Make it Happen

Want a stronger, fitter, slimmer body? Ready to shatter your personal record in that next 10K or century ride? Or maybe you just want to find those six-pack abs! Whatever your goal, you can make it happen with a plan. Enter the MOTOACTV Training Portal. It’s THE place to kick yourself into high gear. Short-term plans. Long-term plans. Analyze your performance, challenge yourself, compete against others, and then update your plan. Go to the MOTOACTV Training Portal and sign in with your MotoCast ID(device setup required). Your workout data is automatically uploaded to the site wirelessly from your device so you can chart your progress effortlessly.


Whether it’s weight loss, improving your speed, increasing your strength or all three, a clear plan helps you get the most out of your workouts. You can define your targets for each stage of any activity including running, walking, cycling and more. You can set a moderate warm-up pace for the first 15 minutes, kick it into high gear for the next 30 minutes, and then set the pace for a 10-minute cool-down. From warm-up to cool-down and everything in between, plan it, do it, track it – and make it better.

Heart-Rate Zones

Heart-rate training improves overall fitness. You can now have dedicated heart-rate zones for any activity. Specify which types of zones you’d like to use for each workout (basic, Carmichael or custom). Allow MOTOACTV to update your max heart rate, or stay in full control by manually updating your zones and heart-rate metrics. Note: Motorola Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap for MOTOACTV required.

Challenge Your Friends, Challenge the World!

You asked—and we listened! By popular demand, you can now host your own competitions, and compete in others created by fellow users in the MOTOACTV Community. Get your game on here!


MOTOACTV syncs your rounds wirelessly so you get an unparalleled virtual representation of your round using a satellite view of the course. Move your mouse over the arc of the ball flight and pull up details of the shot you played. You can also keep every scorecard for reference, and similar to other MOTOACTV workouts you can share your rounds with friends. Plus, see how the pros like Bubba Watson play on select courses before you play them yourself.


Where do you like to run? Do you like variety or have do you have particular routes for specific training purposes? Whichever, you can plan your desired routes using the route drawing tool and have them synced to your MOTOACTV. And check this - you can search for routes that other members of the running community like and try them yourself. Make it fresh. Keep it fun!

Activity Tracker

Your MOTOACTV helps you monitor how active you’ve been throughout the day-tracking calories burned and steps taken. Go to MOTOACTV.COM to get daily, weekly and other reports. It’s a realistic look at what’ve your doing all day, every day. Try it!


Nothing motivates like music. But exactly how does it affect your workout? MOTOACTV.COM knows. It tracks which songs motivated you most. It can tell you which one spiked your calorie burn, made you run faster and farther. And you can create a playlist to match your desired metrics: duration, distance or even calorie burn. Is that cool or what! You can even pinpoint what songs you listened to during any particular mile marker of your route. Sweet.