For an average man with an average-sized wrist, this watch should fit perfectly. But if you have a small wrist, you may feel it is too bulky.

There’s also the push/pull crown, though. It makes adjustments easy and looks shiny alongside the entire case.

You will get a good-looking timepiece case that feels and works terrific.

The Dial

Orient Polaris GMT Dial

Protected by a sapphire crystal glass, you’ll realize how clear and well-made this dial is. It is scratch-resistant and provides maximum visibility at any time of the day.

There’s also an attractive design on the dial. With the guilloche detailing and the baton (standard hour and minutes) markings plus the GMT Arabic set – you can enjoy a clean yet practical look overall.

Yet, the real advantage comes from its dual-time system. You won’t have any problem traveling back and forth and never lose track of time.

The dial also comes with a date window that changes every day at 3 AM. And with the power-reserve indicator, you can enjoy an even more practical dial overall.

The Hands

Orient Polaris GMT Hands

One of the things that you’ll find more enticing about this watch is the number and style of the hand.

You get the standard GMT hands for the hours, minutes, and seconds. Also, you’ll be aware of the time with the most accuracy you can think of. Then you get the fourth hand that tracks a different time zone.

But that’s not enough. You can also enjoy a fifth hand that tells you the capacity of the power reserve, so you can be aware of how much battery is left on the watch.

With an exquisite pointy design and a totally visible set of markers – you can enjoy this timepiece with super-precise timing always.

The Strap

Orient Polaris GMT Strap

A comfy and good-looking bracelet will be another essential factor to think about when considering this watch. And it is not a mistake why.

You get a leather alligator grain strap. With a faux-like texture, it feels super soft on your skin. And with a deployment clasp that makes the adjustment and locking easy – you can enjoy an even more practical piece overall.

The leather strap can be either black or brown depending on what you prefer. And while it is not the easiest-to-clean material out there, it stays decently neat and will last a lifetime.

The Movement

Probably the most important attribute of this watch and why it offers such a fantastic dual-time feature – it all comes down to the Orient Caliber 40P51 movement.

Coming with 27 jewels in the mechanism, and a super-reliable system – you can enjoy a dual-time system that tracks hours, minutes, and seconds. Yet, it also manages to monitor the power left on the device for up to 40 hours, so you get an even more practical model overall.

The true advantage comes from the movement itself. Super-precise and smooth, making the whole watch look and feel way better than it is.

Water Resistance

Something else this watch stands out for is the water resistance. Despite being a mid-range model that seems just like any other watch – this one offers a decent water-resistance capacity at up to 50 meters underwater.

You can swim, dive, snorkel, and do more with it and there won’t be a single problem to worry about.

Their Warranty and Customer Service

Last but not least, remember that all Orient watches come with a 1-year warranty. This is not the best warranty you’ll get in the watch market, especially for a mid-range timepiece. But it is pretty decent still.

Customer service tends to be pretty neat, though. You can ask for a return or repair using their service in which you send a message with your problem, and they’ll respond in a day or two with a response. They’ll tell you whether it’s worth repairing, replacing, or if they’re refunding the piece.

Bottom Line

Considering all its significant factors and the exquisite design it offers, you can easily say this is one of the best watches of its kind.

In this Orient Polaris GMT review, you have everything there’s to know about it – so you can decide whether it’s worth buying or not.

For us, it’s a total bargain. So, you will likely love it as well.

Seiko Sary057 Review (Updated, 2020)

Seiko Sary057 Review

Few things are more rewarding than getting a high-quality watch for an affordable cost. And with the Seiko Presage series – that’s precisely what you get.

We want to make this Seiko SARY057 review because this watch is something you can’t miss. Thanks to the unique Seiko craftsmanship, gorgeous design, and superb functions – this watch stands up there among the best of its kind.

Seiko Sary057 Review

But there’s a lot more to it than that. This watch is unique in many ways, more than just its design and build. And that’s what we want to talk about in this article.

Care to learn what we have to say about it?

Why Seiko SARY057?

There are many reasons why Seiko watches are worth having – starting from how reliable they are. But there’s also a little more to consider – especially when it comes to the SARY057 model. Here are some of these reasons:

Beautiful Appearance

Want to bring a hugely attractive timepiece on your wrist that looks both enticing and super serious? That’s what the Seiko Presage series offers.

You’ll be blasted with Seiko’s craftsmanship and fine detail-oriented eye. From the dial with silver-tone hands and markers to the stainless steel build that shines – it all delivers an outstanding look.

Well-Made and Resilient

You probably want a timepiece that can handle the test of time as well as difficult situations. Well, the Seiko Presage SARY057 won’t let you down in that regard either.

The whole build with stainless steel from the bracelet to the case, as well as a high-quality sapphire crystal and a scratch-resistant finish all around make it one of the most reliable watches out there.

Let’s not forget it can also stand up to 100 meters underwater. That’s just amazing.

Great Cost for the Quality

Despite being a one-in-a-million watch that looks superb and offers exceptional durability – the SARY057 still manages to be affordable.

You won’t have to empty your bank account to get this watch on your wrist. Instead, you can enjoy it for a few hundred bucks – and it will make you look better and still last a lifetime on your arm.

Things to Look for in a Seiko SARY057 Watch

While most Seiko watches stand out for their resilience, they also offer a wide array of other benefits. However, you must consider a few specific things if you want to enjoy a Seiko to its full potential. Here are some of these things:

Quality Build

The first thing to think about when considering the Seiko SARY057 is whether you’re getting something that truly matches your demands.

Remember, Seiko watches are in the mid-range of watches – so they are resilient but not ultra-durable like other models. So you must consider how you’re going to use the watch beforehand.

Because the Seiko SARY057 boasts a stainless steel build that may get scratched easily, you won’t have the best experience for sports and extreme activities like hiking or climbing. Yet, it is still resilient enough to handle most other activities – including diving.

Practical Dial

While the dial of other Seiko watches may offer a full chronograph functionality, including alarms, stopwatches, and even compasses – the SARY057 does not.

So you may enjoy it to the max if you want a more casual model instead of a hugely practical one. Yet, this one still manages to offer the Day/Date function so that you can be more aware of the calendar accordingly.

Comfort and Fit

Finally, remember that Seiko watches are mid-range and often come with the best construction to match the price/quality ratio. So, while they will stand tons of years of use and surpass expectations in performance, you may still feel like the Seiko Sary 057 is not comfortable enough.

Features of Seiko Sary057

Knowing about the best things about the watch won’t be enough to be convinced. That’s why we’re also showing you its main features:

Movement: Seiko 4R36 Caliber Automatic (Hackable and Windable)

Case: Fine-Brushed Finish Stainless Steel

Dial: Black with Silver Marks / Time – Day/Date

Crystal: Scratch-Resistant Hardlex Sapphire

Band: Stainless Steel with Push-Button Clasp

Size: 41mm diameter by 12mm thick

Weight: 5.61 ounces

Water Resistance: 100 meters

Case and Bracelet

Seiko Sary057 Case

The first thing you’ll notice when taking a look at this watch will be the shiny stainless steel construction overall.

From the bezel around the sapphire crystal to the polished stainless steel– this model shines all around.

Seiko Sary057 Bracelet

That’s something most people love, and usually the most enticing part of most watches. Along with a 41mm size with its circular shape and a total thickness of only 12mm – you can enjoy how beautiful yet simple it looks.

Lastly, don’t forget you get a clasp closing system. That secures the watch on your wrist, so you can do practically anything, and it won’t get off.

Dial and Display

Seiko Sary057 Display

Probably the most enjoyable feature the whole watch offers is its high-end dial.

The legibility on this dial is superb. You can see it under heavy sunlight, thanks to the non-reflective coating, and in the darkest places, thanks to the Lumibrite on the indexes.

And did we already say that it looked beautiful? Yes, simple but outstandingly attractive – this dial is designed to surpass expectations.

It goes well with the sapphire crystal, letting enough light inside so you can enjoy the sword-shape hands and the white lettering with ease.

You also get the day/date window, a small advantage that lets you know what day it is even after several years of use.

Boasting the Seiko logo and the Automatic lettering on the bottom, the dial of this watch is set to surpass expectations.

Automatic Movement

The basis of the Seiko Presage series was to make something that resembled the Crown Chronograph from the 1960s.

This was the first Japan wristwatch with a stopwatch. And since then, not many models boast the design that the Crown Chronograph offered.

But with this model, you get all that. Along with a highly reliable movement that never stops and makes it easy to adjust – you get one of the best chronograph systems out there.

And it is all thanks to the Seiko 4R36 system. With a mid-level movement system boasting 24 jewels, it works wonderfully for up to 72 hours, thanks to its power-saving feature.

Apart from that, you can hack and wind the chronograph feature with the crown on the side – making it super practical.

Water Resistance

While it could pass like just another simple watch, the Seiko SARY057 still comes with an excellent water-resistance feature.

You can get it at up to 100 meters underwater, and it will perform perfectly with not a single scratch or filtration.

The only downside is that getting out swimming with this watch considering its steel build may not be the best idea. But still, you can be sure it will stand the dive, swim, or snorkel time without problems.

Their Warranty and Customer Service

Despite being a fantastic watch with all the previous factors, Seiko still offers a 2-year warranty to make it even more reliable.

You won’t have to worry about problems with the movement or chronograph, the dial, or the battery. Yet, some parts don’t go into the warranty, such as problems like damaged cases, scratches in the crystal, and battery replacements (if you drain it out).

Luckily, you can contact Seiko directly with ease through their Customer Service line via calls or email. They will respond within a week or less, and let you know how you can proceed to honor the warranty.

In case you don’t want to call them, or can’t wait for them to respond, then you can always hop into their FAQ section and find your problem there. You may find the solution without even having to contact them directly – thanks to their well-thought customer service system.

Bottom Line

With nothing left to say about the Seiko Presage series – it is time you decide whether it is a good-enough option or not.

With this Seiko SARY057 review, you should be ready to decide. So don’t waste more of your time and get it! This watch will surpass all your expectations for sure.

Seiko Flightmaster SNA411 Review (Updated, 2020)

Seiko Flightmaster SNA411 Review

Few brands in the timepiece market deliver the quality that Seiko does. So getting one of their watches is immediately pleasant as long as you know what you’re getting.

That’s why we bring this Seiko Flightmaster SNA411 review, so you can learn more about one of the most exciting timepieces in the market.

With its simple yet gorgeous design and a feature-packed capacity – it will surpass all your expectations from the first moment of use and for years to come.

Want to know why exactly? Then come in and learn!

Why Seiko Flightmaster SNA411?

Getting a Seiko watch should be a reason enough to consider the Flightmaster SNA411 an excellent choice. But if you want to be genuinely convinced, here are a few extra reasons:

Sleek Aviation Design

Boasting a stainless steel case, with stainless steel strap and a coin-edged stainless steel bezel – it manages to offer the rugged design that aviation-watch lovers seek.

It still manages to add a round black dial with luminous markers, dotted hours, and a superb array of colors that stand out in both appearance and functionality.

For those who love aviation designs, this one comes like a fantastic option for sure.


Not only it looks gorgeous, but the Flightmaster SNA411 also boasts a wide array of features including an alarm with two-hand sub-dial, a 12-hour functionality, and a three-o-clock position with three sub-dials.

There’s also a bi-directional slide bezel that lets you make different calculations, especially useful with the built-in compass design.

And sure enough, it boasts the always helpful stopwatch feature. You won’t have any problem with getting exceptional results.

Durable and Convenient

Last but not least, the Flightmaster SNA411 is a super-resilient model all around – with a Hardlex crystal that resists scratches and adds a 200-meter water-resistance capacity.

You also get a screw-down crown for accessible chronograph functions. And along with the stainless steel link bracelet and the fold-over push-button clasp – this watch is designed to feel amazing.

Features of Seiko Flightmaster SNA411

In case you want to enjoy this watch to the max, you’ll want to know which features it stands out for – and how you can enjoy them. Listed next, you have some of them:

Movement: Seiko Calibre 7T62 Automatic (Hackable)

Case: Brushed Stainless Steel with Rotating Bezel

Dial: Black with Silver Marks / Time / Date

Crystal: Hardlex

Band: Stainless Steel with Push-Button Clasp

Size: 42mm diameter by 13mm thick

Weight: 6.35 ounces

Water Resistance: 200 meters


It is not enough to say that it is beautiful if we can’t explain precisely why. Well, it is still pretty easy.

With this watch, you get an attractive set of visual exploits, starting from a black dial with dotted marks in white. It is the perfect combination to ensure maximum visibility while still looking neat.

These indices are also Lumibrite. That means they reflect light and offer proper visibility in dark areas, thanks to the chrome in the marks.

You also get the Hardlex crystal – a super-clear version that looks neat on the watch. Along with a rotating bezel, you can use it as a side-rule, thanks to its different markings and calculations – it looks like the functional watch it is.

While it seems overly-complicated, the bezel of this watch comes with a purpose: it rotates to help you make calculations when needed.

When you’re using this watch for flying planes, there will be a moment when you’ll need to make quick calculations that the plane computer may not offer. And sure enough, the fast wrist position of the watch and its sliding bezel will let you do that with ease.

Despite that, it looks pretty neat and makes even the most complex calculations a piece of cake.

Last but not least, it displays all the date, alarm, and other chronograph functions that make it one of the sleekest Seiko watches for the cost.

Chronograph Functionality

The chronograph system comes with a Quartz movement. It is a Calibre 7T62 Japanese mechanism, tuned to the most accurate level possible.

You can operate it via the screw-down crown and the screw-locking buttons. It is a piece of cake, especially with a clear display and black dial with white markers.

The chronograph doesn’t lack any functionality still; you get a 60 minutes stopwatch that runs at 1 second up to 5 seconds as needed.

Sure enough, you also get an additional feature with the 12-hour alarm. Setting up an alarm in other analog watches feels like an impossible deed. But with the Seiko Flightmaster SNA411, you have that chance.

You can set a 12-hour alarm to make it wake you up, remember when to do something, or just to keep yourself aware of the time when needed. And it works wonders alongside the superb chronograph function.

The Case and Strap

Seiko Flightmaster SNA411 Case

As mentioned before, the watch boasts a solid stainless steel case and bracelet. With a brushed polish that looks superb, you can enjoy a beautiful timepiece all around.

It has a shiny look that every aviation-watch fan loves without leaving the elegant ruggedness behind.

Seiko Flightmaster SNA411 Strap

Both the strap and the case are scratch-resistant, making it utterly durable. And it gets better when you consider how solid and resilient it is overall. You won’t have to worry about the case denting or the strap breaking for years.

Size and Weight

When it comes to size, you obtain a 42mm case. It is large enough to fit on most people’s wrists without any problem. This goes well with its 13mm thickness, ideal for providing the extra comfort that everyone wants in a watch. You can wear it for any occasion, and it won’t be much of a problem.

As for the weight, it weighs about 6.35 ounces. It is light enough to be super comfy without adding too much weight to your wrist. You can move around with total freedom and zero discomfort.

Water Resistance

Thanks to a superb build overall, the Seiko Flightmaster SNA411 comes with next-level 200-meter water resistance.

Yes, you read that right. You can enjoy all kinds of water activities with this watch and still get it working for a lifetime.

From swimming to scuba diving, snorkeling, having a nice pool splash, or just getting wet in the rain by accident – it will withstand every single type of water situation with ease.

Their Warranty and Customer Service

All Seiko watches have a 3-year warranty. You can extend the warranty for up to 1 year.

What sets apart Seiko from other brands is not the number of years, though – but the quality of the warranty and the customer service.

This period of warranty includes any type of defect in the case, battery, bracelet, and even the movement. And instead of changing the watch for a new one, Seiko guarantees a free repair or adjustment accordingly.

Not all repairs and adjustments go within the warranty even if it is under the first 3 years still. Things like fabric, leather, or plastic band changes, scratches, damaged cases, and battery replacement may not enter into the guaranteed free help, so you may be charged for them.

To use their warranty services, you can get into Seiko’s website and find the closest center of attention in your city or country. You may also call Seiko directly or send an email – you’re likely to obtain a response within the same week.

And in case you’re having an issue with the watch that doesn’t require expert help but just a little info, you can always get into Seiko’s FAQ section and look for your specific problem or doubt. Seiko has a wide array of subjects covered in it.

Bottom Line

So, did this Seiko Flightmaster SNA411 review help you learn what you needed about this excellent watch?

Then don’t hesitate and get it now! This timepiece will not let you down in the slightest. It will make you happy in every way.

Junkers Watches Review (Updated, 2020)

Junkers Watches Review

Hugo Junkers was a German watchmaker from the nineteenth century who made aviation watches for the military. With his designs and innovative mechanisms, his business became the go-to choice for watches around the world.

Reading our Junkers watches review will teach you everything this brand stands for – and how since 1895, it has been delivering quality watches. Today, it is among the most popular brands worldwide.

Why, you ask? The engineering, the designs, the quality, and overall prestige these watches offer are unbeatable. And here you’ll learn why.

Why Junkers Watch?

If you’re a person of history, you’ll realize at first glance into Junkers’ story why it is such an exciting brand. Well, here are a few other reasons why getting one of these watches is worth it.

Simple Yet Gorgeous Designs

When looking at Junkers’ watches, you’ll see they aren’t the most extravagant models out there. The designs are simple, and still manage to look terrifically beautiful.

Thanks to the classical Bauhaus design that Hugo Junkers created back in the nineteenth century, you can wear a Junkers and enjoy the slim hands, baton-style markers, and warming choice of colors.

High-End Quality for Mid-Range Costs

All Junkers are set to stand from the competition with their looks and quality. Despite that, they manage to be among the most affordable in mid-range costs.

Considering the engineering quality, the parts they use, and the uniquely exciting designs – they boast a more-than-fair cost that you won’t regret spending.

Long-Lasting and Easy to Maintain

Lastly, you’ll love how durable and easy-to-maintain these watches are. You just need to polish the crystal consistently, keep them away from the water as much as possible, and prevent typical scratches all around.

Over time, the watches will manage to stay accurate, easy to adjust when needed, and superbly reliable no matter the situation.

Things to Look for in a Junkers Watch

Once you start looking for some Junkers models, you’ll realize there are tons of different features to think about – from the design to the construction, and more. Well, here we explain some of them:

Case Design and Build

Most Junkers models boast the circular shape model that makes Bauhaus design so exciting. Yet, they all come in different colors, builds, and crowns/buttons.

Some models will be gold-brushed for a shiny tone; others will be totally silver and brushed. You may also find the build being stainless steel, different in strap attachment methods, and overall shape.

Crystal and Dials

The crystals on Junkers models tend to be made of Hesalite. And the dials are analog. While most of them look similar, they are not the same.

Some of them boast black displays with white numbers, others come with white displays and silver engravings, and you may even find some with Swarovski crystals inside.

At the same time, they may boast extra sub-dials like calendar, chronograph, and similar functions.

Straps Quality

Finally, you’ll find that most Junkers watches provide a wide array of straps to consider.

Some will be made of leather. These are resilient and comfy. Others are made of stainless steel; they can be more resilient and highly adjustable.

The appearance will change accordingly. Those with leather bands will look more classical, while metal straps provide a more business-like style.

Best Junkers Watches Reviews

By now, you should be assured that Junkers watches are just on another level. Well, let’s now meet the best models available.

Junkers 60462 Men’s Quartz Watch

Junkers 60462 Men's Quartz Watch

The first one in our list is the 60462 – a Men’s model that boasts a super simple yet highly enticing design.

You get a stainless steel case with a silver-tone, totally round, and sleek-looking. It will fit well with casual as well as sporty looks with ease.

This watch still boasts a black leather strap with a buckle. It feels utterly comfortable and doesn’t harm the skin. Of course, it adds up to the casual style. The construction with stainless steel doesn’t stay behind. It can handle up to 30 meters underwater.

Lastly, you get an analog dial with Hesalite crystal display and a calendar sub-dial. It is both durable and functional.


  • Neat-looking circular design in stainless steel
  • Attractive and comfortable black leather strap
  • High-quality build with a steel case and Hesalite crystal
  • The casual design fits with different clothes
  • Can handle up to 30 meters underwater


  • The crystal may scratch with ease
  • Slightly inaccurate mechanism

Junkers Spitzbergen F13

Junkers Spitzbergen F13 Chronograph with Luminous Dial

As soon as you see the name F13 – you’ll realize where this watch comes from. If not, let’s just say it has a lot to do with the F13 planes.

The Spitzbergen also stands out for its Swiss Ronda 5030.D display with a Quartz movement for top-notch accuracy.

There’s also the solid steel caseback with a solid stainless steel case – adding a shiny silver look. You can also enjoy the comfy 40mm design overall, with the circular shape. Add the diamond-cut crown for adjustments.

Last but not least, you get a black leather that feels amazing on your skin and lasts for years. You can also use the watch at 50 meters underwater.


  • Superb F13-honoring design
  • Quality dials with quartz movement
  • Excellent chronograph and day functions
  • Good-looking stainless steel exterior
  • Comfy and reliable black leather strap


  • The short strap makes it hard to fit
  • Buttons feel a little flimsy

Junkers Ladies’Watch XS

Junkers Ladies Watch XS Analogue Quartz Leather 60731 Bauhaus

Junkers is not only a brand for men – but it also makes timepieces for women. And the Ladies’Watch XS is a perfect example.

You get a Hesalitglas crystal that looks superb, adding clarity and brightness to the display. This matches with the Swiss Quartz movement, making it excellently accurate and good-looking with a silver dial.

There are also gold accentuates, golden indexes with delicate black lines. And what’s even better, it boasts 5 Swarovski crystals on the dial – making it super elegant.

Still, it comes with a black leather strap with a toothed buckle, for looks and comfort. It has a water-repellent coating as well.


  • Beautiful design with crystals and gold touches
  • Bright and clear display with Hesalitglas
  • Accurate and reliable Quartz movement
  • Extra cozy and strap
  • Water-resistant at up to 30 meters


  • Large design for ladies
  • Thin pointers may good-looking leather be hard to read

Junkers G38 6972-1 Chronograph Watch

Junkers G38 6972-1 Chronograph gold braun 42 mm 100M

Gorgeous design with a classic Bauhaus design, the Junkers G38 boasts a beige dial, black hour numerals, and a SuperLuminova treated hands.

Together, you receive one of the most attractive watches in the market – boasting a rose goldstone tone in the stainless steel case. Along with a satin finish and a brown leather strap, you can enjoy a beautiful watch all around.

It is 42mm in total size, with a rounded shape. With a hardened mineral crystal and next-level dials like chronograph and calendar, it looks terrific. Let’s not forget it can also resist up to 50 meters underwater.


  • Stunning design with goldstone and satin finish
  • Ideal size at 42mm for more comfort
  • Reliable and clear hardened mineral crystal
  • High-quality sub-dials for practicality
  • Resilient build with 50-meters water resistance


  • The leather strap may feel a little stiff
  • Adjusting can be a bit tricky

Junkers 6060M-5 Automatic Power Reserve Watch

Junkers Bauhaus 6060M-5 Automatic Power Reserve Watch

Want an authentic aviation watch? Then Junkers 6060M-5 will come like the perfect choice.

It boasts the same Bauhaus design like most models, but this one comes with the complete stainless steel build that makes it a true aviation watch. From the case to the bracelet, it is designed to last a lifetime and look superb.

The dial doesn’t stay behind, with a Citizen self-winding movement and a 26-jewel touch, along with silver pointers for the hour and minutes. This gets even better with a luminous filling for extra visibility.

Last but not least, you get a Hesalite crystal, adding the durability and clearness you expect. With a power-reserve indicator and a 30-meter underwater capacity – it will surpass all your expectations.


  • Gorgeous and reliable stainless steel construction
  • Unique Citizen self-winding mechanism
  • Quality build with Hesalite crystal
  • Luminous-filled dots for visibility
  • Practical power-reserve indicator


  • The dial is not white but beige/creamy
  • The automatic function makes it noisy

Their Warranty and Customer Service

Being a prestigious company from Germany, you can be sure Junkers will never let you down in warranty or customer service.

Every watch, for example, is backed by a 2-year warranty. It is totally international and works for whoever buys a Junkers from an official retailer. This warranty covers defects as well as many other problems – which makes it even better.

Apart from that, Junkers offers superb customer service. You can contact it via email or cell phone, and they will answer all your questions, solve all your problems, and leave you completely happy.

Bottom Line

What did you learn from our Junkers watches review? We learned that brands don’t have to rely much on marketing when their products work by themselves. And that’s what you get with Junkers.

If you’re looking for a new watch to wear casually or for serious situations, this brand is a perfect choice.

Megir Watches Review (Updated, 2020)

Megir Watches Review

Want a cheap and reliable watch that doesn’t disappoint? Then you’re probably looking for a Megir watch.

As a brand that started selling timepieces back in 1997 – it has a lot to offer. Yet, it is not like other brands out there.

That’s why we needed to make a Megir watches review, so you could understand what this brand offers and how you can get the most out of it.

If you’re eager to learn everything about this brand – then we recommend taking a step further. Scroll down and learn!

Why Megir Watches?

Before you learn specific things about this brand, we want you to understand why it is such a great choice. Here are a few reasons why Megir watches won’t let you down.

Super Cheap

The first thing you’ll learn about Megir is how cheap its watches are.

You’ll find that the watches boast Japanese quartz, plastic bands, and stainless steel cases. Despite all that, they’re super affordable. You can get a Megir watch that looks, feels, and works well for less than half of other low-range brands.

Wide Array of Designs

While they’re affordable like no other brand, the watches still manage to be good-looking and boast different designs for all purposes.

You will find watches with army, pilot, professional, sports, dress, racing, and many other styles. And they all look neat and just like any high-end model – but with the lower-quality build.

Sure enough, you can pick different colors on most models as well, making them even more attractive.

Reliable Build and Features

Even though the watches are cheap and come in intrinsic designs, they’re still reliable.

The quartz movements will last a lifetime. Thanks to the plastic quality of the straps, you won’t have to change them for long. And because their crystals and cases are made from real glass and stainless steel – they still manage to handle most impacts.

You won’t have to worry that much – even for their price.

Things to Look for in a Megir Watch

Most of the models you’ll find will be pretty different from others. Even when they come from the same brand, Megir watches will vary enormously in many ways. Here are some things you may need to be aware of:

Style and Colors

When it comes to style, you’ll find that some watches are ideal for business purposes, others are perfect for sports, and some have a more casual appearance. This all changes the overall focus of the watch, including the design and the colors.

Most of these designs come in various tones as well. Some will offer black and blue, red and white, and green with silver, etc. You must pick whatever color you prefer depending on its design.

Features and Mechanism

Some Megir watches will come with a chronograph, others will not. You may also find a few of them with days/months and different ways to display hours. And in some cases, you may find unique features like a stopwatch, luminous display settings, and more.

Remember that most of these watches come with a Quartz mechanism that lasts a lot of time.

Build and Materials

Another essential feature to think about would be the construction and the materials used in it. Here, we recommend going for steel or alloy in the case, PU leather or metal in the strap, and clear crystals.

They may vary a lot in build, so be sure you’re getting something resilient and comfy before making your final choice.

Best Megir Watches Reviews

Now we’re ready to start reading some more about the watches. Remember, there are tons of different things to choose from – so it’s critical you go for the watch that best matches your needs. Without much further to say – here are the reviews you wanted:

MEGIR ML2103 Business Work Analogue Quartz Wrist Watch

MEGIR ML2103 Business Work Analogue Quartz Wrist Watch

A business watch is never a bad choice – especially when it comes to such an enticing design like the ML2103 offers.

You get a stainless steel strap with a buckle strap. It feels comfortable and prevents corrosion/rust. This goes well with the alloy case of the same black color – making it super sleek at first look.

The display boasts a Hardlex dial window. Every dial is clear and looks fantastic. You get the time, a calendar with day and months, a chronograph, and a stopwatch. Of course, you can’t leave the night light behind – for watching the time in dark areas.

Finally, it boasts durable stainless steel back cover. This keeps it together and provides a slight splash resistance.


  • Multiple dials for extra convenience
  • Hardlex display for quality and readability
  • Extra-comfy stainless steel strap with buckle
  • Durable alloy case with steel back cover
  • Top-notch color options: black, gold, and silver


  • Not waterproof construction
  • Crowns and settings are not always responsive

MEGIR N2053 Sports Analogue Army Military Watch

MEGIR N2053 Sports Analogue Army Military Watch

For those who prefer a sporty look, the N2053 will come like a perfect addition to their accessories.

It boasts the same Hardlex wear-resistant crystal. The visibility it offers is outstanding, yet it manages to be decently durable and resilient. It can also resist water splashes, rain, and other mild moist environments.

Considering the durability, you may add the alloy case construction with the stainless steel back cover. Yet, it all comes down to the soft yet durable silicone strap – adding the extra touch of resilience to the piece.

As for what you can find on display, there’s the time, a calendar date, and a chronograph.


  • Good-looking, sporty design in black and blue options
  • Durable Hardlex crystal for resilience and clearness
  • Can stand water splashes and rain
  • Well-made alloy case with steel back cover
  • Comfy silicone strap with adjustable design


  • The small strap makes it difficult to adjust
  • Case and display scratch easily

MEGIR ML2061 Analogue Army Military Chronograph Watch

MEGIR ML2061 Analogue Army Military Chronograph Watch

Boasting a combination of a classic squared watch with military touches, the ML2061 is one of the most exciting options in the list.

Megir desired to use the Quartz movement system that provides super-accurate time. This works well with the 3 sub-dials for the chronograph, calendar, and stopwatch.

The case is made of alloy, and it boasts a Hardlex dial window. Together, they ensure a 3ATM water-resistant build that stands splashes and other moisty situations.

Last but not least, you get a black leather wristband. Along with a classic buckle, it feels comfortable and handy to adjust.


  • Accurate Quartz mechanism and dial
  • Excellent sub-dials for convenience
  • Long-lasting Hardlex display with alloy case
  • Good-looking squared design with military-style
  • Comfy and adjustable black leather wristband


  • The night-light feature is not available
  • The big squared case can be a little uncomfortable

MEGIR ML1010 Analog Casual Fashion Watch

MEGIR ML1010 Analog Casual Fashion Watch

Among the most exciting designs from Megir, the ML1010 comes pretty close among the best. And it is not a mistake – it looks terrific.

You get a unique casual design with some fashion touches that make it stand out. Along with a PU strap with a lined design, you can be sure it looks superb.

The watch still comes with the Hardlex dial window. This time, it is a totally circular shape with an alloy case with shiny silver color. The interior can be either white or black.

As for the dials, you get the standard time and calendar. And sure enough, it doesn’t disappoint with a luminous watch – so you can see the time in dark places.


  • Gorgeous circular design with lined strap
  • PU strap offers comfort and durability
  • Hardlex dial window ensures visibility
  • The luminous design provides low-light time
  • Practical crown for easy time adjustments


  • Lacks the chronograph dial
  • Flimsy construction

MEGIR MS2018 Stainless Steel Business Military Wristwatch

MEGIR MS2018 Stainless Steel Business Military Wristwatch

The true business watch – it’s the MS2018 from Megir. Coming with a classical squared style without leaving behind a formal tone, it looks neat in every way.

You get a silver band and case color that shines. The stainless steel band is also durable, along with the alloy material in the case.

Moreover, you still get the dressy tone, especially with a mineral crystal window for extra clarity. Boasting dials for chronograph, stopwatch, and calendar – it is also utterly functional.

Lastly, you get a luminous function for the time in dark places, and a shock-resistant build that also withstands splashes and rain. You can get it with the display in either black or white.


  • Attractive design with shiny silver in band and case
  • Quality build with alloy case and steel strap
  • Decently functional with multiple sub dials
  • The luminous setting for night visibility
  • Shock-resistant and splash-resistant


  • Silver finish scratches easily
  • Steel band feels a little rough on the skin

Megir ML2015 Army Sport Brown Leather Wrist Watch

Megir ML2015 Army Sport Brown Leather Wrist Watch

Want something sporty, casual, and still utterly fashionable? Then the ML2015 will match your needs completely.

This is an attractive design with mineral glass and a leather strap. Together, they ensure the casual look. Yet, it is the shiny alloy case with stainless steel that looks so sporty – making it a little fashionable at the same time.

It still manages to be super-resilient, with a 30-meter underwater capacity despite its cost.

Last but not least, you get a functional model overall. It boasts a calendar sub-dial, as well as quartz movement that last year. And with the luminous hands-glow system, it shines in the dark.


  • Gorgeous design with leather strap
  • Resilient case with alloy and steel build
  • Withstands 30 meters underwater
  • Handy calendar and night-light functions
  • Reliable Quartz mechanism for the time


  • The leather strap feels stiff
  • Not easy to adjust when needed

Their Warranty and Customer Service

All Megir watches come with a 6-month warranty. Within this time, your watch may suffer any defect from the manufacturing – which could make it eligible for a refund or return.

Of course, you can only receive a refund within the first 30 days of receiving the order. Otherwise, you may only receive a partial refund.

As for customer service, Megir seems reliable and well-mannered. Despite being cheap watches that stand out for their prices, you can still receive a reasonably good treat from the brand. And that’s worth considering.

Bottom Line

If you’ve reached this far, it means you’re genuinely interested in what these watches offer. So don’t hesitate and pick your watch now.

Use our Megir watches review as a guide so that you can get the ideal model for your needs. Then, you can enjoy a cheap yet reliable watch to boast around. You won’t regret it!

Best Heritor Watches Review (Updated, 2020)

Heritor Watches Review

Along with the biggest brands like Casio, Stahlbergh, Timex, and Seiko – you will also find Heritor. And with our Heritor watches review, you’ll learn precisely why they’re so big.

Yes, you may have never heard of them – and it is understandable. It is a new brand that delivers classic-style watches– focusing on timeless designs for people who long-lasting models.

The watches are superb in many ways, and they don’t cost as much as others. And the best of all, they’re recently new – so you may not see other people wearing them.

There’s a lot more about this brand to know. Want to find out about it with our help? Then come in!

Why Heritor Watches?

The first thing you may be asking yourself is, “Why should I consider a Heritor watch over any other brand?” And it is not a bad question. In fact, it is totally understandable.

Well, here are a few reasons why a Heritor watch may come like a perfect choice:

Quality Materials

Every Heritor watch comes with high-grade steel construction, high-end bezels, and Italian leather. This combination ensures you get not only a durable and resilient watch but also a good-looking device.

The best of all, most of them are impact-resistant and waterproof. So you won’t have much to worry about.

Impressive Designs

Using the highest-quality materials also delivers a huge advantage: they look fantastic. But that still doesn’t count the immense hours designers and engineers put into making gorgeous looks.

They boast the craftsmanship or hand-made watches, taking inspiration in classical designs, and delivering timeless products that can be transferred from generation to generation.

Mid-Range Costs

Last but not least, all Heritor watches are well-priced. Despite having superb construction and boasting uniquely beautiful designs – they still manage to stay in the mid-range of prices.

You won’t have to spend a fortune on getting one of these. And you still get the quality and appearance to make them worth having.

Things to Look for in a Heritor Watch

While Heritor watches are excellent products overall – you may still want to know how to tell them apart. Well, you’ll have to learn about their main features and how they may differ.

Case and Bezel

First, you will find that most Heritor watches are made of stainless steel. But models come with gold, diamond, sapphire, and other materials coated on the case or bezel.

While the main build is almost the same in all of them, the finish will not. So make sure the model you go for fits what you want in terms of colors and coatings.

Display and Crystal

The display, in contrast, will change a lot depending on the model. Some boast intrinsic design with engraved diamonds or gold, others look simple just like any other watch, while others may offer slightly complex designs.

Also, the watches may provide different things like the data, day of the week, and single time zone dials. Some dials are engraved, others are skeleton, a few of them semi-skeleton or texture-pattern, and so on.

The shape may also change, going from circular to oval, squared, rectangular, and so on. And the size may go anywhere from 30mm to 50mm, depending on the model.

As for the crystal, most of them boast mineral build. And that’s enough to get a clear view of the display.

Band and Buckles

All Heritor watches boast leather bands. This leather comes from Italy and delivers exceptional results in both appearance and durability.

As for the buckles, you should get something that feels comfortable and adjusts enough for your wrist. The comfier and more adjustable the band, the better it is.

Best Heritor Watches Reviews

After learning about Heritor’s advantages and the different factors to think about when buying – then it’s time to start looking for the right model. Here are a few watches with their own reviews to consider:

Heritor Automatic Frederick Black Leather Watch

Heritor Automatic Frederick Black Leather Watch

With a rectangle shape and a 32mm display – the Heritor Frederick comes like a perfect choice for anyone who wants elegant styles.

It boasts a black leather band with a strap buckle at 230mm, long enough to fit any wrist. And with such style, it works for a wide array of fashion styles – especially business and work attires.

The display is simple, with a fixed bezel on a silver-polished stainless steel case. It looks pretty good, especially with the sapphire-coated mineral crystal and engraved dial. You can submerge this watch at up to 50 meters with no problem.

Furthermore, the dials consist of an analog type and a single-time zones dial. There’s also a sub-dial for the seconds, for extra convenience. They are pretty useful and responsive, especially with the jewel bearings and chinese-automatic movement system.


  • Elegant style with rectangle display
  • Engraved dials for time, time zones, and seconds
  • Beautiful silver-polished stainless steel case
  • Ultra-clear sapphire-coated crystal
  • Comfortable and good-looking black strap


  • Rectangular shape may be hard to read
  • Shiny case scratches easily

Heritor Automatic Carter Black Leather Watch

Heritor Automatic Carter Black Leather Watch

If you want a flashy watch, then the Heritor Automatic Carter is your way to go.

This is a 42mm watch with a gold-brushed steel case. The display is circular and boasts a fixed bezel that looks amazing on a goldish tone. Internally, you’ll see a super enticing skeleton dial, adding a gorgeous touch. Along with the sapphire-coated mineral crystal, it looks outstanding every time.

The dials are for analog hours and single time zones. You will also get small engraved numbers for convenience. These dials are powered by 22 jewel bearings.

Lastly, you get the genuine leather band in a strong black tone. At 202mm long, it can fit even the largest of wrists with ease.


  • Super attractive gold case and bezel
  • Excellent skeleton dial for beauty
  • Clear crystal with sapphire coating
  • Easy-to-read time dial with minutes
  • Long and enticing black strap


  • The shiny design doesn’t fit with all clothing
  • Somewhat expensive

Heritor Automatic Piccard Brown/Rose Gold-Tone Leather Watch

Heritor Automatic Piccard Brown or Rose Gold-Tone Leather Watch

The Piccard’s model is a slightly simpler model than others, yet still one of the most enticing in appearance.

It boasts a brown leather band with a strap buckle at 227mm of length. That’s enough to fit any person with ease.

Along with the 44mm rose, gold brushed stainless steel case, you can expect a beautiful model all around. With its circle display with a fixed bezel, it stands out in both appearance and style.

The dial is semi-skeleton, delivering an attractive design that combines the best of the watch interior and a simple display.

What will truly set it apart from others is the number of dials, offering the date and day, the hours, minutes, and seconds.


  • The gold-brushed case looks amazing
  • Circle shape at 44mm for extra visibility
  • Super-long buckle at 227mm
  • Semi-skeleton dial look neat
  • The wide array of dials for extra convenience


  • The strap may feel a little stiff
  • Brushed bezel gets dirty fast

Heritor Automatic Ganzi Black/Silver Leather Band Watch

Heritor Automatic Ganzi Black or Silver Leather Band Watch

A semi-skeleton dial never disappoints in appearance, and that’s why the Heritor Ganzi is such an excellent choice.

You get a black leather strap made with crocodile-embossed design. Along with a logo-engraved steel clasp, the watch looks fantastic.

Yet, the real advantage comes from the 44mm diameter circular case, made of stainless steel with an enamel color-tipped crown. You can pull and push the crown and operate the watch accordingly.

As for the dials, you get the hour and minutes, as well as the days and months. Engraved over the semi-skeleton dial with beautiful color choices – this watch is set to surpass your expectations.


  • Uniquely attractive semi-skeleton dial
  • Gives the day, months, hour and minutes
  • Comfy and good-looking black strap
  • Neat and shiny circular stainless steel case
  • Color-tipped crown with push/pull design for operation


  • The leather strap feels brittle
  • Months dial needs to be manually set

Heritor Automatic Hoyt Black/Rose Gold Leather Band Watch

Heritor Automatic Hoyt Black or Rose Gold Leather Band Watch

Probably the simplest of the bunch – the Heritor Hoyt is still a good-looking and decently practical model to have.

You will get a 44mm diameter circular shape with a stainless steel case. This case looks goldish, with a dark tone that looks amazing with elegant attires.

The main advantage, however, comes from the textured-pattern dial. While simple, it comes with dials for the calendar, chronograph, and hours/seconds. That’s enough to enjoy its practical and easy-to-read design. Add the sapphire-coated crystal for maximum clearness.

As for the strap, you get the crocodile-embossed with a logo-engraved steel clasp. Together they make a good-looking product all around.


  • Beautiful yet straightforward case and bezel
  • The simple texture-pattern dial design
  • Good-looking crocodile-embossed black strap
  • Boasts dials for days and minutes
  • The goldish tone looks neat


  • Not reliable waterproof build
  • Steel case scratches easily

Their Warranty and Customer Service

Despite being a new brand with little time in the market, the customer service from Heritor is not bad. You get a personalized service if you contact them directly. But you can also find instructions depending on the watch you have – so you can get even better help.

Apart from that, all watches boast a 2-year warranty. This includes anything related to the movement or its gears and the case. The rest of the watch parts, such as the strap, buckles, crystal, or finish, do not enter into the warranty.

Overall, there’s not much to worry about. With secure customer service and a decent warranty, Heritor watches are set to surpass your expectations.

Bottom Line

So, did you like our Heritor watches review? There are tons of other models to consider as well, so don’t overlook the many different things this brand offers.

What’s sure after reading this article is that you want one of these watches. So don’t waste more of your time and pick the one that looks, feels, and works better for your needs. You won’t regret it!

Timex Allied Coastline Review (Updated, 2020)

Timex Allied Coastline Review

The Timex has a long history of watch manufacturing. If you trace its roots, the history goes back as far as 160 years.

Today, Timex watches are known to be reliable and budget-friendly. But to be frank, they are not known for style or design. And with Timex Allied Coastline, there is no difference from what they have been offering, but there are few facts that might interest you.

What You Are Going to Learn?

Here we have reviewed those same facts of Timex Allied Coastline in detail.

You will learn about the design, performance, and some unique features that you get only with this watch. Again, you will also learn things that do not work for the watch.

Based on the review, you can decide if the watch is for you or not.

Why Timex Allied Coastline?

What makes the Timex Allied Coastline different from other watches is the hybrid design. This design uses some features of aviator and dive watches.

In addition, to make the watch readable in low light watch sports Indiglo Lume dial. It is exclusively designed by Timex for its wide range of watches.

These features put the watch way ahead in the budget watch segment. If you are not impressed by these features, one thing Timex always manages to do is to give users an option that looks stylish as well as classic but does not burn a hole in their pocket.

Things to Look for in a Timex Allied Coastline Watch

Let’s quickly glance through the important things you can expect in Timex Allied Coastline:

  • Great combination of aviator and dive watch design
  • Use of Indiglo Lume dial with a luminescent minute and hour hands
  • Simplistic unidirectional bezel timer
  • Water-resistant up to 100 meters depth, which is not a prominent feature for watches priced around $100

The Timex Allied Coastline Specs

Here are the key features of the watch:

  • 43 mm diameter
  • 12 mm thickness
  • 20 mm lug width
  • Round Shape
  • Brass case
  • Stainless steel back cap
  • Quartz Dial movement
  • Mineral dial window
  • 19 mm bandwidth

The Dial

The dial is simple, and you can read the time in one glance. Furthermore, the font size of the numericals used on the dial is large enough to read. You can check the time in both 12-hour and 24-hour format for most of the variants.

However, there are a few variants that do not use any kind of numerical. Instead, they use large white dots. The color used for the numerical and markers is in white across all variants. But the color for the background may be blue or black, depending on the variant.

This contrast between markers and background makes it easy to see the time. You do get a date window like any other watch. However, the date window is hard to find as it is almost hidden next to the numerical “3”.

Timex Allied Coastline Dial

The use of contrasting colors can make the dial stand out against the background. Additionally, the design of the hands seems odd. Especially, the hour hand seems like it has been cut from the middle.

However, the second hand has an arrow-like design that gels well with the aviator-cum-dive design.

Both minute and hour hands have luminescent material to make the hands glow in the dark. However, the feature is not necessary because it has the standard Timex Indiglo Lume.

To put the Indiglo in action, all you have to do is press the crown, and the background lights up.

A mix of a blue background and luminescent green hands give a unique look to the watch.

The Case, Bezel and Bracelet

Brass was used instead of stainless steel for the case which does give a feeling of a cheap product. But you have to understand it is a budget watch, not a premium watch.

Timex Allied Coastline Case
Timex Allied Coastline Case

The good thing is that – matte finish compensates for the unpopular brass construction. Also, it is comforting to see the stainless steel back cover.

As far as the bezel is concerned, it is one of those budget watches that has a functional drive timer. Just turn it anti clockwise, and your timer is set. You’ll also hear the typical clicking sound of the timer when you turn it.

Depending on the variations, you get four types of bracelets:

  • Metal
  • Fabric
  • Leather
  • Silicone

The metal variant is made of stainless steel and uses fold over clasps.

Timex Allied Coastline Bracelet

Some colored finish would have made it look even better.

The fabric variant is available in red. There is not much information about the material of the fabric, but it does look durable. However, fabric variant is the best-looking unit of the Allied Coastline series because of the powerful color combination of red and black.

Finally, you can also go for leather and silicon straps. But hey look like any other classical watch.

The Quartz Movement

The Timex Allied Coastline uses quartz movement, which is much better than the automatic movement. Automatic movement tends to be less accurate than the quartz movement.

Also, quartz watches require low maintenance and have a much longer battery life than watches using manual or automatic movement. Even the prices of quartz watches are much lower than the automatic watches.

Timex doesn’t provide more detail on where the quartz movement is designed. But looking at the worldwide operation of Timex, it could be multiple locations.

Water Resistance and Dive Watch Specs

For a watch to be classified as the dive watch, it has to be 200m water-resistant.

This watch is 100 mm water-resistant, which means you can go for a swim anywhere with the watch on your wrist. But underwater diving is a big no.

One thing you have to admit, the watches in this price range are not usually 100 m water-resistant. So, users looking for a budget water-resistant watch, we highly recommend it.

Color Choices and Style Options

In terms of options, you get five different choices.

You have two variants with a steel bracelet. The bracelet color is the same, but the dial color is different. You can either go for the blue or black dial.

And if you choose to go for the other strap material, you have three different options. You can go for fabric, leather, or silicone straps. All have black dials, but the texture and color of all three straps differ.

As far as the color of the hands is concerned, there is not much difference. All use white color, but the fabric and silicon version have a little hint of red.

There is one major difference we observed for fabric and silicon variants. Both use white dots to denote hours. Other variants use numbers in both 24-hours and 12-hour format.

Their Warranty and Customer Service

We refer to the official Timex website to get the exact information on the warranty for this watch.

The web page on product warranty states that all the Timex product has one year warranty from the date of purchase.

Watch is only replaceable if the part or component is not available. Otherwise, the required repair job will be done free of any charge.

Bottom Line

If you do not want to spend thousands of dollars on a watch but still need a classic looking watch, go for the Timex Allied Coastline. However, if you think it is only a diver watch, you would be making a wrong assumption.

It is not a 100% diver watch. It only uses design elements of diver watch and not more than that.

Ignoring that fact, it is a very good watch to have for regular use because it is long-lasting and requires very little maintenance.

Also, it has some unique features like Indiglo, which not many watches have in this price range.

Skmei Watches Review (Updated, 2020)

Skmei Watches Review

Skmei is one of the leading companies in the low-end watch industry right now, and future speculations show that Skmei is just expected to get bigger and better.

Manufacturing so many different varieties of watches for everybody and every purpose has made a special place for Skmei in the market and also in the hearts of millions.

Even though Skmei watches are quite cheap compared to the other companies in the market, they provide more than enough value for money. The five watches mentioned above are the best among all the models in the market, in my opinion.

However, preference might differ from one individual to the next. So next time you go shopping for watches, hopefully, you will choose Skmei and recommend it to others as well.

Why Skmei Watches?

Skmei is one of the most famous watch manufacturers in the world. Situated in Guangzhou, China, Skmei has gained its popularity for selling considerably cheaper and affordable watches.

The word “Skmei” is Chinese that translates to “wishing you a happy and wonderful life”, and I think it is a refreshing name for a brand. This Chinese brand was founded in 2010.

But because of their good quality products, not only have they stole a significant portion of the watch market in China, they have made their ways to around 60 other countries, including North America, in just a decade. The very huge and successful company makes various types of wrist watches each better than the other.

Being such a big scale business, Skmei employs relatively fewer employees. The reason behind why Skmei reached such levels of success because Skmei produces affordable good quality watches for the mass. The factory in Guangzhou has 5 production lines.

This massive production helps drive the cost down without sacrificing the quality of the product. Often people completely ignore Skmei watches looking at their prices, but people who use them are very satisfied with their purchase.

Things to Look for in a Skmei Watch

Skmei Watch Co. Ltd has managed to occupy such a large portion of the low-end watch market in such a short amount of time for several reasons.

One of the main ones is that they have a large variety of watches from which millions of customers can choose from. Here are the factors you need to keep in mind to make your ideal pick among so many options.


Skmei is well known for having a long battery life that is usually expected to survive up to 5 years without any replacement.

Special Watches

Apart from traditional wristwatches, Skmei also produces special watches for multi-purposes. Some of the special-feature watches Skmei has in store for the widespread customer across the world are as follows:

  • Dual time watch
  • Digital sports watch
  • Kids watch
  • Solar Watch
  • LED Watch
  • Art Desk Clock
  • Diving Watch


Skmei also manufactures Smartwatches, which can so many wondrous things like measure your heartbeat, count the number of steps you took per day, locate your phone. The smartwatches have GPS set into them, which makes them an amazing travel companion.

You can use your Skmei smartwatch exactly like a phone like you can receive calls, listen to music, etc.


Moreover, Skmei not only focused on bringing new features into the table, but it has also made sure that the watches deliver in terms of fashion. Now that everything is so competitive, you cannot just afford to miss out as aspect and Skmei certainly didn’t.

Using modern shapes and designs with bright shocking colors and actual stones like sapphire. Skmei watches follow the latest trends.


And imagine all of this, at such affordable prices. Of course, you can’t compare Skmei with Casio or Rolex, but given the prices and the sheer volume of features, it provides Skmei seems like one of the best deals that there is.

The Top Five Watches

Now that you know all about Skmei let us look at the top five watches that are available in the market right now.

SKMEI 9058 Men’s Classic Business Roman Numeral

CakCity Mens Business Analogou Casual Watches Quartz Waterproof Wrist Watch with Golden Dial Brown Leather Band

Priced at around 15$ and available in many global online shops like Amazon and eBay, this is one the first pick among the five. The stainless steel dial is held by a brown leather band, and the Roman numerals are written in golden color against the white background, making it look elegant and stylish.

Although this model comes in different colored dials and a black leather band too, this is the most preferred one.

Apart from being so stylish, it is also waterproof. Although some people complain that the size of the dial is a little large, that is just some people who are very specific about it. Otherwise, this is one of the most desirable watches Skmei has designed.

Thanks to its Japanese Quartz Movement, this will always show you the accurate time.

SKMEI 1336 Men’s Digital Sports Watch

SKMEI Mens Digital Sports Watch Military Waterproof Watches Compass Stopwatch Pedometer Wristwatch for Men

Over the last few years, the demand for sports has been increasing rapidly, and Skmei has kept the needs of its customers in mind while designing this watch. It has several special features like calculating your calorie intake, dual time, compass, etc. it has an OLED display and a built-in reminder system.

Hikers, bikers, extreme sportsmen prefer this watch because it is waterproof and has excellent resistance to sweat and heat. However, this watch can’t be connected to your smartphone. That’s the only drawback that there is. This is available in the market at around $35.

SKMEI 1181 Men’s Ultra-Thin Classic Dress Watch

Mens Watch Ultra Thin Wrist Watches for Men Fashion Waterproof Dress Leather Band

The minimalist design with brown leather band and the white dial with golden numerals allowing it to be one of the best-selling watches for Skmei. This watch is very thin compared to the rest of the models.

This model has only one dial, and that is just for the time, so it makes it very user-friendly as anybody can tell the time with one glance.

Just for around $20, you can have this timeless beauty to yourself from any online stores. This watch is also waterproof, so you need not be too careful with it and wear it anywhere you want. The grace in the watch shows the mark of a gentleman.


SKMEI Digital Watch for Men Waterproof Military Watch with LED Backlight Chronograph Alarm Black Big Face Sports Wrist Watch for Men Boys

Among all the sports watches Skmei manufacturers, this model is a bit bulky with a larger dial. The black-lit LED display with huge fonts displaying the time and date, makes it user-friendly. And the watch has a dual time zone feature.

With around $17, this cool watch can be all yours. Not only is it cool and convenient, but it is also extremely durable. The watch, however, lacks both digital and analog dial movement, which can be one of the downsides of this model. But in my opinion, the other features make up for this lack.

SKMEI Women Waterproof Watch

SKMEI Women Waterproof Watch Wrist Watch for Lady Girls Dress Casual Analog Quartz Watches for Women

This is an everyday watch for women who are busy yet want to look presentable. The watch is all white with a white leather band and white dial. This simple yet sophisticated look makes the watch desirable as it can be worn with any dress. The watch is waterproof and very comfortable.

The dial glass is completely clear and extremely hard hence as fashionable as the watch is also very resilient. All of this is for just around $20. If we have to talk about a negative side, then some people have issues with the overall quality of this watch compared to the other watches at a similar price range.

But of all the Skmei models available in the market right now, this model is surely the simplest, stylist, and most importantly, the most affordable option for you.

Warranty and Customer Service

It is not easy for a startup to become just a driving force of the industry worldwide and win a place in millions of hearts within just a decade, given that there are already so many companies present who has loyal customers.

That is only possible when you have served your customers right. Skmei Watch Co. Ltd deeply cares about their customers. The watches are designed and modified, keeping the people’s wants and opinions in mind.

And the watches usually come with a warranty of a year, but as Skmei has so many customers outside of China and it is difficult for them to send over the watch if something does go wrong, Skmei tries to maintain the quality of the product limiting the possibility of a mishap to a minimum.

Ingerloss Watches Reviews (Updated, 2020)

Ingerloss Watches Reviews

If you are rooting for something that assures superb performance and style as well as is going to be with you for decades, then this one is the best in the business. And, its wide variety lets you choose the kind of watch that is ideal for you!

Plus, all the additional features guarantee to provide you the watch-satisfaction that you have been longing for.

Why Ingersoll Watches?

Here are the reasons why you should go for Ingersoll watches.


If you are not accustomed to the name Ingersoll, we would like to inform you that this is one of the big guns of the watch family. And, if you are one of those watch-collectors who would go for any lengths to get their desired watches, then Ingersoll is an ideal watch for you.

The price of the watches is quite steep. Well, if you desire better performance and quality, you might have to let your wallet take the hit. The 21-year old company has been making timepieces that assure superb precision, durability, style, and quality.


Plus, they have numerous different and innovative models. Like the post-second world war watch, which was a super hit after the end of the war. The next would be the Mickey Mouse watch. In short, the company is going exceptional for making both old and modern products.

Other Features

They also contain some other features like water-resistance, dust-proof, dent or damage proof, and numerous other lucrative features.

Things to Look for in an Ingersoll Watch

Below are the factors you need to keep in mind before buying an Ingersoll watch.

Style and Design

Ingersoll contains numerous types of designs and builds, including metal, straps of nylon, leather, silicon, etc. Furthermore, there are numerous types of watches —chronographic, automatic, analog, etc. So, you must pick the watch that best suits your standards and fashion.


The Ingersoll company is quite hefty on the wallet. Hence, you must choose a watch that suits you as well as your bank account.


Yes, watches have several functional dials. And, you could opt from the uncomplicated yet stylish single dials or the multifunctional as well as sophisticated more than one dial.


When picking an Ingersoll, it is necessary that you opt for a watch that has a water-resistant factor. Plus, it is not a given that you will be walking in, and it will not going to start raining cats and dogs all of a sudden. And, if your watch doesn’t have resistance towards water, it will not be able to survive rainy or snowy environments.

Moreover, the watch should be dent-proof, rust-proof, and dust-resistance. In short, the watch should be impervious or resistant to damage.

Top 5 Ingersoll Watch Reviews

Ingersoll is known to make one the best timepieces in the market. And, these reviews should tell you why they are still on the top.

Ingersoll Regent I00105 Men’s Quartz Watch

Ingersoll Regent I00105 Mens Quartz Watch

All you watch enthusiasts out there! Ingersoll presents one of the best quartz watches in the market, the I00105 Quartz Watch (for men).

Before we start discussing the watch, let us explain what quartz watch is. Quartz watches use silicone crystals to keep track of the time and, the I00105’s quartz mechanism is one of the best. In addition to that, the watch’s sleek look, along with the quartz motion, makes it an exceptional choice.

Furthermore, when all these are coupled with its smooth and stylish black straps, the watch becomes a must-have for most watch collectors.

And, its case diameter of 47mm is an ideal size for most men. Plus, if you decide to go for a dive, you can effortlessly do it as the item has a water-resistance factor as long as you are within 50m.

Ingersoll 1892 the Regent I00203

Ingersoll 1892 The Regent I00203

If you are watch-enthusiast and missing a majestic black-belted silver watch, then the Regent I00203 is “the one” for you. First of all, the product comes with a 50-meter watertight factor. Meaning that if you want to go swimming in a pool or anywhere, the item can not be harmed in any way.

Furthermore, its sleek black dial complements the black belt and makes it a more desired item. And, its stainless steel body offers it a dent-resistant, waterproof and rust-proof construction gives it better durability and longevity.

Plus, its 47-mm diameter makes it an ideal option for all kinds of wrists. Hence, it doesn’t matter what your wrist size is; the item can quite comfortably fit your wrist and give you that smart look.

Ingersoll the New Haven Men’s Analog Automatic Watch With the Leather Bracelet I07301

Ingersoll The New Haven Mens Analog Automatic Watch with Leather Bracelet

The I070301 leather bracelet watch is an amazing option and one of my favourites! This watch is of automatic motion, meaning it is self-winding. And, its durable gold-plated dial offers the stylish look that suits your fashion.

And, its white dial coupled with its brown leather gives the whole watch a simple yet elegant look that goes well with both casual as well as sophisticated looks. Furthermore, if you want to go for a little dip in the pool, there is no need to take the watch off as it is impervious to water (as long as you do not go below 50-meters).

Ingersoll the New Orleans Men’s Analog Automatic Watch With Leather Bracelet I07801

Ingersoll The New Orleans Mens Analog Automatic Watch with Leather Bracelet

If you are okay paying big bucks on watches, then try the I07801 Leather Bracelet. When you are paying more, naturally, you expect more. And, this one guarantees to stand up to your expectations on every aspect.

The watch is made of A-grade leather with a stainless steel casing. Thus, giving it a classy design as well as durable construction. Furthermore, the enhanced durability assures a superior, long-lasting factor. And, when all these are combined with its black dial, it is turned into the ultimate tool for both casual as well as party wears.

And, if you want to go for a dive, then this masterpiece’s exceptional construction allows it to be watertight for a range of 100 meters and will provide you a smooth and worry less diving experience.

Lastly, the watch had a diameter of 47 mm. This is an ideal diameter and has the highest possibility of suiting any wearer, no matter how thick or thin his wrist might be.

Ingersoll Women’s Stainless Steel Analog Quartz Watch With Leather Straps ID00103

Ingersoll Womens Stainless Steel Analog Quartz Watch with Leather Strap

A lot of people have this misconception that Ingersoll is a men’s brand watch. Well, in reality, it is a unisexual brand. The ID00103 is a perfect example of a top-notch female watch that Ingersoll has to offer. This watch is made of stainless steel.

The stainless steel provides added strength and longevity. And, also, makes it rust-proof, dent-proof, etc. In short, the watch is quite impervious to damage and is an exceptional choice for you if your career consists of heavy-duty work.

Next would be the design. The white dial perfectly complements the blue straps. Thus, you can effortlessly wear the product with work clothes or your anniversary date clothes.

And, if you are planning to get soaked with your loved ones, but are worried that your expensive watch is going to get wrecked? Well, not this one! It is watertight up to a range of 50-meters. So, no rainy or snowy day can stop you from having fun!

Their Warranty and Customer Service

Ingersoll is famous for its exquisite and absolute watches. And, they have complete faith in their products. Therefore, the company offers a lifetime warranty. More importantly, by a lifetime, we mean for the rest of your life. So, if your watch ever gets hampered or damaged, just go to the designated store.

Plus, you get a warranty forever. For instance, consider that you bought a watch at the age of 20 and after almost 10-15 years you can still get it fixed.

But, the problem is that you have to go to the designated place. Meaning if you bought the watch from a particular state, on any damage to the watch, you would have to go back to that particular shop for the repair or replacement.

Another thing is that their warranty doesn’t cover batteries, straps of leather, nylon, silicone, rubber, etc. So, if there is any sort of issue regarding these, you might not get any help from the company. Only mechanical issues like gear malfunction and other issues like this will be solved by the customer service.

Now, let us move on to their customer service. Well, another thing that Ingersoll is famous for is its polite and excellent customer service. Each of the executives is very well behaved as well as well trained. So, they will happily provide you all the necessary information in a very soothing manner.